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Hello, I bought this theme from you, and I have almost running my website, but I’m having a problem editing products or trying to add new products or when I try to see the products sample on the web site I get this error:

“404 product non found”

And when to try to edit o create a new product:

“Invalid backend model specified: catalog/product_attribute_backend_startdate_specialprice”

I tryed to change the special date prices, but I can’t make changes…

You can check my websites:

Thanks! for your help! Daniela.

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you solve it

Hi, Can I use different menu items in custom menu and vertical left menu. if yes than how? Becuase in documentation there is Vmegamenu has been described but that is not found into admin. So how could I fix the issue. please see the screen shot –

The vmegamenu doesn’t include this theme. You can find modules in “Theme features and elements”

Hi, Can I use different menu items in custom menu and vertical left menu. As I have experience the same no of menu item I can display at both places but I want to make it different way.

The vertical menu will display all categories. If you want it display defferent main menu. You need custom it.

I want to buy this template but I need the color scheme changed to indigo blue and till green. Can you please contact me if this is possible.

You can buy this theme then contact us. We will help you change color.

I have this theme, working on Magento 1.9. On IE11, the cart does not move beyond step 2. It works fine on Firefox and Chrome, juts an issue with IE.

Hi, This theme works with Magento 1.9 and IE. If you have issues you can make a ticket. We will check and help you

Hi. In the ma_metona’s extension “Banner7” there are two bugs: 1st: if system has only one store, logfile catches error ERR (3): Notice: Undefined index: store_id in /var/www/html/dev.local/app/code/local/Magentothem/Banner7/controllers/Adminhtml/Banner7Controller.php on line 57. So frontend doesn’t show any of banners because they haven’t store_id in database and query’s “where” always fail. Screenshot 2nd: ERR (3): Notice: Undefined index: auto in /var/www/html/dev.local/app/code/local/Magentothem/Banner7/Block/Banner7.php on line 68

/app/design/frontend/default/ma_metona/template/magentothem/banner7/style1.phtml on 18th row and style2.phtml on 19th row have call of function getConfig(‘auto’). There is no “auto” in config. Moreover $auto doesn’t use anywhere to render banners so this line seems to be unnecessary…

We also made ticket to your system. Thanks and wait for reply.

Ok, you can check email. When we reply you, you will get ticket number. You can follow your ticket. We will help you

Hello, How can i have 5 products on row in category page ?? thanks

If you want show 5 products on row in category page. We can help you change it but it very small.

please provide me the information . i’ve tried to modify catalog.xml by adding <action method=”setColumnCount”><columns>4</columns></action> but nothing happend

You can make a ticket and provide your website info. We will help you change it. You can’t change it because it depend css

Hi. the banner7 extention doesn’t show any of banners. we used the theme on both magento1.8.0.0 and magento1.9.0.1 but the banner7 is not working at all.

we also submitted a ticket to your system. now waiting for your reply. Thanks.

You can check your email and follow your ticket. We will check and help you solve this issue.

Please develop this for WooCommerce! :) We don’t have anything good for electronic stores. Most themes are geared towards clothes and small shops :(

Thank for your interested. Currently we haven’t Woocommerce version. We will think about this


Banner7 plugin doesn’t show any banner slide.

Any solution?


You can make a ticket and provide your website info. We will check and help you

Hello Support,

You see in the details it is HTML5 but when I test it on W3C markup Validation it see it is XHMTL 1.0 Strict ?

can you please explain me why it is?

Sorry, This theme we used CSS3 we didn’t use HTMl5

Okay clear, but it seems to me useful to remove it from the Item Details page. Because I assumed that it was HTML5 and not XHTML 1.0 strict!

I just sent you a reply.

You can follow your ticket we will help you

Hi, In pdf documentation page no 105 explained quick view configuration.. But I am not being able to find in the admin panel.. Where is wrong?

Hi, This extension doesn’t included in this theme. You can find all extensions in “Features element of this template” in the document.

hi, I already have a site with Magento, and I would like to make a graphical update with your template. Can I do it?

Hi, You can do it on your already magento site. You install only theme on your website.

Hi , i would to buy this theme but i’ve ask some question last week to your email adress: The mega menù bug that make menù blinking on 2 different categoryes was fix? Its possible to change default filter layout in small width screen? And also its possible to test the theme on our installation? thanks

Hi, 1. This issue occurs by effect of menu. 2. You can turn off it. It’s possible to change default filter layout in small width screen

Trying to open a ticket at: but it does not give me a valid support#. It says the suport number is XXXXXX. Here is the issue:

Hi we purchased this theme:

and have gotten everything to work but the featured products slider. Maybe missing the mysql? When you go to admin->catalog->Manage Product

under general their is no “Featured” at the bottom of that page to activate the item as featured. Its like thier is no attribute for it.

also when you activate the feature you get: Fatal error: Call to a member function getBackend() on a non-object in /home/html/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Eav/Model/Entity/Abstract.php on line 816

Other then that its all working :)

You can check your email get ticket ID. When we respond you. You will get ticket ID in your email

Thank you for the fast fix! Fixed within 8 hours :)

If you happy with our service, please you don’t forget rate our theme 5 stars. Thanks !

Hi, where do I find/configure the Brand slider?

What do you want change ? You can open a ticket . We will help you

Hi, I was looking for the brand slider which is detailed in the description for Metona, where is it on your demo as I can’t see it?

You can open a ticket. We will help you

Please inform if this THEME (Metona) is compatible with MAGENTO


It’s compatible with magento If you need help you can contact us. We will help you.