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I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for this amazing theme. It was perfect for my poetry-blog and getting it to suit my needs was easy.

It works great with the plugins I use. I only had to dive in the code to add pagination, which was super easy. And I was ready to go.

Perfect theme. Really great work.

5 stars!

Thanks a ton! I really appreciate the kind words!


I have a question regarding this theme. With respect to the dark background and light text is there anyway the text can be “brighter” or maybe more of a “white” colour? It seems the colour is grey and the background is black. I think this would look great if the text was more white or light in colour. This could be a result of the computer screen I’m using.

I am considering purchasing this theme, but again I just want to confirm the text can stand out more while using the dark background.

Thank you.

You would just need to add a little css to the included child theme to brighten the text. If you wanted it white it would simply be something like

body.scheme_dark, .scheme_dark #the_logo h1 a, .scheme_dark .byline a, .scheme_dark .entry-title a, .scheme_dark .meta-date a, .scheme_dark .meta-comments a, .scheme_dark .page-title a, .scheme_dark .pf_link_link, .scheme_dark #slogan, .scheme_dark.stripes .post:nth-child(2n) .byline a, .scheme_dark.stripes .post:nth-child(2n) .entry-title a, .scheme_dark.stripes .post:nth-child(2n) .meta-date a, .scheme_dark.stripes .post:nth-child(2n) .meta-comments a, .scheme_dark.stripes .post:nth-child(2n) .pf_link_link, .page:nth-child(2n) .byline a, .page:nth-child(2n) .page-title a { color: #FFFFFF; }

If i have a photo in a standard post format , will the image lightbox pop-up like in photo post format ?

Yes it will. The theme inserts a class to do that automatically to any images that are inserted. Note that if you’re moving this into an existing site, the class will not be there and you’ll need to manually put it on old posts.

Hi, just purchased. Great theme. I have a couple of questions. I signed up for the forum with my purchase code but I still got this message:


Second, I would like to remove borders and whitespace that show on my png files. How can I do that? Cheers!

That’s the wrong thread, that’s for the Tumblr version of the theme, you want the WP version:

Open up a thread with your question and we’ll help ya out.

Excellent. Thank you.

Sure thing!

Hello ! I am very interested in this theme. But I have a question before purchase: In the Live Preview of Memoir we have on the top of the page the bar Menu ( Home- Kitchen- Sink Post Format – and social icons) FIXED. I like this function very much, so when the reader scrolls down, it only affects to the post , but the menu bar is always at sight and it is possible to right click over the menu options. My doubt has come when I checked the link of other costumer using Memoir… and I have found that her page does not use that fixed menu bar, that dessapears when scrolling down. Is that option really working on Memoir ? Thanks a lot in advance.

JPBarren (Spain)

Hi there! Thanks for the interest!

Yup, that’s an option in the theme. Here’s a screenshot:

You have instant answer… you got instant purchase… Done!. I ´ll start to build up my site with your theme…

Awesome! Thanks a lot! Hit us up at if you have any issues.

Nice theme!

1. Can I place the post format icon in front of the date? 2. The Show Options on demo can be hidden? And can I place a light and dark patch box to change color on the menu bar? 3. Can those slider dots be hidden on gallery post? 4. Self hosted audio and videos support?


Hi there!

1) It’s not an option, but you can do it yourself if you’re comfortable with CSS.

2) That is strictly in the demo and not included with the purchase.

3) Again, it’s not an option, but you can do it yourself if you’re comfortable with CSS.

4) Self hosted audio and video are features of WordPress itself and not of themes. So, yes.

on 3. can you give me code for css?

Sure, but not on 1. That might be a little trickier and might actually involve editing the template files, now that I think of it.

Just open a thread in our support forum when you’re ready.


i like this theme very very much! so i registed to purchase. it’s my first time to buy a wp theme.i may consult you for some details when i use this~

hi. i have purchased for a few days and i created a topic in the forum about my problems, but it seems that no one there…

Please have some patience. You left this comment a few hours after you opened a thread in the support forum, and it was also on a Sunday. My staff and I work a normal Monday to Friday 9 to 5 work week.

oops, i’m sorry, i’m so excited about it and i didn’t notice that. sorry again!

Just purchased. Looking great. However I don’t have the dark strip at the top (where pages are listed) like in the demo. What to do!?

Also the search bar is in the middle, not at the top header..

Please open a thread in my support forum and we’ll help you over there.


I already purchase your themes but unfortunaly it didnt working on my new wordpress

can u update your themes, so the themes will compatible with wordpress 3.8

Please :(

Thanks BV

where i can find my purchase number? i cant find it because needed for sign in to your thread..

It’s under the Download button on your Downloads Page. See here:


Happy Holidays..

Hope yours was great! Thanks for this great template. I was wondering if you might be able to tell me ( embed does not seem to work with the config I am giving it ) how to embed a video at a certain size in a page on your template. It seems like it wants to be the largest it can be and with no border ( can we add some css to create the border like alignleft or right? )

Just doing some temp posts, but want to get the formatting down properly first. I appreciate any and all information regarding this task before me.

Kind regards, Saxamo

On a side-note.. when I mouse over the logo, the entire page is moving, not just the logo.. How do I fix that?

Is there any way to remove some pixels from the tagline to the dotted line on pages? I think it needs to be about 20 pixels less.. more like the home page distance.. please advise.. thanks!

Please open a thread in the support forum if you’re having issues. We’ll be back in there on Monday. Note, we’ll help you with any theme issues or bugs, but we won’t be able to help you customize your site.

Hi! Amazing theme, well done! I just have a question: how can I move the menu bar from the top to the space below title? I saw it here: Thank you in advance!

I suppose you could grab the code from header.php and just move it. But unfortunately, this is a customization and something that we can’t provide support for. We’d be more than happy to give you a quote on customizing your site if you want to fill out the form at

Oh, I see. Thank you for your answer!

Hi, i just downloaded the theme and i tried to install it but wordpress tells me the theme has not the style sheet and it cannot be installed

You’re uploading the wrong file. See here:

okay, this theme seems to be awesome and i think, i will buy this one ;)

but before, ive got a lttle question: Is it possible to “oversize” the images in the image-postformat a little bit in its with? So that it doesn’t fit the column anymore? 120% or so? :)

if this works, i will be your new customer :O)

okay and… erm.. maybe you explain me how? ;) duckface :P

Well, this is a customization, not support, so I can point you in the right direction, but I won’t be able to go into detail. We have a customization request form at our support site if you’d like a quote on getting it done.

Essentially, you’d need to target the images you want to be bigger and give them a width and max-width of something like calc(100% + 200px) and then a margin-left of -100px to offset it. Does that make sense?

think so :) will give it a try.


I will be using an iPad for my blog, is this theme compatible? I previously bought one that was not and am still waiting for my refund. Pllease let me know.



I can’t download with iPad. I was told above that this is compatible. Download doesn’t work. How do you install this product?

It sounds like we had some miscommunication.

Yes, the theme is 100% compatible with iPads, but you still need to install it into your WordPress install. You need a computer to download the file and then upload into your WordPress site.

This problem doesn’t have anything to do with the theme or WordPress, it’s the limitations of the iPad in being able to download a zip file, extract it, and then upload to a website.

It sounds like the question you were really asking was “Can I download any WordPress theme onto my iPad and then install it on my WordPress site.” The answer to which, is “no.”

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I am trying to help :) But, you need a computer, not a mobile device, to complete this task.

Yes, we had a miscommunication as I don’t have a computer. Thanks!

is it responsive theme or not ? it is responsive than i m planning to change this theme in my blog

Yes it is responsive. You can see it in the demo if you remove the demo bar on top. Or go directly to

thx for replies.

This theme works with Wordpress 4.5.3? Thanks!

Yes, Memoir works with WP 4.5.3. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Bryan – DC Staff

Very useful application. Is it only suitable for an iOS platform. Can it work on Android? Will it work for my blog

Hi there,

This theme should make your website look great on both iOS and Android devices. Feel free to view our demo site on an Android device and see for yourself!

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Bryan – DC Staff