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Nice theme themeloy! good luck ;)

Thanks Designare.

Very nice theme. Good luck themeloy :)

Thanks vickystudio.

great theme GLWS :)

Thanks WPBootstrap.

Thanks jeffreysummers.

WPML support yet?

Sorry our theme is not support with WPML yet.

Is it possible to change the start rating to a number rating? like 7.8 9.5 etc….

Sorry cannot change from star to number.

Wonderful work , congrats!

Thanks Bedros.

Nice Theme, GLWS

Thanks ThemeCafe.

Very nice theme. GLWS :)

Thanks Envalabs.

Good job congr. :)


This is a wonderful theme, can i turn off the review for some category or is that i get to use it whenever i feel like?

Is it possible to change font/font size across the theme.

How well does this theme do with seo?

You can turn off review on every post that you want, Theme also can change font, color, size by theme option, Theme SEO is general SEO and you can setup other SEO too.

Really nice!Good luck :)

Thanks ThemeRox.

Really nice….option to show html/video/photo gallery in a lightbox would make it better though.

Thanks eirehotspur.


Nice theme ! I recently updated my wordpress to 3.8. Will this theme work ? Thank you !

Sure our theme is work with WordPress version 3.8


Nice theme! how to have “POST WITH LIST” like demo ? thanks

hELLO and Merry Christmas, I think there is a bug. When creating a post, if I select “Show” for “Enable review” or “Enable User review” it doesn’t show. Only if it is left as “Choose option” will it display the review areas. It’s doing the opposite correct? Thanks MMA Micks

Some more problems. The Newsticker is not moving on my homepage, it is static. Also sometimes when I change between pages. The Facebook widget in footer does not display correctly. I am using the theme forest Facebook widget to test, so it should be stable. I have to refresh page for it to show correctly.

can you share us your site for check this issue. page title you can hide it by use CSS code to display:none on page title.

How will I give you access, full admin? Where do I send login info?

Hello, Is this them translation ready? I’m about to buy this theme but I need to know first if the theme is translation ready or not. Thanks

Our theme is provide theme translate file and you can translate to any language that you want.

Is it possible to make the home page slider refresh the page when a user clicks the next slide instead of having it be automatic?

Sorry our theme is not support with this option.

I had a user to my blog commenting that the text runs off the screen in Safari. I cannot test this because I don’t have a MAC.

Also, how do I make all links inside the blog posts underlined and red in color?

how can i put slider in home page?

1. create new page and choose template homepage, home grid, home list, home noslider. 2. setting -> reading -> front page -> choose page you create

for more check this video