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Hello ;)

I just bought this wonderful template but.. now I don’t know how to use it… hehhe My bad could you plz help me?

Does it have an index, anywhere?

thank for any help ;)

Juan A.

Thanks for the purcahse ! Since this is a shopify template, all you need to do is zip up the folder named “mercury” (the one which contains three subfolders: assets, layout, and templates), and then upload the zip file from your Shopify admin (from the “assets” section).

Hope that answers your question ! Please contact me if there’s anything else I can do.

I was a bit disappointed, partly because there is no HTML build, and partly because even some of the gfx were missing. However, few hours and I can build the HTML and also I could download the graphics from the demo site. Btw, even the css’ provided had to be replaced with the ones from the demo site… After all, I still like the clarity of the template and I was prepared to do some fix-up since I’ll use it for some personal purpose.

I’m sorry that you were disappointed. This is a theme for Shopify, an e-commerce shopping cart, not a HTML template. This is why some graphics (I’m assuming you mean the t-shirts images) are missing, they are data pulled from your site’s database. Same thing for the css, some of the files (textile.css for example) are globally available through the Shopify server, so they’re not included here.

If you want an HTML template I can include it in the package too, but it’s not the primary function of this theme.

no offense, I just thought conversion would be easier :) I knew it was for shopify. If you save my time I can pay 10 more (another package?) which I have deposited anyway. how about that? I need the 5 HTML along with correct css and images of which the 5 preview jpg’s are done.

Since I hate to have unsatisfied customers, I already re-uploaded the file with the 5 html pages and the corresponding images.

I’m not sure if the update has been approved by Themeforest yet, so just email me through my profile’s contact form so I can have your email and I’ll send you the files.

sorry for the late reply, but I could only get to my project now I received the html build, it is fine and easily usable ! very good job and thx!

Thanks ! let me know if you need anything else.

Just bought this theme and I really love it. It is VERY easy to customize ( check out my client’s site: ) and has some neat built-in’s like a RSS feed and the “featured” products on the home page. Wish there were more great Shopify templates like this out there!

- Moose

Thanks for the comment ! You really did a great job customising the theme, I didn’t expect to see such different colors !

Hi there.

I have downloaded your template and zipped it up. I’ve entered it into the assets page and it says it has ‘successfully’ uploaded but there’s no theme really- white with no layout etc.

Can you help?


I just tried downloading it myself and uploading both the zip that’s provided and re-zipping the files and uploading it, and everything seemed to work fine. When you say you downloaded the template and zipped it up, which directory exactly did you zip up ? Make sure it’s the one called “mercury” inside the main directory.

Apparently Shopify changed something which results in the theme not working for some people. But the fix is easy: if the theme is not working for you, just search for ” | truncate: 300” in theme.liquid and remove this (on line 19).

I use this theme on my Shopify site and it rocks. Please make more themes!

Cool site! I really like seeing what people do with my themes, thanks for posting.

Hi Sacha

I like the theme and it suits my needs, I’m a bit inexperienced in web tho. Will I have to subscribe monthly to shopify to use it?

Cheers Mark

Hi Sacha

On your mercury T shirt theme it says ” your logo here ” on the home page for custom T shirts. This suggests that there is a facility on the theme for uploading artwork from a client, but I cant find that facility in your preview. If there is not, can this be added?



I’m really sorry I didn’t reply earlier, for some reason I didn’t get notified of the comments here. Anyway, my bad. To answer your questions:

1. you do have to subscribe to Shopify to use the theme, it won’t work without it, sorry.

2. The “your logo here” example was maybe a bad choice… I used a t-shirt shop as an example to demo the theme, so the idea was that the imaginary t-shirt shop would advertise that they can print your logo on their (also imaginary) t-shirts. So no, you cannot upload your logo, and the theme doesn’t come with a free t-shirt either, sorry ;)

I’m a noob to Shopify. I like this theme a lot, I just have a few questions:

1) Can you change the background colors/text colors of this theme.

2) Can the logo area be changed?

Sorry, but I don’t support this theme anymore. If you buy it you’ll be on your own to change those things.

do you have this theme for opencart? i would love to buy..

Sorry, it’s Shopify only…