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Can customers log in and create their own cause so they can raise funds for themselves and not have access tot eh rest of the site?

No, only admin can do that. You cannot specify the selected area for users to have access.


I have been looking at your theme and testing the demo on my Mac, iPad and iPhone but I am a bit concerned over the responsive functionality. On both my iPad and iPhone there seem to be quite some issues with the demo…

Your description text says: 3. 100% Responsive Theme with fewest clicks to turn ON or OFF

My question, do you know about these glitches on mobile devices? There are for example issues with the slider, sticky header, “raised boxes” on cause pages and a couple of more.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

The issue has already been taken up and is being worked on. It will be resolved and updated no more than the weekend.

Oké then, thanks for your reply, I will wait until the update becomes available and will have another look at your theme by then. Good luck!

Thank you!

dude… I tried to fill out a support ticket but there is no purchase code on my download page… seee…..

I am having a lot of issues… your theme is totally broken. Gallery is broken… removing responsive code option does not work and more bugs than a cheap motel.

I have just spent the last hour trying to fill out a support ticket… Just another hour of my life gone after the many hours your theme has already stolen from me.

Whats the deal?

Please follow the instructions given in this screen shot to see the purchase code.


Nice theme! Is it possible to alter the color of the header? Specifically, the part where the logo is – currently a dark gray / black.

Thank you for nice words. But you will have to write custom css for that. Back end does not have this option.

Great theme! Is there a way to display donors including the amount of their donations?

Yes, you can show donors and their amount.

Thanks for the quick response. Really appreciated! Is there an example on the live site? I tried clicking on the #of donors that is shown with every cause but it doesn’t show their names.

Balanced the quick response now by this late reply. :) There was a weekend in between, apologies for that. Even donors are added in demo. See Demo to have exact idea of it.

Hey, Nice Theme! How can I change the time and date into a german format? I know, I’ve to change some code in your files. Is there an easier way?

Thank in advance and best regards from Germany! Peter

Go to Word press settings > General settings and change the format you desire.

Hi, I am interested in buying your theme. Can we categorize charity-wise. eg. Education, Food, Children etc. Do you have your own crowdfunding codes or utilizing Ignition Deck plugin? Does your site support multilingual?

Thanks, Sanjay

Can we use the images used in this theme?

Crowd funding is not possible in this theme. To use the images, you have to get permission and licence. I will have to check with design department the status and nature of licence they have for it.

Hello. Bought your theme, very nice. But I have a little problem. I use WP in other language, but in Events and Causes the months of the year are not translated. How do I do this? thanks P.S. : how to show donors on front-end? I only see them in admin panel, for each cause.

Thank you. I hope you read the ticket, not only what I said here. In the ticket I wrote all the issues I have. Waiting for the fix

instructions on fixing it? What files to be replaced?

Sorry, I waited too much. I shall request a refund. The charity I build this website for started having events, and the website is not helping. Thank you anyway for your services.


can we add Mailchimp form and contact form to the Under Construction page, please?

Thank you!

Yes, you can do it by customization. No functionality like this have been added by default.

How to change the Twitter Bearer Token? It seems not changeable.

Please make sure you are using the updated version of the theme as Twitter issues have been resolved in the latest update. Also, new settings have been introduced. You can add your API in theme options.


you done good work. What event plugin used on this theme ?


No plug in has been used. We have used our own functionality.

Hi! Please help me with this! I fill a page with informations, I hit publish and on the live site that page is empty, even in the admin dashboard, the page is filled with text. Why is happening this? I am looking for your answer asap!

Please create a ticket at and provide your log in details and urls. Support team will look into the issue and will resolve it for you.

Hi! I can’t use any boldings in any content. In Admin Panel everything is ok and i can see boldings there, but none of them are displayed on page :( how to repair it?

If is about rich content area, it can be bolded in settings of the editor, however, if it is about other headings or content of the site, you can change it from style.css. .

HI I have bought your theme, but i have a problem …when i use this theme in boxed view…it is not compatible for all devices…. please can you describe me where is the problem…..

It is upgraded version then if you bought it today. Please follow the second way and create a support ticket.

i create a support ticket…but i have’t get response yet…. in my directory theme, file change_log is no changes till now

Your ticket has been replied. Please have a look there and respond support team.

How to end a cause? Is there any button or setting to show that the cause is completed without deleting the cause?

There is a close date for event, but you have to handle it from back end to hide it, stop it or prolong it. You can contact support at if you need auto-functionality to be added to the causes via customization.

Why is the Cause and Event in my website appear twice? Can you please have a look.

I cannot see them twice. They are appearing once.

how to add partners on this theme _?

first you need to create Gallery of partners and select that partner List in themeoptions footer settings to show on all the pages. if you still confused Please request Support at and we will do that for you..

but how make clickable to external link the photo of partners ???

You cannot add external link for partners. There is no option provided in theme.

Hi, I’m having some minor issues with the event. When I create an event and preview it it works as soon as i publish i get page not found 404.

can you give me quick pointer what is happening?

thanks, Eric

oh and also same thing happens to the CAUSE page. I can preview it and it displays correctly once published page 404. thanks.

Please create a ticket at and provide your log in details there. The issue will be resolved.

Can I use iPay88 payment getaway plugin in this theme?

Did you check the website of WooCommerce to find its compatibility with iPay88? If not, please do it once for me.

Also, create a ticket at with your login details. Support team will resolve any issue related to our theme. Otherwise, you will have to sort it yourself.

Already able to handle Woocommerce. Yup, I called the iPay88 office and they told me their plugin works with Woocommerce and WP E-commerce

:) welcome back to life

I’m really enjoying migrating our website to this new theme. I have run into a few minor issues though:

1)How can you format the text in the accordion content? I can’t seem to create bold font, or skip lines between paragraphs.

2) How can you change the default colors for hyperlinks?

3) In the “Manage sidebars” section of the CS Theme Options, I cannot edit sidebars, just add or delete them. How do you edit the sidebars?

1) It should work under the rich content area, I need your login detail to check this issue. Please create a ticket at and provide the details there.

2) You can change theme colors from theme option > color and styles

3) Sidebar bar cannnot edit you can just add a new one by deleting the old one.


I see an error in eror_log file: [13-Feb-2014 19:36:11 Europe/Stockholm] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.../public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/mercycorp/functions-theme.php on line 2356 What is this?

@autismromania if you create ticket at and yes give us admin access we will try to do your fix asap.