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Great work! Love it!

Very nice. Will the theme work in the regular way and not just as a one pager? It appears so but I just wanted to check.

Very GLWS :)

Buy it and try it out! :)

thx :)

yes, it can work the regular way, but it has to have at least 2 front page sections (the demo has 14).


nice clean design.. good work!

really cool!! just one question, if i click on a portfolio, it takes up to 1 minute until the slides with the images show up.. :( do you know why?

thx. i can assure u it’s not a theme issue. our server is not the greatest (the response time after the theme got published on tf jumped from under a second to a few seconds…). ur connection is also a factor. for example, for me, the first portfolio item loads in 8 seconds (with the cache cleared).


Thank you, buying tomorrow :D

Incredible. I would buy it now, but the parallax images are busted on my Galaxy S3. Is there anything that can be done about that?

thx :)

can u pls be a bit more specific, what do u mean by “busted”?


Sorry – I forgot busted’s not a technical word :) What I should have said was that the scrolling effect doesn’t work in Android. It’s hard to explain, but the images position jumps and the overall effect is nothing like on the desktop.

the background scrolling is done with a lot of intricate javascript, that, depending on the device and browser, might make it sluggish. we will do our best to optimize it.


Great job! Good luck! :)

Wow! Very nice! Would be nicer though if you could show some blog posts on the frontpage… ;)

Amazing. I’m thinking to purchase it ! Do you provide demo content ?

thx :)

the demo content xml is part of the download package.


thanks for ur kind words, guys :)

Hi! Awesome theme! Is it possible to have a full-width slider at the top of the screen (Instead of the background image with text). Like in this one:


hey, thx :)

the theme doesn’t have a full screen slider and we haven’t tested a plugin with this functionality. in theory, any shourcode should work, be it native (included in the theme) or from a plugin. but u decide if u want to risk it.


Simply amazing!... Bookmarked.

Slick as hell.

Maaan…. i bought your Masculine theme which is stunning… but this one just knocked me off my chair, simply superb! I have just no choice but to buy it :D

Love your work ;)

Hahaha! Thanks bro’ :)


Bought :D

... and one more thing, it works great on the iPad 4 and iPhone 5 ;)

Now… let’s play :D

That’s the word, “play”! Go on: upload beautiful backgrounds, create typographic madness using text-types, build up skill/team/client pages in a blink of an eye by using our built-in shortcodes etc. Make it awesome then show it to us :) Also don’t forget to rate our work :) Thank you! Cheers!

You should fix the background in the smaller mobile screen device. On Android the BG just giggle and bug when it try to ajust itself for every new pixel scrolling position, its like a big phone lag.

Maybe the Iphone 5 processor can handle it, but i tested it on 3 older android and they failed the test, dont know it you can add specific iphone exeption to media queries ?

One of the phone was a galaxy nexus … :(

The plan was to develop a web-site that uses the latest trends in web-design not to make something usual that works on all browsers and devices :) I’ll talk to K about this and we’ll try to make a small update that fixes these issues. Maybe deactivate backgrounds on older devices and use only simple colors as backgrounds ;)

Yea i know its really a small bug, and even not really a bug. Just something to make the website even more compatible whit all the mobile devices.

You dont need to replace the BG and put a solid color instead, just make them fixed and it will run perfectly. I will buy this theme and try it by myself to add a fixed BG exeption for the smaller mobile screen size.

Amazing theme, good luck with sales! :)

I just love this! Do you have any plans to include a sidebar for the main blog page and each single blog page too? I need to put a subscribe to newsletter somewhere and the sidebar would be ideal. Also a “Previous” and “Next” on the individual blog pages would be a great addition – if possible.

My idea was to design a blog as simple and clean as it can get. Maybe like a “latest news” section. I think that people don’t really need those super-complicated blogs with 100 ads / sidebars and all that stuff. Unless you’re strictly a blogger and you’re searching for a blog-related theme :) Check out our “Masculine” theme – it has all those goodies ;) Ty for loving our work!


Nice work with this one!

Wow. Amazing. Simply Amazing.