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Exclusive creation. Appreciate. Wish you best of luck for nice selling.

Thanks a lot :)

preview not working – free hosting limit exceeded

Try now.

lolx, you use free hosting for preview, your hosting bandwidth limit exceed.

Thank you, you can try now. But it will be pro hosting soon as possible.

if you need hosting for preview, i will give you without any fee, no issues as you are a TF member :)

Thanks a lot appreciate that, but i will get my own pro hosting :)

Was able to see the homepage :). Get you server done XD. Welcome to forest and good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much :)

Looking perfect ;)

Thank you very much ;)

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks a lot :)

Preview down again…

I see, sometimes it works, sometimes not, but i will solve that problem as soon as possible.

Check now

hey there,

I’m sure you’re frantically working to resolve the preview/hosting issue and I don’t want to add more pressure, but I need to purchase a template today. From what I could see yours looks great but I want to take a deeper dive before purchasing (I managed to see 2 of the home page versions before getting kicked out). Do you expect to have the preview sorted out today?

good luck.

Regards, Msrk

Hello mebellew i am glad that you are interested in purchasing my template. Really i can not promise that i will solve my problem today, but i hope it will be soon. I really apologize about that problem and i hope you will understand. You can try to view site later.

I managed to take a look in between down times and like it to have purchased. Looking forward to getting stuck in and building my clients site with it. Cheers, and good luck.

Thank you for purchasing my template and wish you the best ;)

Preview is down still.


I resolve that problem, check now :)

the preview doesn’t work :(

I resolve that problem, check now :)

I resolve that problem, check now :)


I can provide you a good domain name and hosting for free if you like.


Thank you but now i have my own hosting.

i hav purchse dis item but no download any file

Hello .. i don’t think that you purchased my template, but anyway if it’s case you can contact themeforest support. Everyone who purchased any templates on themeforest you can see “PURCHASED” title with their name.

Is this site compatible with woo commerce plug in to add a store element?

No, this is not wordpress theme.

I’m having trouble with the Twitter feed. It has the creators Twitter stream and not mine even though I followed the directions to change it… Can anyone help???

Thank you Themos… that fixed it!

Looks great. :)

nice theme do u have any plan to release wp version?

Hello Nastaran, thank you and i am glad that you are interested in WP version, yes i have plan to make a WP version, but really can’t tell you exactly the time of release, but it will be as soon as possible. You can follow me on themeforest and you will see when it’s released.

yes,u right ok,tnks