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I mean, the slider works but it doesnt show pics but only the title of the posts is what slides.

This is what I have:

<?php $my_query = new WP_Query(‘cat=6&showposts=10’;); while ($my_query->have_posts()) : $my_query->the_post(); $img = get_post_meta($post->ID, “img”, TRUE ); ?> <?php if ( in_category( ‘portfolio’;)) { ?>

email me from my profile page with the URL to your website


I wasn’t clear from the Theme Forest display whether or not the Theme Style Color Switcher would be displayed or not. Can you please tell me how to remove the function or display and set the Theme Color of my choosing? Neat function and it appears that it took a fair amount of time to develop. Though, I like your Memex design without the switcher and I’m confident that my visitors will be satisfied as well. Greatly appreciated.

Drop me a message from my profile page so that i can tell u how to remove the styleswitcher


I wonder if you can help me with a menu issue as I have tried to change the css to reflect a simple change in a sub menu

I have a menu with the standard structure example of the code…

What I would like to do is show what the current sub menu item when revisiting the same section thus highlight in blue for roller blinds in the example blow..

sub_page_item is a css class which doesn’t exist in the your template but presume this should be the direction but i am still quite a novice..

When i tried using the current_page_item on the sub menu .. all the submenu options came up as the blue highlight

Here a bit of my code to hope it seem clearer

Many thanks


devouk I am still not clear with your doubt. But i have this template updated and is in que will be reviewed soon by any of the reviewer. Once updated you can see the screenshots newly updated and download the latest files. In the new updates i have completely revamped it from fonts and few alignments and menu changes etc…

Please provide me the URL of the template and point me to the place of menu where you feel its difficult so that i can assist you.

Hello! Great theme! How can I remove the subnav dropdown?

hi.. i am sorry if u didnt understand my question.. previously but have dropped that idea..

can u do something though.. can u check on the css of the drop down menu..

when you select a real sub item (not a #) link that when you go back in to the sub menu all the items are highlighted blue…

i downloaded the latest version and checked the css.. and copy and pasted it but still no joy..

all the sub menu items are highlighted and none of the roll over works…(ie highlighting the selected item that the mouse is over – black to blue)

is it something that i have done wrong.. ????

can i have the URL please

Why incorporate functions that will not work without wordpress? clearly this is not a theme for wordpress. This is just creating a lot of mess. Why not just sell the wordpress theme + The html theme together?

Maximize profit but create redundancy?

Problem is that imagine now memex wordpress theme price is 37 dollars and html is 17 dollars and total will be 54 so people will not buy which costs them 54 lol… Think that or go to any wares sites and see the templates ripped off from themeforest and other market places where they simply requests to get this template or that for free … they can’t buy $10 item and wait until it gets ripped off…

Anyway alexallied If you need assistance let me know after you purchase or you can buy wordpress directly if you want.

Hi, I am having a problem with the form on the contact page. When i fill it out and hit send, it returns the error message:

“404 Not Found The requested URL /contactsent.php does not exist. “

This is the URL :

What am i doing wrong? Thanks,

the form action should be contact.php not contactsend.php if you still feel error kindly email me the page you are using so that i can check whats wrong.


Could you telll me why the slider on the homepage might show horizontal and vertical sliders?

I’m thinking its a script fault but I disabled all plugins and it has not improved.

Wordpress 3.0.5

Downloaded your theme today so the latest version. Purchased it a long time ago though.

Please contact if you have an answer to this issue.

Regards Ryan

why was the wordpress version of this theme removed ? I had purchased it and was going to use it …now its gone from my list ?

It will be live in a week as it has some major updates.

anything further on the wordpress version…..i purchased it but my backup drive has failed and now i dont have it….

its a great theme, let me know when possible please

thanks ian

Looks like the Wordpress version is dead. I can’t find installation documentation and I thought I had the original zip file. I must have re-zipped the theme files only.

I will try to configure the theme without instructions but if anyone can send me the guide that would be great.

Wordpress version for this theme is remove due to so many deprecated functions and old design aspects.

How do I buy the Wordpress version of things? Is it included in the download of the HTML theme? I don`t see it for sale on Envato.

Is it still for sale or will I need to download the HTML version and integrate into Wordpress myself?

I am happy enough to do so, but would prefer to just install the theme if I can.


Sorry only html version is available.