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b4 make a purchase, one question: does your theme support video as background?

Hello, dadacula.
Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme.


Quick pre-purchase question:

Is it possible to add a very basic shop function (1 or 2 items, checkout with paypal etc.) ?

Any experience with 3rd party shop plugins?


Hello, dobuerger.
Metrika is not a e-commerce theme. We didn’t test shop function and it has no styles for WooCommerce.

Thanks a lot InfoStyle for all the support you provide me in the last 2 months. it was easy customizable and fun to work with and the support exceeded the expectations. http://www.invest-cs.com

and you ahmad for such comments :)

Are you able to put widgets inside the tiles ?

Hello, scottbeckman
Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme.

Hi there, i like this theme but i have some problems with videos. When I put the video in full-screen mode, it shows only the half of the screen. Another thing, if I change the video or close the window without pressing the stop button or pause so the video playback in the background.

Do you have a solution.

example http://schwabenland.me/screen.png

Thank you

Hello, alexanderschwabenland.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us link to your site.

Hi. Just a question in the last version suppose to be fixed the bug of the works images not showing on mobile. But still for our project when the website is asked by mobile tablet or phone is just showing the main picture but not the gallery inside. How to fix it ? Thanks appreciate your answer.

Hello, alexanderschwabenland.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us link to your site.


Im wondering if its possible to set up the Metrika Tiled on a different page to the home page. Im happy to modify the code where needed, i just need a bit of direction.

Thanks in advance

Hello, adamivko.
Tiles for all required pages should be placed on homepage. But we can help you to add some of them into the content of other page.
If that is what you require, then please create a ticket on our support site and provide us link to your site and detailed information about tiles, that you want to add to other pages.

Thanks very much. Ive just created a ticked

Hi, How can I insert image into a page? Are there any kinds of shortcode img or similar? Also, I see there is col2 for span6. What do I use to represent span9 ?

Hello, bangu2.
You can use ‘Add Media’ in your Dashboard for inserting image into page content.
There is no shortcode in Metrika theme for span9. But if you need it, then please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll do our best for solving this issue for you.

Very nice. Definitely what I’m looking for. Sorry for the newbie question but where do most clients host their WP sites? Is there a recommendation before I buy on who to use? Many thx.

Hello, terryray.
Sorry, but we can’t provide you such information. You can find it on different forums and choose prefered hosting.

Hi, great theme … A pre sale question… I need tiles with external links NO open in new tab, this is possible? is indispensable to our idea of development that tile´s links open in the same tab. (translate.google.es Sorry)

Thanks ;)

Hello, Mooxik.
Yes, it is possible. We can help you to achieve it.

Ok thanks, then I buy and we talk?

Dear Mooxik,
We already solved this issue for you. Please check your ticket on our support site. ;)


I am very much interested in your theme. However, I tested it on Windows Phone and am unable to scroll up and down. Could you look into this please and notify me to let me know if this is fixable?

Hello, Hardcode_SW.
Please contact us via e-mail and attach video, where we can see incorrect behavior of Metrika theme on Windows Phone.
We’ll do our best for solving this issue.

Hi, great looking theme!

Could I swap the resume page for a services page? With links to other images? Or is limited to just 7 pages????



Hello, Ben.
Number of tiles in Metrika theme is not limited. You can replace any of them with required.
The only limitation is that you can’t create two different pages with ‘Works’ and ‘Team’ templates.


I have hugest problem ever using Metrika theme. I have around 30 projects listed with 4+5 images each. Now when website is reached it loads for 5 minutes, as it has to load every single image on each and every page i have.

How should i fix this? This is huge problem, once again.

Hello, vlajke.
Metrika is a OnePage theme. That is why you’ll be able to see your site only after all content will be loaded.
The only thing, that you can do, is to activate a preloader in your WordPress Dashboard (Admin panel):
Appearance => Metrika => Other => Enable preloader


is there any way to translate the pages, like Contact and so on?

Hello, rcorten.
We recommend you to use ’ Codestyling Localization ’ plugin for translation. If you still can’t find any text values, then please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll help you to solve this issue.

A few pre-order questions
1. Does it support latin-ext fonts?
2. How is #address generated? Can it be set manually (i.e. differ from the tiles titles)?
3. Is it possible to get admin demo pass to check it from the inside?
4. Is the number of tiles customizable (I need 9-11)?

OK, I found #3- great feature, using the mouse to scale! Only the answer for #1 and #2 needed.

Dear m2tpl,
1. We already installed and activated this plugin on our demo. You can find credentials in previous post.
2. This feature is not available in Metrika theme. But we can help you to achieve required.

Hi! I like this theme, but have a question before we purchase. Can we place a gallery on the home page along side the other metro tiles?


Hello, logik7.
Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme.

Hi, nice theme! i have a question, how can i set a filtrable portfolio? i cant do it in control panel? i cant find the theme option..!

Hello, Alex1811.
Thank you for feedback. Opinion of our customers is very important for us.
If you want to use filtrable portfolio, then please replace shortcode [works] with [works filter="true"] in the content of portfolio page.

thank you man, just appreciated

You are welcome! ;)

HI.. I supposed to buy this theme for a RTL web site. I supposed to use Hebrew language as well. Can I use this theme for my requrement. I need your reply soon


Hello, priyanzan.
Sorry, but Metrika theme doesn’t support RTL.

Hi. I’ve purchased Metrika. I received the following email.

Can you help me?

Hey PyxidisBV, Runiform has sent you a message about Job 21800 for service Express WordPress Installation:

Ok, thanks for the file, this one is right in kind, but it lacks the demo content. There must be a more full version that you can download from Themeforest site, which contains everything (including demo content, documentation and other things). (This one is only the theme itself, I can install it, but your site won’t have similar look to the demo site). Thanks, Huseyin

You can respond to this message by replying to this email or via this link: http://studio.envato.com/account/jobs/21800 All the best, The Envato Studio Team

Hello, PyxidisBV.
We didn’t send you this e-mail. You can find information about sender in specified e-mail.
So, how can we help you?
BTW, we can help you to set up theme like our demo for free. If you need it, then please create a ticket on our support site .

Hello goodnight, buy your template today and the install but I have two problems with it. The first is that the categories of my posts not being published Cultural UP do not understand why? and the other is that when I load the page where the items should be of a strange product category that is cut is shown. Why is this ?? Thank you to answer soon. Thank you.

Hello, IsaSens.
Please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll do our best for solving these issues for you.