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Do u do advert takeover for the whole page / or make the image behind the page (racing pit with tv presenter woman) clickable ?

When using tags on posts, when you click on a tag, on the tag archive page, in the title banner it lists all the tags that were added to a post, not just the tag name archive it is showing… How can i fix this?

Go to appearance -> editor -> cat.php and find Tag Archive for change


Q1.How can I change the homepage slider header to a specific category ? where ? Q2.How can I insert/customize the different posts formats in the content body? like you have in your demo homepage with “Carousel post”, “Post with slider”, “Post with list”, “Main post with right list”,”Home tab post”, “Home columns 1 and 2” and “Home small grid”

Regards, Mario

1. go to appearance -> themeoption -> slider and choose category for slider you want.

2. create new page and choose template homepage, home grid, home list, home noslider. 3. setting -> reading -> front page -> choose page you create

for more check this video

great theme and nice that amazon S3 work out of the box so many theme those not

Looking Great! Good Luck With Sales!

Hi, How can I select only one category to display in Newsticker ? regards,

Sorry our current theme is not support with this option and we will make this option for next version.

Hi, I’m using the Form Builder Pro) When I changed to your theme, the form itself earn a strange behavior. Some dots near of the each field and the alignment itself between the fileds. Like, first third, first medium and first right not still align in same row.

“Morada” field should go to the first row.

The same content with other theme:

See the second row:

login: admin 612345

please use our support forum

or paste this code below to theme option -> custom css

.visual-form-builder-container ul li { list-style: none !important; }

When I turned off “Show All Review”, all the contents on my home page disappeared. Personally, I wouldn’t like the review option because it would not be useful for what I plan to achieve. What is the solution to this challenge. Click this link to see the picture of what I mean. Also, how can I add an advert or logo at the header beside the logo

please use our support forum

is there any way i can see what this theme looks like on mobile?

You can re-size browser to preview mobile version

Hi! I’m looking to add to my page the carrousell below the slider but I don’t get how I must do it!


Do you have any more information on image sizes for slider? I have installed “AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild” but still have the problem of the image height changing in the slider. What I really need are the correct dimensions for images so this problem won’t occur.

Also I am still waiting to hear from your support section on the “Multiple issues” I posted on the forum. Thankyou.

mmamicks :stress::)

Maybe you image size is smaller than slider so you need to have image size 725 × 430 for make it work well.

Thankyou, are you correcting problems from support forum?

When I use .post-title { display:none; } the posts title also disappears on slider. Is there way to only have no title on post, but have showing on slider?

Nice looking theme.

How does the review portion work? I am not able to try it out on the demo. Is there a log in for users to use the review system?


Sorry for late reply, our review is easy to use, just edit post and add number of review. for user review is any user can review one time on one post

Gosh i love this theme! Does the post or review post allow to have muti images on a slider? Like instead of one featured image, it shows a few on a slider on the post.

Hello, Imported content from current site to dev site. Created pages. How do I attach content to each page? i.e. interviews appear in interviews, reviews appear in reviews.


hi, you need add categories to each post then add that categories to the menu.

On one “post” when I hide “enable review”. The homepage content disappears, except for “home main post with right list post” slider? I have to go back to post and “enable review” for homepage content to reappear?

You said you would be updating the theme, is this happening? There are a number of issues with code I have found. Can you please tell me when update will fix issues. My site will go live soon and I don’t want problems if possible. Thankyou. mrcanning mmamicks

can you capture this screen for us and post it in

I am confused as to how you post a screenshot? You require a url? I tried to upload from “C” drive but cannot.

hi use this website for save your image

Hello, beautiful theme, congrats!

Before buying, I’d like to know if it’s possible to insert a banner ad on that white space beside the website’s title and also if it’s possible to have ads that show only on certain posts/categories, not on the main page.

Thank you!

Sorry I couldn’t see the header banner but I’ve refreshed the page and now I see it. So please only answer my second question, alright? Thank you!

Hello. My website is in greek and font effects don’t apply. What procedure or work I must make to achieve compatibility?

I have trouble with the youtube and vimio shortcode not showing any vidio I can paste responsive code into the html editor and get that to work but would be easyer for some of my authors if they could use the short code.

change url address on vimeo and youtube

Do you happen to have a layered psd? Or where can I find the Layered PNGs.

Sorry our theme is not provide psd or png file.

Well you have it listed in the description so I can’t say i’m too happy.

hi I need How i can add image as header background

add this code to appearance -> themeoption -> custom css
.header-wraper{background: url(;}