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Hi Pirenko. I want to create two portfolios? but not one with diferent sections.

Thank you very much. :)

I don’t understand what you really want, but this theme supports only one portfolio. What you can do is create categories that will be portfolios, but in this case you can’t filter them (no subcategories).
I hope this was clear. Thanks!

Dear Pirenko, as it was mention on previous comments, I am trying to change the menu and header to lowercase, but it doesn’t work. I don’t know what I am doing wrong…

I’ve changed the css: text-transform:lowercase !important; and the mercina_theme.php


I don’t know exactly what changes you made to the files, but you are doing something wrong. Send me an email with your ftp details for me to check the mercina_theme.php file.
Cheers :nerdy:

How much work is involved in making this portfolio only show selected categories?


You can try to edit manually the query inside the template-portfolio.php file, but this will affect all similar pages. If you are trying to create multiple portfolios it’s a bit trickier (maybe create another page template that queries only the categories you want).
I can only implement this as a custom/paid job if you can’t do it.
Send me a private message if you need any further help.

Hello. What is the best way to use another Google font besides the ones included with the theme?

Until the end of this week. Thanks!

Did the theme get updated? I failed to notice the version number before.

Yes. The theme was updated. Thanks!

Hi Pirenko, I just purchased this theme. I am not a programmer, so please forgive me if my questions are silly or have been asked before. I had an error when uploading the theme “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” can I ftp it into the wp-content/themes directory? I did try this quickly, but am not sure I used the correct ‘mercina’ folder structure within the unzipped file, because when I activated the theme none of the images where there and there was a whole ‘something is missing’ messages within the modules. Is this right or wrong? Am I making sense? Please advise. Thanks

You can upload it manually like you described – using FTP . Place only the Mercina folder inside the wp-content/themes directory.
Thank you for purchasing!

Thanks. If I do it correctly, and activate the theme, will all the images display as per the live demo? and If they don’t show, is it an indication that I have done something wrong?

You must add some content to be displayed. The theme preview images and content is not included on the purchasers file package.

Hi Pirenko. I am having issues putting videos in the gallery. For some reason when i make the post and choose video url (youtube) instead of image it wont take. Can you please help me out

Please send me a private message with a link to the page where you have this issue. Thank you for purchasing :)


First of all, thank you for creating such a great website. I am using your theme for a restaurant website for my client. They really like the website I am creating for them so far.

I am trying to insert an OpenTable restaurant reservation code, but I am having some style issues I think. I would love it if you could take a look and let me know your thoughts on how to correct this.

I would like to email you the website, but can’t find your email address.

Thanks again, Christopher

Send me a message through my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Pirenko

Dear Pirenko, I want to use normal text in menu and headlines, not uppercase & bold. Like “Example” NOT “EXAMPLE” on whole page. Please give me example of code to insert in to theme. And one more problem: Ubuntu font have Baltic characters, but on my website Ubuntu font can’t show baltic characters. Thank You! Cheers.

Hi, You have to locate the styles classes or id’s you want to change and add this CSS property to each one of them:text-transform:none !important;
In alternative you can edit manually the style.css file and mercina_functions.php file so that there’s no uppercase transformation (just search for “uppercase” on those files and remove the respective lines of code).
About the font thing: go to google web fonts and grab the code that embeds that font including the characters you need and add that line of code manually to the header.php file.

Hi Pirenko, I would like to add a Google Font in “Queed Options”.. What I have to do? Thank you…

You are posting on Mercina and talking about Queed :)
Send me an email and tell me what font you want to use and on what theme. See ya :nerdy:

Hi Pirenko,

I apologize as I’m sure this question has already been asked. I understand that the inactive text option changes the font color for the content areas, but how can I have the inactive text for the nav bar be white and the inactive text for the content area be black?

Many thanks!

Right-click on the areas you want to change color and inspect them to determine the classes or id’s involved. Then add the CSS code to the Custom CSS textfield under Mercina Options>General Tab. Example:
. entry_page{color:#000000;}

Thanks! I’m sending you an email with a couple of follow-up questions. Really loving this theme, thanks for building it.

Hi, I have set the “Display Top Sidebar” to yes in the “general options setting”. Also in the widget section, I added text to the top side bar, but it doesn’t show up on the page. Do you know what that would be? http://perfectal.ca/ Thanks!

I see the left sidebar and the bottom side bar. The top sidebar is still not showing up. Shouldn’t it go all the way to the top of the page above the main content? I’m using Firefox on mac.

Firefox on Mac works here. Do you have the same issue on the preview? Try clearing your browser cache…

oh its the plus in the corner with the overlay! I was expecting the same format as the bottom sidebar… thanks a lot

hy pirenko i am not a programmer but when i install the theme i have this error = Cannot use object of type stdClass as array and my second problem der are no pages like home and sample page in your documentation there are some pages like blog etc installed .

thanks for support ;-)

Disable all the plugins you might have and see if that error subsists. If you still have it send me a link to your website.
It’s you who should create the pages and add the content to the theme, but if you prefer you can import the preview XML content here: http://www.munto.net/themeforest/updates/mercina/dummy.xml

Hey Pirenko, How do I force the font to change to non-capitals. All h1-6 are in capitals; I like the colour; I just need to make it non-capital letters. Any easy way to do this? Thanks in advance. James.

No. Most of them have lowercase characters.

I’ve changed the body font six times and every time it comes up in all caps despite the fact that the text is written in lower caps.

I think I fixed it. I had to change #slogan { font-family:” .font_google_to_css($options[‘z-header_font’]). ”; text-transform:none; } #menu-mercina_menu { /*font-weight:bold; */ } ”;

in Mercinatheme.php

Is it possible to have the this theme have sub categories under portfolio? So when you click on portfolio theres a drop down with “ART”,”DESIGN”, and “PHOTOGRAPHY”. Then under those have a filter like for photography, “portraits”, “weddings” etc… kinda like the theme that im already using? www.jc-creation.com

Also is it possible to have a brief description underneath the photo where the twitter and facebook buttons are, when you click on it.

Im trying to find another theme to use because im not happen with the one I have.

That theme does not support multiple portfolios which is what you need, because you want to set up multiple filterable pages. Please consider using my latest theme that supports this and has a similar layout: Pixia
Thanks anyway :)

Ok. Final question! I have sorted out the font case. But now the menu items occupy more than one line each. For instance “Your Weekly Laugh” occupies three lines. How can I sort this? I’ve tried reducing the font size; no dice http://sxguru.com/NewSite/

You’ve been making manual changes to the CSS code and now it’s probable that there are some inconsistencies. This is my final help on this matter. Add this extra code:
ul#menu-mercina_menu li a {font-size:12px}

HI, In my social icons, the speech bubble above the icon is all white – where can I change this, how can I read what is in there? Thanks

The tooltips style is generated according to the color choices you made that are applied through the whole theme. Anyway you can define a specific color for the tooltips text by adding this sample code to the Custom CSS texfield under Mercina Options>General tab:
.ui-tooltip-content font{ color:#FF0000 !important; }
Cheers :nerdy:

Hello. Would I be able to run the S2Member (membership plugin) on your theme?

The theme is not obstructive so you can install any plugin you want. I haven’t tested it with that plugin, but there are no known issues with any plugin.

Hello, I recently Purchased this theme. I have some little problems with the menu.

I write this example to make my problem clear. The url of site is http://www.falsomovimento.org/test/


I would like the first page of the menu (LAB) had an href to the corresponding page. To be clear as it happens to your other theme “Pixia” under “entry” Mansory.

At the moment if I click on LAB it opens the submenu, but not the LAB page (on the right).

I tried to edit some lines of mercina-function.js but nothing changed.

Thanks Massimo

On this theme every menu item that has children (submenu button) will never open any page. You can remove this by editing the mercina_functions.js and remove the code inside this condition:if (jQuery(this).parent().children().children().size()>0)
This might bring other issues to the menu, but it’s all I can do from here.

I tried but it doesn’t work. :(

I still see here http://www.falsomovimento.org/test/wp-content/themes/mercina/js/mercina_functions.js the code I told you to remove. I still see jQuery('#menu-mercina_menu li a').click( function(e) { if (jQuery(this).parent().children().children().size()>0) { e.preventDefault(); jQuery(this).next().slideToggle('normal') } }); and I told you to remove this.

I removed the lines, but in doing so the submenu disappears. So I restored the original file…

Now I deleted again the lines. Check out!

Like I told when this started: this will make the page open, but other unwanted things might happen. The starting point is this code, but now you have to make more changes to that js file. I can only implement this as a paid customization. Send me a private message for a quote if you are eventually interested. Cheers!