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hi is it posible to have a video instead of a featured image on the blog page?

Not on this theme. But on my Pixia theme you can do that. Thanks anyway!

Thanks for your quick answer! I sent you another question on the pixia theme comments area ;-) Great work btw, your themes are really nice and your tutorials very appreciated !

I just replied to your comment ;)

Hi. I’m new to wordpress and really keen to buy this theme, however one question… I can’t figure out how to change my logo to replace the standard header allocated by wordpress. With this theme can we replace the logo with our own? Or does the logo remain as is, and we can just change the word to the name of our site? Thanks.

The logo is an image and you can change it by clicking a button and upload your own image. May I suggest that you watch a small video I have created for this theme: http://www.screenr.com/nKM8
You’ll find more videos here http://www.screenr.com/user/pirenko and on the Documentation folder you have the video tutorials organized in a more proper way.
Thank you for your interest :)

Excellent! Thanks so much for your quick reply. Looks like the theme is going to be perfect for what I need. Thanks again!

Hey Pirenko,

I seem to having 2 issues with the Mercina theme.

1. The News Items Subjects do not show up in the Appearance – Menu area. Therefore I cannot add them to Menu Navigation as a drop down.

2. When I add the Pirenko Social Links to the left sidebar the divider line does not appear underneath the Social Links. It appears to the right of them.

I have re-installed the Mercina Theme but it did not resolve the matter. Is there a way for me to rectify these 2 issues. I am using Wordpress 3.5

If you would like to see my issue with item #2 you can check out my domain @ krvfx.com. If you need to access my dashboard just let me know. Any help would be appreceiated.

Thanks in advance.

1 – Go to Appearance>Menus and add the Subjects you need. If you can’t see them click on Screen Options on the right top of your screen and make sure they are selected.
2 – You’re right (I’ll fix this on the next update). In the meantime add this code to the Custom CSS textfield under Mercina Options>General tab:
.left_widgets {width:200px;}
Cheers :nerdy:

Thanks for the quick reply. The fixes worked like a charm. You rock!!!

Hello! Your theme is really great and elegant! But I have some problems with its customization. First of all, sorry for my english, it’s not my native language.

I have portfolio block on the main page, and when you clicks to the title or to the arrow(in the right top corner of this block) you will go exactly to the page with portfolio template, but I want to refer to exact category of my portfolio. So, how can I do this? How can I change the link where I am refered to.

The second problem is, my site is in russian language, and menu-font doesn’t support russian language, so I have not nice and too wide and large font instead. So, how can I setup exact font that I want, which will be so tight as on the preview of this theme??

And the last(I hope so) problem, that sub-menu items are overlap each other. How can I fix this??

Thank you!! Waiting for your reply!

Send me a link please. Send me a private message if you prefer to keep it private. Cheers!

I am trying to have Networkedblogs.com pull my blog posts for syndication, but it is only finding my portfolio items. If I look at my site’s RSS feed, it only has portfolio entries listed. How do I get my blog posts included in RSS feed?

Here’s the preview news feed link: http://www.munto.net/mercina/feed/?post_type=merc_news
Let me know if you need any help figuring out your link.
Thanks :nerdy:

Got it. Thank you!

Hi Pirenko, I’m having issues with the timthumb file (I think). I just purchased your template (which is awesome!), and am just getting started. I created a portfolio page, but the images are not appearing on the page, but when I click on it, it opens the original image. I’ve checked the cache permission and timthumb permission and all are as they should be. Help? And, thanks! (page with issues: http://bangupopera.com/projects/pub-projects/)

There seems to be some trouble not related with the theme. Try activating one of the default themes and see if http://bangupopera.com/projects/pub-projects/ opens properly. If it does activate Mercina again and see how it goes.
Send me a private message with your WP credentials if you still have trouble.

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply! I was playing around with the organization of the pages, and forgot to resend the link. The page with the timthumb issues is this one: http://bangupopera.com/projects/productions/ Still having an issue…

This is a timthumb issue. Send me a private message with your FTP details if possible so that I can double check your file and folder permissions. Cheers :nerdy:

Hello Mr Pirenko! What can i do to use google Analytics ? I already try a few extentions but any works. Thank you for your help! Cheers

How can I get rid of the lines on the left sidebar? The lines under the logo, the menu, the search, etc.

Thanks for the help. Love the theme.

Add this code to the Custom CSS textfield under Mercina Options>General tab:
.z_divider_tp, .z_divider, .z_divider_bt {display:none}
Cheers :nerdy:

Awesome, that worked. Thank you!

Hi Pirenko! How do I disable the featured image option when going into a post/portfolio, but keep it as a thumbnail on the main portfolio page? Reason being, the images when clicking on the link show the ‘featured image’ as too large – another option would be how can I resize the default for the featured image within post?

Thanks! Ashley www.creative-ten.com

Didn’t work :( – if you see this page http://creative-ten.com/graphic-design/ the one thumb is showing “sample image” (would like an actual image thumb to be here) and then when you click on the link, the ‘sample image’ still shows large at the top..

To sum that up – I would like a thumb preview to be on the main portfolio page, however want to disable the featured image showing at the top of the actual post when clicking on the thumb. Or is there a way to resize this so the default size isn’t so large?

Apparently you are doing something wrong… Can you please send me a private message and give credentials to access your WP dashboard?

Hands down, best theme and theme designer on themeforest. For customer support alone, it’s worth every cent to support this designer and his designs. Thanks, Pirenko! You’re excellence is appreciated, and the word is officially spreading. x

Thank you for your kind words :grin:

Hey there, is there any way to make the mobile site menu say ‘menu’ on the front of it, instead of a blank bar? Thanks James


Support on this theme is second to none. 5 stars.

The email on my website isn’t working when somebody clicks the “submit” button. Any suggestions?


i tested it and it seems fine. Is it ok now?

The actual form works, but nothing is being sent to the address that I inputted in the Mercina Dashboard Contact page. I have tried multiple email addresses.

Hum… I have received a copy of the email I sent you, because it sends an Carbon Copy to the person that wrote the message. So the original email was sent to an address that I wont post here, because you may not want it. Check your spam folder…
Send me a private message for more info if you want.

Hi Pirenko, great theme! I’m customizing it for a client (http://www.erwinstam-tuinstudio.com/). But I have some problems:
  • the portfolio-page shows the images, and the roll-over shows both the lightbox link and the link button, but the link button doesn’t work!
    • some how the favicon icon doesn’t work anymore. I cannot upload any image
      • I cannot upload extra images into posts.
        I hope you have some solutions. Many thanks, Femke

thanks for the quick response! I have reupload the original theme. I do not have any active plugins. One problem is resolved (the link button). The other 2 problems are not resolved: I still cannot upload extra images into posts, and I still cannot upload a logo and favicon.

What do you mean with extra images in posts? The theme accepts up to ten images on portfolio entries and six in news entries… Do you need more or they simply aren’t uploaded?
For the logo and favicon you’ll need to let me visit your Dahsboard for me to see what’s going on. Send me a private message with the credentials if possible.

thanks. I will send you a private message.

Hey Pirenko, sorry to be back with a question, but not sure what happened. My portfolio page stopped showing links and lightbox to post page… Not sure why, but is there a limit to how many posts you can include in your portfolio? Is there a video on how to organize this? Thanks for your help and words of wisdom! (http://bangupopera.com/projects/productions/)

I visited this link and everything seemed fine. Am I missing something?

Wow, you’re so quick! :) I was about to delete this comment and saw your post. It was a plugin that was somehow affecting my portfolio page. I deactivated it and all is good. Thank you!!!

Hello Pirenko. I purchased the item. When I install it I can not load most things. Is it normal? In the video that explain how to install it, everything loads. This is the screenshot: http://www.mireiajuarez.com/screenshot.png Thanks, Mireia

Dear Pirenko, I bought the mercina. But now the Lightbox doesn’t work. I’m running WP 3.5.1. What could this be? And also the like button on blog or profolio page’s i cant get to work

I just opened your website and there seems to be a permission problem with these files:
Please check the file and folder permissions so that everything works perfectly.
Cheers :nerdy:

Hi! Mercina looks like a really great theme. I have two questions before i decide to buy it or not: 1. Is is possible to have the menu fixed, so when you scroll down the menu is always there (like in the Pixia demo)? 2. With an uploaded background image is it possible to give a colour to the menu background (also like in the Pixia demo) and have it partially transparent by setting the opacity for that colour to for example 80%?

Thanks very much!

Best, Martins

You can achieve both with some extra CSS code that you can add under Mercina Options>General tab>Custom CSS. Thanks!

Hi! Bought the Mercina theme today – its awesome! 5 stars! I have one question tough: Is it possible to change the menu settings for each page, so that when i click on a parent page from the main menu, it doesn’t just show the option to click on child pages by expanding, but opens the clicked parent page (as if it didn’t have a child page) AND show the child pages in the menu bar. The same goes for child and grandchild pages.

For example, if i create a page OUR PRODUCTS in the main menu, I want it to be possible to open that page form the main menu where there would be a brief description of all products and then the child pages would be for each of the product.

Thanks a lot!


I see that you haven’t bought the file with this user. You’ll have to place the question using the account that bought the theme. Cheers!