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Looks really nice. Love it.

I need some customization on your template. Do you offer paid customization?

Please let me know.

Kindly, Jason Beattie

No, sorry.

Hi would this template be suitable for implementing into Umbraco CMS? Cheers, nice work btw!

I never worked with that one, but it’s HTML so it can be implemented in any CMS you want with some custom work

Do you know why the images aren’t showing up on my home page?

Hmm, this is weird, I’ve seen this issue on someone else, because of the grayscale script, can you please send me ftp access via the contact form on my profile, to check and fix it?

ok, thanks.

answered via e-mail, your ftp server is down.

I have uploaded the files to WPAdmin but I am getting an error saying “Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description themeforest-3324806-men-shop-style-responsive-ecommerce-template Stylesheet is missing.

Can you please forward me the missing info?

This is a static html template and not a WordPress theme

Nice theme. I’d like to use with oscommerce either 2.2 or 2.31. just wondering if there is any guide for it included? I have an idea what I need to do, but anything to make it easier would be great.

This is a html template for now, WP version coming in some weeks.

Hy, short question: is is possible to make first page slider to autorotate (change slides every X seconds)?

Not by default, sorry.

Hi, Is this Magento theme ? Could i install it via connect manager ? Thank you!

Hello. No, this is a HTML template

Hi, great theme, I just bought it. I’m just wondering, it said “PSD file included” in the description, but the download doesn’t include it. Can you please update the download, or send the file to Thanks.

Hello. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the PSD files anymore, I only have the HTML files :(

I can’t seem to remove an image, can’t find it anywhere. How do i remove and change MENS STYLE SHOP under my logo?

I can’t see it anywhere.

Hello. Go to index.html and remove this code:

<h1>Men Style Shop</h1>

Also I changed the title tag on the HTML page and it still says Men Style Shop…how do i fix that?

Modify this in index.html:

 <title>Men Style Shop</title>
The last prod image on the page, i added a corner image to say KIDS. I made the image, added a style, copied the hot badge code and added a kids one and it’s not showing up. how do i add a new corner badge? See here the last image on the bottom right, Jedi Shirt. Will not show up.

I see these classes added to that badge div, badge corner-badge kids ir desat

but none of them actually have a background image added to them so obviously no badge will show up

so can you tell me how to replace an image there with my own please?

You’ll need to just duplicate the same code used for the other badges, but duplicate all the parts, not just some. And create the image(if you didn’t already do that) can you look at this and tell me why the heck it’s not displaying on mobile correctly at all? It was, and now i have no idea why it is no.

iphone 5s

You’re using span3 as a class(span3 is 1/4 column), modify them to span4 if you use only 3 columns

Ok I did that and i still dont see a difference. any other suggestions, thanks!

Hmm, it spans 100% now.

Hello, I am looking at the live demo however there seems to be some bugs and I am hoping these are not in the site if I buy it ?

For example ;

from the home page, just to reset everything I click on the logo at the top left. Fine.

The I can hover over Shop and List and see the menu’s, Fine.

If I now click Grid or List the hover menus are not enabled any longer. If I click on Shop nothing happens If I click Home nothing happens If I click on Grid or List the menu displays for a second and disappears Nothing seems to work on the Checkout page, I’m not sure if that is correct or not ?

Please advise as I would like to but this but not until I know it works 100%


Hello. This is a HTML template, every single page is static and not dynamic, you can edit the code and change the “active” menu page at anytime, directly in the html files

Hi. i want to know if this template provides the numbers of the remainder of the stock…thx

Hello, this is a HTML template, it doesn’t have any dynamic functionality

Hi, Just wondering of this will suit the latest version and I have 200 catagories that spread out under about 9 main headings, will this handle this. Also does it dosplay best sellers etc on the from page or are they photos you edit yourself ?

Hi. This is a HTML template, not a dynamic version, meaning you have to edit everything in the code (best sellerrs, etc) manually