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Having the following problem whenever I click a link (e.g. a video link)

Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/domain.com/plugins/tz_portfolio/tz_media/tz_media.php on line 45

Please send me a link via support@templaza.com Our developer are going to help you.


Também estou com o mesmo erro:

/public_html/plugins/tz_portfolio/tz_media/tz_media.php on line 45

Pode me ajudar?

Ohh! Thank you SMMarques. Please give me an error link via http://themeforest.net/user/templaza I am going to check it asap.

hey i currently have the template running great on my website. having a issue though when viewing on mobile devices, or phones. it does not display properly is there a way to fix this? i was told the coding has a line with viewpoint that is causing the site to display weird on mobile devices.

Hi, Please give me a link of your site. I am going to check it on my mobile and give you a solution for it.


Please go to http://www.templaza.com/List-forums/ create a topic on Meloul category. Our developer are going to help you.

Hi. I just downloaded this template, but im finding it difficult editing. im new to joomla 3.0 Can you help me? which folder is the hope page photo? how do i edit modules.

Please go to http://www.templaza.com/List-forums/ create a topic on Meloul category. Our developer are going to help you.

Hi, I just purchased this template and downloaded the file. I also upgraded my joomla platform to version 3.1.5. I tried uploading the template onto the platform in every possible way (i.d. via URL, via compressed file and via folder) but didn’t succeed. Via URL (which i copied from the download button on your website) the error message is: invalid URL Via Compressed file I tried with quickstart.zip but after half an hour it still doesn’t complete the upload. Via Folder the error message was: wrong folder (I didn’t unzip any of the files in the folder though)

How do I upload it? Don’t know if it helps but I’m working on an I-Mac.


Hi Elijah,

Meloul v1.3 was released. It has solved all problem with Joomla 3.1.5. Please help me download and upgrade your template.

Thanks for choose TemPlaza! Sonny

Ok, sure! What do I do? How do I download it? Thanks

You can go to your profile and click download section. Choose Meloul template and click to download it.


Hi I am having this Fatal error: Class ‘JFile’ not found in…. /administrator/components/com_tz_portfolio/models/plugin.php on line 140 when I try to edit an article, after updating to joomla 3.1.5 I fond this Com Tz Portfolio latest version that it will fix problem but it did not work can you help? https://github.com/templaza/tz_portfolio

Please send me an email via support@templaza.com Our developer are going to help you check it.

is it rtl ready?

RTL is coming soon :)

Hi. finally i was able to figure out the issues i was having. Now one more thing: on the home page, notice that the music scrolls with different pictures. then it only shows the list when you click on a small arrow by the corner. is there a way i can make the list to show all songs without clicking on the small arrow? this is because not everyone knows they’ll need to click it. pls help.

i even went to css/template.css, found the code line “tz-slide .jp-playlist{ display:none;” replaced it with “tz-slide .jp-playlist{ display:block !important;”. still it didnt work.. what else do i do?

okay, i was trying it on my localhost on my computer, but when i tried it on the domain/administrator/index.php?option=com_templates&view=style&layout=edit&id=11#dev, it worked, but the display images on the home was showing only 1/4 of the full size. kindly help. thankx

Please send me an email via support@templaza.com I am going to help you check it. Note: Please included your themeforest license to verify your payment.


Seem the requirements forgot to mention it needs MySQLi . My host provider only supports MySQL. :(

I have logged a ticket hope to hear from you soon.

Please wait Rich069. We have ton ticket in a day. Our Technical Team are going to answer your ticket asap.

Really love this template BUT ..

When I finally managed to get it installed (Im not that technical) it was very hard to use, non-intuitive and the documentation was poorly written for the layman with lots of language problems.

I’ll spend a few more dollars for another template rather than waste my time trying to work out how to get this doing what I want.

Hi, I would like to buy this template. Any limit with php memory limit for example… php version… something else could not let it work correctly on a limited hosting service with just 48MB of php memory limit?

Hi, No limit php memry for upload. But you have configure upload_max_filesize in your php.ini


Hi, very good job with this template.

I see that if I use just a simple Joomla! single article menù link, the article is dipslayed correctly but at the botom I see only Facebook buttons meanwhile I’ve setted template to show me also Pinterest, G+ etc… buttons? A bug or something misconfigured?

Meloul supports Facebook, Pinterest,G+ and Twitter. Please send me an email via support@templaza.com. Our developer are going to help you check it.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

we used meloul for our website: www.tradewindsmusicinc.com and now need to have it better optimized for mobile devices, some pictures are not formatted correctly, the dropdown menus aren’t easily seen on the home page ectc. need some help to get it looking better, also need to ask is there a blog page built in to the template or a suitable plugin for that purpose that you can recommend please? we love the look of the template thanks Jim

Hello, I have checked your website and i see:

1. Our Gallery module: You have to remove width and height of image, it will auto fill screen.

2. Music Video You use “jusertube” Module and maybe this module not support responsive. Sorry i can not support this module because it is not my product.

3. Menu You go to extensions/templates manager and choose edit Meloul template in “Advanced options” you can add this code in “custom css code”
 div.tz-mainmenu-toggle a{
   border: 1px solid #999;

Thanks & Regard,

Thanks for the help with that issue! Do you have any advice for adding a video blog to our website that will work well within the joomla! format and the Meloul template? Also is there any need to upgrade our version of joomla now or is there a newer update of the template out now?

Hello, Now, You can use youtube or vimeo and your local video. So, if you use youtube or vimeo you can not play list in album page, you can play in detail page.

If you have problem with adding video in blog page, you can send your info website to support@templaza.com. Our developer will help you.

Thanks & Regard,


There is several problems after installing youre quickstart template – how could i use youre support ?

Till this moment, there are several ways you can get support from our staff, namely:

When being our member, you have access to our forum where you can post your problem and get support to solve it.

It includes two supporting systems: the Ticket system, by submitting a ticket about your problem to us, member will receive answer to the problem. It is also fast and easy to check whether your problem has been solved and how it is fixed.

The second worth-mentioning supporting system is FAQ includes a lot of useful information to be found.

  • E-mail

It is also possible to e-mail to support@templaza.com in order to ask them for help.

  • Note: You have to provide Themeforest License to get support.

Hi – i am still waiting for help on support – i sent a ticket – and youre staff have my admin info – but nothing is happening. I need youre help today.

Hi Tommy,

Thank you for sending ticket. Please wait.. Your ticket will be replied in 24h.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny


I purchased your template and install it here http://www.carloscastro.cc/index.php/en/ . As you can see in the source code it has 2 main menu items added, Home and About Me, but those are not displayed due to css classes in this tag. . collapse class has display: hidden property. Is there anyway to change it from the admin panel without messing with css? If not what would be the best way to fix it from css? If that is still not the option how can i fix that?

Thank You. Best Regards.


Thanks for contacting to us May you send us your admin account via support@templaza.com. We will help you check.

Thanks and Best Regards!

Hi I have a quick question: How do I get the example site up and running so that I save my self from tons of work, not having to make every article menu and so on from scratch? (I installed the quick start version for joomla, but I only have the start page just saying “hi” pretty much)


Hello Sp3kk!

Thanks for your reply

We got your siteground

But we cannot go to it. That’s why we cannot help you install

May you check and send it again?

We will help you check

Thanks and Best Regards!

I sent all the information yesterday and I double checked and logged in with it my self 5 times. The problem is not that the information I sent is incorrect, but you logged in with the wrong combination too many times and you are now blocked for security reasons. You need to log on from a different IP address/Computer. If this is not possible let me know and I’ll see if I’m able to to make a work around. (Look at my newest email that I sent yesterday, thats the one with the right login information. I’ll re-send the same one so you know which one it is for sure)

Hi, We are sorry for our late feedback. Have you solved your problem. If not, Please send us your site and your admin account via our email “support@templaza.com”. We will check your problem.



When I create or modify existing article it shows an empty page like this one http://www.carloscastro.cc/index.php/bio View source shows that all content is there. But firebug console reports JQuery errors. Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong here?

Best Regards.

Hi, Thank you for using our product. Please send us your site and your admin account via our email “support@templaza.com”. We will check your problem.


How do you remove the “About the author” part under every single article? I set ever individual article’s option on showing “about the author” on hide as well as the global settings, but it is still there. I don’t want to change the info about the author, I want to completely remove it. Then I have a question about how I can make the logo clickable again. For some reason one can not click the logo to get back to the main page “home” anymore. And as far as I’m concerned I haven’t done anything in regards to the logo.



starmai Author Team


Thank you very much for purchasing our Meloul.

About the problem here,

1, to remove the user, please go to Components>TZ Portfolio >Options to open TZ Portfolio Manager Options. Then in tab TZ Tag-User /USER, choose Hide for option Show User then user CTRL+F5 to check your site.

2, About the logo link, please send us the problem, your site and admin account via support@templaza.com. We will check and help you.

Thanks and Best Regards!

Just sent the mail

Thanks for the quick reply =)


LeNhung Author Team


Ok guy, we got it. We will check it soon and reply you soon. Please follow your email.

Thanks for choosing us! Have a nice day :)

Hello again guys,

I have what I hope turns out to be the last issue with meloul. So I enabled the player on the home page of the http://www.carloscastro.cc/ (there are 3 languages installed now) one in each language. But the problem is that the controls (play, pause, etc) are not displayed.

Could you please point out to my error or help me to fix the player.

Thank You. Best Regards.

Please send us your admin account and your site link via email: support@templaza.com

Good day, Please am tying to setup the download, buy controls but its not showing and i dont knw if there anyway i can make use of other cloud then soundcloud to store my music.


starmai Author Team


Thanks so much for choosing Meloul and contacting us.

About the problem here, please create a ticket, send us your site, admin account and tell us clearly about it. We will check it first then can support you.

You need to create an account then login our site first.

Thanks so much and Best Regards,

Create a ticket Forums Documents

u ask me to crate a ticket and u refuse to respond all this while. now my client get upset and i lost the contract guess u are happy! i want my money back because 1. u just care BOUT SELLING NOT SUPPORTING THE BUYER 2. I COULDN’T’T FINE MUST THINGS THAT MADE ME BUY THE TEMPLATE WHICH IS A GOOD MEDIA PLAY THAT CAN PLAY FROM DROPBOX, HAS UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD e.t.c. REFUND MY MONEY PLEASE….......


starmai Author Team


Firstly, let us say thanks and also sorry for all the inconvenience you have faced up with this template. And please calm down.

Back to the problems here:

1. It should be told that we did support you.

After recieving your message, our team always replied you when we backed to work. And we also replied you in the ticket to aks you send us your site, admin account and FTP account then we can help you to fix the problem. However, you haven’t replied us.

You can see the screenshot about the ticket here: http://imgur.com/zQVKQMY

2. This template does not support the feature that media can play from dropbox, upload and download and we think that you had checked its feautures :)

So if you want us to fix the problem in the previous ticket, please reply it and send us the necessary info and we will help you. We’re so sorry for this.

And if you wanna refund, please contact Envato Support then they can help you because only they have right here. And we will confirm these problem with them.

Thanks so much and Best Regards,

Create a ticket Forums Documents