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Congrats for your first Theme! Good luck with sales!

Thank you for the warm welcome :nerdy:

First ONE ;-) i’ll install it now and drop u some questions later – i am a good tester – hehee

Thanks! I appreciate your “courage”... I’ll be glad to help you if needed :nerdy:

Hej pirenko,

I really like the theme, good job. Still one question. The description says:

Other features - Widgets ready (2 Sidebars)

where can i find those sidebars :$

Hi, One sidebar is located on the left (where you have the social network links) and the other is on top (plus button on the right hand corner). Thank you for your interest :nerdy:

Quick question for you:

Can you organize portfolio items after they have been posted? Or are they in order of post date?

Thanks and beautiful theme!

Cheers, Randy

Currently they rely on the post date. Let me know if you prefer any other way to organize them. I can create a custom field and sort by that order…
This is my first theme and I’ll be very flexible adding some extra features ;)

Bravo, great startup

Thanks! I hope this turns out to be a startup and not and “endup” :D

Would be great if you’ll add responsive design and publish it as html5 also.

Good luck!

If I’m happy with the sales in the next days I’ll add those features. Anyway this template renders perfectly on the iPad…
I’m currently “studying” the responsive design for iPhone, but on a future theme. As for HTML5 I think I’ll implement it on the next days.
Thank you for your suggestions!

i am testing this theme since houres ;-) its cool and all the 35 bucks worth!

i will drop some suggestions tomorrow – but until now its one of the hot shots this month ;-()


It’s good to hear that! I worked really hard on this one ;)

This is very great! Congrats and have a big sales for this :)

Top features to see unlimited portfolio and responsive design, so that the menu goes on top for mobile devices.

I would purchase theme then if this possible


I’ll keep this in mind on the next updates. I’ll let you know if those features are added. Thanks!

Great!!! Thank you very much. Cant wait ;)

Responsive is something nowadays wp themes are implementing a lot! Spectacular feature!

Great job! Very nice template, Pirenko!!! I hope you have great success!

Hi pirenko,

i love so much this template, i just bought it without knowing anything about webdesign or wordpress but i want to learn since i want to update my portfolio. question: where in the folder is the video tutorial?



The videos are located inside the documentation folder. You should open the index.html on any browser and you should be able to see the videos.
Email me if you have any questions. Thank you for purchasing!

any way to change the search box into a subscribe to newsletter box?

awesome man you rock! great work!!!

I just added the newsletter feature. Cheers!

Wow…really amazed that you actually went and made the change I requested….and right away!!! I’ve requested such things from other template authors and I’ve been told it can be done for extra money etc etc. This is a first! Good looks….and as promised I just purchased the template. Keep up the good work!

Great theme!! how can I disabled the search box?

Currently you’ll have to code it manually by changing the header.php file. I’ll be releasing an update tomorrow and I’ll include that option on the control panel.
Let me know if you need any help in the meantime. Thank you for purchasing :nerdy:

good design.. keep on…

Thank you! Feels good to hear this after all the hard work :)

congrats, very nice theme :)

Thanks, I love your design skills too ;)


I have to say that it seems to be a great theme.

However, in my android phone, when I do a zoom, the menu gets quite desorganized (it goes over to the content zone).

I believe that with the responsive implemented it will get perfect and problably will be my next theme! :)

Hi. I have to say that for some reason the menu now it´s working fine in the mobile (I think it was because the alignment centered option). In left alignment working great!

Even so, a responsive option is a great add for the future!

By the way, is it possible instead of clicking in a image blogpost to open the image, to click in the image and open the post?

And about the portfolio, is it possible to have only the option of clicking on the image to open the project, instead of having the 2 options of open the project and the image?

Thank you for your comments. At this point those options aren’t available.
I’m working on an update with some extra features and I’ll keep your suggestions in mind. I’ll let you know if they are available. Thanks!

Thanks for the theme, very original and refreshing to see a different kind of layout on wordpress themes. some questions:

Is there a way to make the slides linked (clickable)? How do you adjust the time each slide is displayed?

(oh and thanks for all the videos, super helpful!)

another question, my slider isn’t transitioning automatically. I’ve been looking through your settings and .js files and can’t anything to enable this. http://www.redeemeranglican.com/test/

About the slideshow on the homepage: Open the mercina_functions.js file inside the js folder and change the following lines of code (uncomment the autoplay line of code):

buildStartStop : false, buildArrows : false, //autoPlay :true,

These lines start on line 950.
I might implement the slide linking on a future update. The theme has an update notification so stay tuned. Thanks!

Thanks Pirenko! Hey, one more idea for future updates. I’m noticing I could use some typefaces and formatting for writing pages and general content. Stuff like columns, quotes, and more heading options. Thanks for all your work. Great stuff.

Pirenko…great theme. I’m having a problem with the latest news area not populating properly. Any thoughts?


The syles.css needs to be fixed, because your text title is “too big”. After line 994 add this line of code: width: 217px;
In alternative go to Mercina Options and add this code to the custom CSS field textarea:
.slidenews_top { width: 217px; }

Problem reported. First comment from author: 5 min. 20 min later: after couple emails back & forth. Problem solved. One of the best support responses I’ve ever gotten. Top notch. It was a simple problem really…but still. Thanks again.

Hey, thank you for your comments. I’m happy when I help fixing the messes I created :nerdy:

Great looking theme!! ;)

Thanks man, you’re feedback was very important. Cheers ;)