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it is compatible for Arabic WordPress ?

xml doc ?=

What you mean?


Just downloaded the theme. Like it alot. Just a couple things:

1) When i built my own page template the “insert more” tab doesn’t work on the posts. I text fills up the entire post instead of being cut where I want to be cut. This only happens when I use the build own template feature.

2) Is there a way to put a read more button on the blog posts?

Thank you.

add this code blog post while
insert more tab add this code inside [Htab]
this[tab title=”tab_title_3”]Tab_content_3[/tab]

<div class=”more-link”><a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” rel=”bookmark” class=”read-more” title=”Permanent link to <?php the_title_attribute(); ?>”><?php _e( ‘Read More’, ‘tl_back’ ); ?></a></div>

1) How do you get the carousel posts on the homepage? they are not showing up. 2) When you do page builder, is there anyway to make the carousel page go all the way across the page (like it does on your homepage demo)? I can only get it to go 3/4 across (show 3 pics instead of 4). It stops at the sidebar.

I need help I do not understand why the sidebar is on the left and right

Can you share us your website link for check this issue. cus sidebar have only right sidebar

Trying to install to wordpress 3.8.1 and getting this error:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please extract and install

I tried installing the theme as well and it’s missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please extract and install

How do I get it so all my pictures on the main slider will be the same size and not have the over gap?

I know the size is 720×420 but is there any way that I can make that smaller?

you can change image size that you want go to appearance -> editor -> function.php and find (‘slider-normal’, 725, 430, true) to change image size. Then use this plugin to regenerate thumbnail

I’m having problem with slider on the homepage… However I set up it, the first pic is always bigger than the rest of the slider… Can you help me?

My homepage slider shows two images when displaying on smartphone. On small and one behind of the same image in large. What is the issues. All image are 725×430px on main website.

Please check on smartphone

Add this code to custom css
Custom CSS max screen 767px
.slider-wrapper-content.theme-default{height: 165px !important; overflow: hidden !important;}
Custom CSS screen 480px to 767px
.slider-wrapper-content.theme-default{height: 270px !important; overflow: hidden !important;}

Thankyou very much for your help.

Hi, Your theme is Awesome! I just would like to know if I can do a simple mod:

I really love the social FOLLOW button on Your Rush theme, is it possible to add (not substitute) in the Megnet theme?

Thank You so much.

Hi IntigraWeb in megnet theme also have this widget just find Newsletter you will see it.

Hello! I really enjoy the theme! One question: I added a plugin for social-network-sharing and want to switch off the built-in sharing buttons. How to do this? Thank you

Sorry, already found! Thanks a lot for the template!

Hi, Great theme! I want to add my own content to the home page and use the whole width… I selected the template Page with no sidebar but cannot seem to use the full width of the template.. apologies if that dosent make sense?

Look forward to your reply

Hi rgannon4 Page with no sidebar is use for page not homepage if you want use full width on homepage we need to create new page template.

Have you noticed that if the “dropcap” feature is used when editing a page or post. That letter is then missing from the preview of the text on the live site? So it looks as though there is a misspelling in the body of text!

hi mrcanning that dropcap style. please tell us style that you want i will custom style code for you.

No particular style. Would like if ‘dropcap’ letter did not disappear in thumbnail view. Is this possible?

Does this theme have to be updated to work with the newest version of Wordpress 3.9? The update broke the insert/edit link button of the visual editor and trying to determine if its a plug-in or theme issue.


Hi, the problem come from your wordpress dashboard. it might be corrupted during update.

Can i insert icons to the text?

Sure you can add icons to the text.



Instalando el tema…

No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. El tema no tiene la hoja de estilo style.css.

Fallo en la instalación del tema.


How can I have the active link in main menu stay same colour as when user hovers. So users know which page is currently active. Thanks

Hi mrcanning for add this code for active menu

.sf-menu>li:hover, .sf-menu > li.current-menu-item, .sf-menu > li.current-cat{ background:#EFCE21 !important; }

Thankyou very much.

sortcode button in wp 3.9 not show

Hi our latest version is fixed this issue.

Hey i have such a problem. After opening “page builder” i cant move blocks to the teamplate. When i click on e.g. home post slider it only select the text. Can You help me?

You should create template first than move block to page builder template

But i already did it. First – creating teamplate, and then trying to move blocks

Ok share us your website link and admin acccount to for check this issue.