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What a fantastic template! Wish you have a good sales.

hey, i’m going to get your website. The name of my company is also maestro. I’m going to use your logo and everything. I may be the first to buy it.

Do you have a wordpress version of it?

Wow, this is cool!

I really like this! Is it a theme I can load onto my wordpress site?

Great work! Good luck with sales :)

Awesome template themesindustry, good luck with sales mate!

really good job, if there’s a cms version I will be buying a copy.

Impressive design and great design concept! good luck with sales mate.

great item good luck with your sales, I want to buy this theme but do not know much about HTML and web design and stuff in the template is a section called “BLOG” if in this section is that I can ride news but there is so panel as wordpress or joomla to create news entries and change the slider to change the text and stuff, how could I change the slider text images mounted top stories among other things I could explain how I can do before buying the template that truth is not as it is edited and do not want to waste my money on a template that does not know how to use expect your prompt response. :)

thanks for showing interest in my theme. this not a wordpress or joomla. this is only html template. wordpress Very Soon working on it :)

nice work..

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you so much for all of you for your kind words :)

Hello. Are you expecting the WP version to release during next week or later? Thank you for response.

i hope wp version release in this week otherwise next week must i release the wordpress version thanks.

Hi mate. Firstly, what a great theme.

Is the contact form a working one?

thank you wiffyspot :) all form is working.

FYI - on your demo site all of your previewed headers (on the typography page) say they are using the H1 tag, which isn’t true.

Awesome template though. Really love the vibrant colours.

hahahhahah good jock levulpes :P

Brilliant Theme, just one question, does the Contact Form work because i can’t get it to send me an test email, i have changed the details in both html and php files but it isn’t working. I’m probs just being thick! :D

can you plz send me your email i send you contact php form?

Hello! I algo have a problem with contact form.

In another computer, I complete the form with the name, email etc, but when I click on Submit, the mail box opens(on another computer), so I can write a new email …....making the form pointless (I lost all the things that i insert previously).

In another words, when o click Submit, I can write a new email, and not send the form…

What can i do? thanks

contact form is working now.

Any Help?

yes ofcorse. hi! i am realy sorry i face to internet problem my computer. i am use to my friend computer i resolve your problme 24 to 48 hours. i hope you understand. thhank you so much to purchase my them :)

Hi, I have a problem.

The slide slider does not change automatically, always returns to the first slide


please email me your html i checked it.