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Hello everbody,

This template costs only 12$ (the price was determined by Themeforest), and it does not include the PSD file. However, I am willing to offer free assistance in customizing this template to anyone who purchase it.

If you feel you must have the PSD of the template you purchase, just don’t purchase this one.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my account here or my web site.

I love this template. I bought it last year for my site, http://www.paper-perfect-editing.com, but then messed it up so much it wasn’t pretty anymore. I’ve moved on to a new template, but hope to still find a use for this one.

If you know how to use Photoshop to change PSD files, than just create a new one, and use that one? Anytime I purchase a template for something, I always change the background and style a little bit myself, just use the existing code and there ya-go!? Not hard at all.

Thats my opinion anyways.


I really like this template, but would love to see a live demo of it, are there any demos available? difficult to get a proper feel for it as an image.



Hello Martin,

I currently don’t have a preview version of this template available fo reasons ofr copyright infrigment. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

If I would like to use this template on more than one website, do I need to buy another license for each one?

Hello rahmanamer,

From the ThemeForest license guide:

”... Your use of the Work, under the Regular License, is subject to the following conditions: Your use of the Work is limited to a single application. ...”

So if it is a different web site then the ThemeForest licensing rules oblige you to buy another license.

Shalti – I really like this template – but how do you go about customising it for yourself – do you download it and do it in another programme? Sorry – I’m a beginner but I want to try and make a site.

Hey PoletoPole,

You can customize the HTML files in any text editor and manipulate the images in your favorite image editing software. You can of course replace the images with your own images. Only basic HTML knowledge is necessary.

Good luck :)


Does the menu include a drop-down section?

The menu is a one level menu only, but adding a drop down menu should be easy with basic HTML /CSS knowledge.