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Very Nice Design, GLWS ;)

Thank you. Your GLWS matters. :)

Wow nice!Wish you good sales :)

Thank you for the nice words. :)

Nice work, you rock in Non-Profit category, good luck with sales.

A short and best analysis of us. Thank you :)

Wa’O Great Theme Good Luck with sale.

Thank @ adnankb2006.

An excellent job. Congratulations Chimpstudio, wish you best of luck!

Thank you!!

Great Job!

Does the ‘Hedaer Slider’ comes with a custom post type? And want to try the Page Builder too. Please provide admin working demo.


Thank you!. Yes, it comes with custom post types.

Nice and Clean job, GLWS ;)

Thank you!

Wonderful theme. Considering getting it – few ?’s: 1. With accordion – the ’?’ is present – can it be removed? 2. With tabs – they are rather widely spaced between tabs, I think making them more prone to ‘stacking’ when visualized on mobile devices – can they be made more narrow? 3. Can meta information be hidden in portfolio and posts?

Beautiful theme!!

Its working fine now.

trying to view demo on my phone – nexus 4 – google browser – seems to ‘freeze’ with no menu – can you check it? – very interested in theme

Done with checking. Seems okay at my end.

Looks wonderful , congrats and a happy new year!

Kind Regards,

Thank you. Wish you best Year ahead!!

Hello….great theme….bit of advice…include “crowdfunding” as a keyword because someone like me who is looking for a great crowdfunding theme would have missed this (good thing I kep an eye on latest files).

A question.

For different causes: does direct payment go to different paypal accounts for each cause?? does the theme automatically automatically collect and show each donation listed by details given ?? (amount, name etc)

For instance on the Environmental Justice Donation page you have

1 Taylor Watson and Family  700 USD Donation
2  Rick Wilson    200 USD Donation

Thank you for appreciation and putting your effort to advice. I am afraid till the date there is no option for multi paypal account for each casue. So only one paypal email id work for that. However custom devolpment can help to add multiple. And the donation amount is auto-calculated.

no sorry…that is not what I meant.

If person A donates to Childhood/Health..does his payment go to Childhood/Health paypal account – Childhood/

If person B donates to Anti-Human Discrimination and Violence..does his payment go to Anti-Human Discrimination and Violence paypal account –

If person C donates to Deforestation and Logging..does his payment go to Deforestation and Logging paypal account –

Yes, it does go this way!

Looking good! Great work.

Thank you!

Hi there, it is a great theme!

By the way, I’m trying to mark the event as “featured” but am not seeing the option listed.

How can I get “Choose Featured Event” option shown?


Thank You! Please add an event, then Go to Page Builder and select Featured event in Event Element Options.

Clean and Elegant! GLWS!

Thank you Defatch!

Still considering the theme – beautiful logo for demo – what font is that?

It’s Font Museo, 50Px.

This is great! I was just curious – I don’t see a button to add to cart when there is a selection. Is this a sitting or a small issue? For example, on this page you can’t add the item to the cart –

I must be missing something… maybe it’s a woocommerce thing I am missing.

I cannot see the purchased Tag with your name. Please use your email address which you use to buy the product. Your products is not in stock, therefore add to cart is missing. For further queries and questions, please follow the advise given above.

This is very nice work, my question is about MailChimp, I see the icon but how is it integrated into this website? Did you embed a function that allows people to sign up for newsletters? if so is this displayed on the demo? (i couldnt find it)

Thank you for the nice words. WE have embedded this functionality into the theme. You just need to add mail chimp[ widget into side bar and it will allow users to sign up for newsletters. It is not there on demo, but it is present fully functional in theme.

Pre-Purchase Question – Before purchasing this theme I would like to be sure we can add items to the cart… re: question above: “I don’t see a button to add to cart when there is a selection. Is this a sitting or a small issue? For example, on this page you can’t add the item to the cart –"

Is this something you would fix during after-purchase support?

I answered it on that thread as well. If the product is in stock, it will have add to cart. If not, then there will be without add to cart. And, this is not issue, it does not need any fix.

Hey Chimpstudio! Bought the theme and for some reason I do not have the fonts settings option in the CS Theme Options Panel. They are listed as General, Homepage settings, sidebars, slider, etc. No place to change the fonts.

There seems to be bit issue at back which can only be sorted after looking into word press back end of your site. Will you please create a ticket at and provide the log in details there to get the issue sorted.

Thanks, posted the required information to a support ticket.

You will get the response from the first available agent. It sometimes take few hours to respond, requested to be patient in that while. :)

Does the built-in donation work as it is or do we have to purchase a plugin for that e.g. ignitiondeck separately?


@kriszta its Custom Written, you don’t need to install any plugin, you can take payments using Paypal & direct bank transfer.


And how does the direct bank transfer work? Do we have to add the amount of the direct bank transfer manually (at the backend as admin) to the already donated amount?

Thats right, we added the system where you can add manually donations..

I love your template, i just have few questions…because i want to use for a church project, but…i want to know if there’s a audio gallery for the sermons, if there’s a option to download sermon’s script…something like that…

Thank you for your like. I am afraid this theme does not include audio Sermons option. It has option to add videos.