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Welcome to the Forest , wish you the best with your journey.
Kind Regards,

Thanks for the best wishes Bedros,

I can’t explain in words how I felt, when after a long series of rejection, this first theme get approved. The feeling is fantastic.

Thanks drupalet


I was just wondering if this theme was compatible with Magento Go or is it only for the community edition?

Thanks, Bill

Also one other point to note, even though we have selected Currencies of Euro , US Dollar & British Pound Sterling, Only the Euro And Dollar Symbols are showing on the top of the page as selectable. The British Pound symbol is not present.

Regards, Bill

Sorry for all the messages now.. but we have one other issue that has been noticed. When an item is added to the cart, even though we have set “After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart” to YES… The redirect does not occur. We are left on the product page and have to manually click on the “Go to shopping cart” button.

Secondary to this we’ve also noticed that the unit price and price fields on the “cart” page do not have any information in them, the only field that has information is quantity box. Tax is showing NIL (even though tax is setup correctly) and the total is correct as it should be.

Is there any chance you could look into these issues as soon as you get a moment?

Thanks again, Bill

Email sent to you regarding solutions.

Hi, The online preview isn’t available. Thanks, CR

Issue resolved. Thanks for pointing it out.

The preview isn’t available now.

There was some problem with server. Issue is resolved now, you can check the site now. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Hi!! I did the installation, but the theme has an error in the control panel. When I click on layout settings or sidebar widgets, the system returns a error message: 404 page not found. Also i can not import the database dump file. How can i do to gat your free instalation service? Thank You! :)

Sorry forgot to tell you, db import can’t be done after magento installation. You have to import it before installing magento. And that’s why you are getting this error.

Ouch! Well, so, i need to restart all the process to do it. Right?

Why not you just go ahead and add your own catalog and products. Regarding static blocks, you can find their code in the documentation file. You can add them manually and you’ll be all set!

Does this theme work on Magento CE v 1.9.1?

Does this theme work on Magento CE v 1.9.1?