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Can you tell me where I can find the breakpoints for the floating menu on left and right. Works great on pc and small devices, but on medium screens(ipads etc) the fullpageScrolling really messes with ipads as if a section is longer than screen, you can NOT scroll down to see remainder of section, it just scrolls to next section.. I want to remove that function at a higher screen size. Really makes Ipads almost unuseable

Hi, for Javascript, you can find breakpont at line 171 of the file main.js
responsiveWidth: 601,
responsiveHeight: 480,
You can adjust it according to your content. Just put responsiveWidth to 769 for example

Awesome—Thank you!!! :)

Hi, Can I use this template for wordpress theme?or how can i Use it as a theme in wordpress? or do you have wordpress theme of meteor agency template?I want to buy it for my wordpress theme. thanks,rezabd9@gmail.com


It is an HTML Premium template but not a wordpress template. To use it, you edit its HTML code by replacing text by yours, then you upload it via ftp. If you know advanced Wordpress coding, then you can integrate it by creating a new the out of it or using it as a simple Wordpress page (with a specific tempate). Thank you

Hello, I have purchased the meteor theme few days before. This is my purchase code – 8bbf6531-9f11-4995-aa80-9e986c6fe886 – 9 Feb 2018. Can you please give me scroll base theme in this particle theme of your website. Now the issue is i have big about us content with 3-4 images and i am not able to set the things in single section of page. Also there is no scroll bar so i can set the images and content into single section of page. As soon as i click down button to scroll page via keyboard new section get opened on the same page. Please help me with the issue. Thank You.

Hello, thank you for your choice of this template. The main HTML page is based on fullpage js plugin. So to show the scrollbar, edit line 173 of the main.js (where fullpage js setting is), to such
scrollOverflow: false,
autoScrolling: false,
(the autoScrolling: false is a new code) Also in the html file, replace all section class fp-auto-height-responsive with fp-auto-height

Does this template not work on Opera and Chrome?

Hello, this is compatible with the latest version of Chrome and Opera. About Opera Mini, since it uses HTML5 and CSS3, animation and some layout may not looks like what they are in Chrome or Opera for Android

I sent you 2 mails to your mail address last week. I got no answer. Thanks for the short reply now.

This is a real nice theme.

Thank you also :)

Hello, is this theme only called meteor or is it also build with meteor.js?

Hello, this is a simple name :)

Was this built on Foundations 5 or 6?

Hi, it is foundation 6. The row based grid

What is the name of the icons in “We do”? For find another ones

Hello, this temlate uses ionicons version 2 . Please check out their website for all icons that you can use .https://ionicons.com/v2/cheatsheet.html . Additionally, you can add other font icons such as font awesome or ionicons 4 by adding the css for that and following their documentation.

I ask about the images (icons) in “We do” such as the camera, the cloud, etc. Thanks in advance

They are just ionicons, painted using Photoshop :) You can use any png file or svg file instead. There are plenty of free image icon on the web

Hello, My theme is not working correctly for the changes made in the responsive version of the theme. It looks right on the computer in responsive, but on an actual mobile device it is not working.

Hello, please, can you add more details about the issues(such as website url or screenshots)

There is a massive error in this theme that makes it unusable: https://i.gyazo.com/5d5f6b2f7b97a1c3dea1b23595863899.png

Please help

To help you add ot to your code, technicaly, the code provided before reload the page when screen is resized on desktop devices. You can place it anywhere as long as it isn’t inside a third party plugins initialisation

So you guys are not experiencing this problem when you go to my website?

How do I “add a device if(context window…) filter”

I’m not a coder. How much do I need to pay you to just log into my Cpanel and get it fixed? Is it possible to give you login details? I imagine it would probably take you life 5 minutes to fix, instead of the several months that we’ve been going back and forth on this so far

Add it in your main.js file (at the end of the file for example). This file is located under the js folder

I hate to ask, but is it possible if I give you Cpanel/FTP login details, you just make the change to fix it? I’d be happy to pay I needed.

Hi there. The email “Message” is being sent successfully, but the response feedback is not displaying

Your message has been sent, thank you.

. What do I need to change to trigger it?

Hello, default feedback behavior for messages are that fields will be cleared and optional footer text appears. Is that what happened?

The message fields get cleared, but the footer text does not appear.

I would greatly appreciate your help acquired this page and I am trying to insert a 360 xretangular photograph at the beginning of the whole page using a-frame and it is not working for me I do not know where in the page code I should insert the codes for the display from the view of the photo spherical image if you can help me please thank you very much with this there are already 2 different types of pages that I buy from your person Greetings

Hello, try to insert your custom code inside the div with class page-cover. Or place it after it and use css such as z-index, position:fixed to make it visible

hello sir , i want to use your theme on wordpess can you please send me wordpress version ?

Hello, currently, we do not have a wordpress version. But to use it with a cms like WordPress, you need to convert it into a wordpress theme or use it as a custom single page, or a page template inside WordPress (which will require php coding). Hope it will helps you

is it possible to make the website multilanguage ? can you help me do that ?

Hi, it depends on you to do that:

- You may implement a backend server for your website (  a php, . wordpress, a nodejs ...)

- Or you create a folder named fr for example in your website main directory, the copy the files of the project inside of it then edit the html file of the new folder :

Example of folder structure for that :
....index .html

- (the easiest) Or you can just duplicate the index.html and rename the new one to : fr.html for example and edit its html content for french language Hope it will helps you


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It would help me a lot by solving how you can load the images progressively since the page takes a long time to load all the images to show the entire website in its entirety and the waiting time is very long. I need to be able to progressively load the page and with form the images are being downloaded these are fenced showing

Hi, there are many technology to do that. A simple implementation for example is to add attribute loading="lazy" to the img tag, or use a JavaScript plugin. Just note that each methods has its advantages and drawback. Here is a great article for you for that : https://www.sitepoint.com/five-techniques-lazy-load-images-website-performance/


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Same issue here. Site is super slow. Hired a developer to make it faster but that broke it so had to revert back. On top of that the text dissapears when you’re zoomed in at 100%

Unable to find themeforest-4519990-enfold-responsive-multipurpose-theme.zip Please help

I purchased and downloaded “Meteor – Creative Website template for agency, business and portfolio” 4 days ago. I am unable to install on my WordPress website and there is no answer from the seller and author.

Hello, this is an html template. to make it working with wordpress, you need to convert it into a theme or use it as a page template for an existing theme. The easiest way to use it is to edit the html files, then upload directly the project to the server via cpanel or ftp. Other services such as netlify.com also provide an easy solution for hosting static files.


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