themeloy does not currently provide support for this item.

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I too am having an issue with speed on my site and seem to be getting this error message spit out all the time:

PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /xx/xx/public_html/wp-content/themes/megnet/content.php on line 44

Any ideas on why this would be happening?

ask your freelancer about purchase code and show me

please provide email as we have the code and do not want to post it publicly.

Hi, check our profile you see the send message box. I believe if you update the theme or download theme again the problem would solve.

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to add a link to the background image. Is it possibile? Less important: Is possibile to specify that link on a text document by FTP?

Hello, I receive error when I sign on support page:

I entered the correct purchase code I found in my email, but still receive error.

Any advice?

Hi, that maybe themeforest updated. we check it later.


Menu color and other customizations on Options don’t work… I still see the default colors.

Please send us more detail

Hi, is it possible to build page (with page builder) that will display posts just from one category with pagination? I have 2 main categories for posts and I want to display 1st category posts on 1st page, 2nd category posts on the 2nd page. Thanks


Qaz Purchased

Any way of making the background picture clickeble?

I tried putting in a link but it when I do it covers the content background as well.

go to appearance -> editor -> header.php and add link on image

<img id="logo" />

Qaz Purchased

Hallo there. thanx for the answer but I could not get that to work. you ment like this

<div class="full-background"><a href="" target="_blank"><img id="logo" src="<?php echo of_get_option('background_large_image');?>" alt="" /></a></div>

cause that did not work.

I tried fooling around with it but div does not show up when I look in the web develloper tool.

The background image is set in the css and thats the one I want to make clickable like adding a link box over it but one that is still behind the content and content background.

if not work please share us your website link and admin account to for do it.


Tried registering with support. Got the incorrect purchase code error.

Currently facing issue on IE. It hangs and then crashes after sometime with an error message.g

What could be the issue?

Please give me your website link for check it.

We have had this theme running for aprox 1 year on our server. We moved host providers to Rackspace this week and for some reason we are getting a 500 server error

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) (custom.php, line 0)

The theme is loading but none of the settings we made in the theme options are showing up. If we try to change an option the theme saves it but the change doesn’t happen on the site.

Rackspace looked in to the server logs and came up with this.

Sun Mar 01 13:03:48 2015 [client] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare setup_language() (previously declared in /var/www/vhosts/ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 7

The only change when moving servers was the path. It went from /var/www/ to /var/www/vhosts/

Can you give us some direction as to what might be happening??

Please share me your website link and admin account to for check this issue and fix it.

Hi, I wonder if this template, you can add for automatic translation? regards

Hi, i will contract a host that have Wordpress 4.1, is ti compatible with this?

Thanks Ariel

Hello, i need to resize a top head sidebar, could you explain how can i do it?

hi i want to show posts that have same tag in page and want repeat this with other tags

I want to buy the item Megnet but I have a doubt. The post can be viewed with sidebar or can only be viewed full screen.

Thank You.

I have had an seo audit done on my website and none of the h1 tags are showing up? Every page uses h1 in the body text. Yet two separate seo audits say no h1’s on the website? What is the issue?

Does anyone know how to add additional social sharing icons to single posts?

“themeloy does not currently provide support for this item.” Say what?

Hello, I installed the theme and I’m setting but the images go wrong, not resizes and puts them in full size. In addition I also added the full image at the beginning of the post.

Big problem, the theme is now not loading on the website! So my website is down. I have to go get developer to try and fix which causes huge problem for business and traffic. Why has theme stopped loading. Issues have been getting worse for some weeks and now this. No support from author?

spent soe time chatting with themeforest support in regards to the problems I am having with theme and fact I had to pay another developer to have them fixed. I will be so careful in future about who I buy theme from. They said make sure you look at comments to see if theme author is answering questions and giving support. Well new people will now see that we are not getting support and may not but this Theme, where is the logic in that ?

If there is no support, why is this theme still being sold?

There is a problem in the theme options control panel.

left column cannot be display correctly, there is a problem with the css

I fixed it by commenting the hight aittribute of .option-tab-wrapper li a

in /megnet/inc/css/optionsframework.css line 307

Please fix this in net update, please make an update I just bought this Item.

I have purchase the theme ..every thing is working fine..except for theme option and the sliders…Would apprecaite if you can let us know where to post for support

please give me your website link and admin account to for check it.

Hi, how can modify a speed from top slider, to shows me more slowly a diferents images?