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Hi there Pirenko,

I’d very much like to purchase your theme. I was just wondering, can you have one wide banner header at the top of the page?

Many thanks. Alice

This can be done by changing the header.php along with some CSS changes to the theme styles. I would say it requires medium HTML/CSS knowledge.

Thanks very much for getting back to me. I bought the theme and apart from that it looks perfect. Can you walk me through how to make this change or do I need an expert to do it for me?

Thank you for purchasing! The only thing I can add is that you need to edit the header.php file and add some custom CSS to the theme options. The implementation itself requires testing so I can’t go any further than this.
If you want a quote for this please send me a private message.

I am using the theme.. i installed it.. but it put all the stuff that supposed to be on the left (logo etc) on the far right

Hi, can you send me a private message with a link please? Thanks:)

Hello Pirenko,

I have finally purchased this theme, which I find clean and very elegant.

My question is about shortcodes, are there any column related shortcode (now or in a future release) so I can layout a 2 column section into a page? I want to put, between single column text blocks, a 2 images with one text under each one section.

Thanks and keep doing brilliant work!

You can see them here: http://www.munto.net/mercina/text-page/
Thank you for your kind comments :grin:

Ops my fault… And man, you are fast answering! :-)

Hi there,

Is it possible to have two portfolio pages on the site with different images in each?

You can do this by using categories and adding each category to the menu. Cheers!

hi, I want to change the rights for the role as editor so that the editor is able to change the theme too (without being admin). so I used the plugin called “Theme options for editors”. What happens is, that the Mercina Options are visibile but not changeable. Saving error. The author of the plugin told me that the mercina options should normally be available under “Design” option. Do you have a solution for this? thank you & cheers

What do you mean with design option? The theme options are declared according to themeforest recent requirement changes…
Send me a private message if you want more info about this. Cheers!

DISREGARD – a plugin I installed was causing the issue.

My slider at the top of the page is suddenly unpopulated. The slides are still there in the Dashbboard but I can’t figure out what the issue is. Any thoughts? http://balimalas.com/

Ok… Let me know if you still need any help. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko, how can I insert the meta description in the home page? Thank you

Hello! A few questions…

Even when I set the background option to repeat, it does not repeat/tile. How can I get my background to repeat itself?

Also, is it possible to add a video to the slider? If not, how can I replace the slider on the standard home page with a youtube video?

Finally, how can I change the color or add an image background to the header blocks?

Thanks so much!

About the background: please send me a private message with a link and I’ll check it.
As for the video/slider: you can add a slide and place the video using an iframe. Here’s the code that I’m using on the theme preview:
<iframe width="713" height="380" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3LHDXUiDH3Y?html5=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Changing the color can be done with the theme options (Mercina Options>General tab>Active color). If you want a special color or a background image, this has to be done with some Custom CSS. Open your browser inspector and analyze the element that you need to change.

Pirenko, I applaud your support of this theme to the level you do. It’s nice to have the creator as a resource.

I having a couple small changes I’d like to make that I’ve seen implemented, but I’m having trouble completing alone.

1). I’d like the menu to stay fixed in position (as in this example: http://divacoffee.com.au/). I’ve tried Custom CSS of: #left_area{ position:fixed; }

This fixes the menu, but the center area gets over-layed on the menu area. The native code gives the #left_area a position:inherit. What is my course of action?

2). My Favicon only appears on the Home page tab.

Thank you in advance

But does this also happen on the theme preview? http://www.munto.net/mercina/
If not try removing the changes you made to the theme. Thanks!

The theme preview works fine. Removing the changes on mine does clear a lot of the problems up. How can I implement changes that will work in multiple browsers?

Well if you find any bug with the theme in his original state, you should report it so that I can take care of it.
If you are trying to change the theme default layout you’ll have to test it properly on all browsers to make sure that it looks good everywhere. I haven’t done what you want to are trying to implement so it will have to be a paid customization if you are eventually interested.

Hello, I purchased this theme a while back and now I am getting it ready. I am having an issue with the images with the homepage slider. They are sized 713×380px, but they are not fitting in the area where they should be and they are sitting on top of the subtitle. Here is my website www.islapops.com Thank you!

Please update the theme and turn off all the plugins you may be using. If you still have trouble please send me a private message with your WP login details.

I am running Mercina 3.9 and tried it with my plugins turned off. Still looks funky. I’ll private message you here in a minute. Thank you for your quick reply!

You are welcome!

Help Pirenko!

I just updated my website (davidrom.com) from V2.5 to the latest version following your instructions in your video and i got this error…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /homepages/10/d169282542/htdocs/davidromblog/wp-content/themes/mercina/functions.php on line 612

What have i done wrong?

Should i update WordPress – currently on 3.3.2? Have i lost all my setting?

I hope you can help!


On the single post you should be able to see the link, but if you are referring to the parent blog page it has to be like that. This is to avoid HTML tags to be stripped and generate erros on the remaining HTML code.

Hey there It seems very odd that if i add a link to one of the videos in the portfolio or indeed in the About section or Contact. But in the one section that i would like to have a hyperlink to the news that i am mentioning ie a film festival for example, i cant. Or rather i can if they click on the news item and then again on the link – this is a little cumbersome.

Is there no way to make this work in the news section without clicking on the News story and then on a separate page to the link? Perhaps just one news page where info and links can be entered rather than each news item having another page.


Please send me a private message with some specific links and explain exactly what you want to do. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko,

I want to change 2 elements: 1) is it possible to hide the date above news items which are displayed on the homepage? 2) how can I make the [read more] button (on the news page) a little bit smaller?

thanks for your help.

best, Femke

This means that you haven’t place the code correctly. Please send me a private message with your WP login details. Thanks!

just sent you a private message. thanks!

I just replied. Cheers!


I have 2 questions about the sub-menu: 1) is it possible to make a dropdown-menu from the sub-menu? 2) How can I change the font-size of the sub-menu items?

thanks (again :)) best, Femke

thanks! but can you also make the 2nd level menu like a drop down (pull down) menu?

Sorry, but no, this is not something that I intend to implement. Thanks!

ok! thanks anyway.


me again ;). I’ve a few more questions:
1) I want to change the height of the home-page slider. But the code #page_slider { height: 280px; width:713px; } doesn’t work. Any ideas?
2) How can I change the color of the box borders?

thanks! Femke

the home-opage slider thing works. Great! But the boxed_shadow thing, I don’t understand which code I should insert in the CSS… can you give an example? thanks!

You can get some CSS code to put inside the CSS element here http://css3gen.com/box-shadow/


Can i delete the button “read more” and show all the post directly ?


For that you need to edit the template-news.php file. Replace the_excerpt with the_content
Cheers :nerdy:

Thank you ! You’re a relly nice guy !

You are welcome :)

Hi, it’s me again, i have one problem i’ve upload my favicon.ico and he didn’t appear.

Could you help me ?

On some browsers it takes some time to appear (specially if you had another favicon before). This feature is working perfectly on the theme, so “google” for a solution (probably clearing the browser cache will fix that).

Yeah i know i’ve already try it but i don’t see it and no one of my friend see it too.

Please send me a private message with a link. Thanks!

Hi Pirenko,

I want the news section on the homepage to have the same margins as the footer-widget (more distance between text and box) Is that possible? And I also want the header above that new-section to be gone. Is that possible?

thank you in advance.

best regards, Femke

Please send me a private message with a link to your website and an annotated screenshot. Thanks!

ok. just sent you an email. thanks!


I’ve changed the color of the borders (.boxed_shadow) on the homepage. But now I need to get this done on every other page (contact, news, page). How can I change this?

thanks! Femke

Send me a private message with a link to your website. Thanks!

ok. just sent you an email. thanks!

Hello Pirenko,

I just have one simple question regarding the news permalink. I am modifying a website for a client that is using your theme and I am wandering is there a way to change the “news” before each article in the link? for example:


I would like it to be: www.mywebsite.com/somethingelse/post1

So I actually still want the client to be able to add news using the “News” feature but I don’t want the link to contain ”/news/” in it but something else like ”/projects/”.


Hi, all enquiries must be placed with the account that bought the theme. Thanks!

Hi, is it possible to get the title of a page in the same block of the text? or: I want the title and text to be one block.

If that’s not possible, I want to know if it is possible to have more space between those two blocks.


To add more space try adding this custom CSS:
.pos_page .home_block_no_margin {margin-bottom:30px;}