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Looks like me, myself and I smashing those 5 stars again….....


Congratulations to an really beautiful theme. I have a question before I purchase.

Is it possible to use several pages instead of one-page? It´s important because of SEO and I would like to set my own titles as well as H1-H6.

Is this possible?

Best regards

Christer Bjuhr

Yes, it possible.


This look great,

Can we make slide show when we use photo background mode?

No, but Is it really necessary? I think no. Just a waste of extra resources.

First of all I said this is great but you don’t turn back to thanks to me..No problem. Secondly, I just want to say is it possible, extra resources can be waste for you, but can be suit by other.

Thanks for your helpful answer!

Thanks for comments. If this feature really important for you, we can do it. Our support team was happy to help you. (http://support.itembridge.com/)

Hello, you need to know how to work with CSS to edit this? I bought this and I’m not a programmer. I have not seen that nowhere place that you need to know to work with CSS.

Hmm…. You just must have basic knowledge of css, to open css file and edit him. If you have more specific questions, just submit it on http://support.itembridge.com/. We will happy to help you. Thanks.

Great theme ,

I would like to buy the theme, but I need the our-work template to have 3 thumbs on the row for resolution 1360×768. Can you help me with that?

Thanks, with this question refer to http://support.itembridge.com/. I think support team can help you.


Before buy it i want to know if i can add more pages or just can use the pages that show in the demo.?

Yes, you can.

Hi, it is possible change the icons in the menu? for ex. in “about us” there is a “book”. can I change it? Thank you

Ofcourse ;)

I notice that the background image in your demo is a fixed size with no scaling. Can this easily be added? Just so it scales with browser resizing… or would this interfere with the way you’ve made it responsive?

You just must upload image and system would automatically make it responsive. If you will have some troubles with site configuration just visit http://support.itembridge.com/. Thanks.

Great idea. Congrats! Good luck with sale!


Hi looks absolutely like a fantastic theme. Congratulations. I´ve just one doubt before buying.

Is it possible to have Photos/pictures in the Blog?


Yes, it possible.

Good morning from Spain, I bought your theme and I feel very good. But I have a little problem: I can not find where to select the main menu icons. I can not configure the product page the way you present it.

Hello, for quick support please write as on support.itembridge.com

Is it possible to configure this so that the next page is right to left rather than left to right?

With this question, please contact our customer service http://support.itembridge.com/. Thanks.

Really? It’s a pre-sales question. Can it be switched?

No. But it not difficult feature. Support team really can help you with this question. Thanks.


I sent you a private message. I purchased your template but it is not displaying as it should in the demo, even though I imported the “dump.xml” file that would generate the same content as what is included in the demo. I have also properly classed the navigation items and tried following the guideline PDF but no success. Can you take a look at my site to see what the issue is?

With this question, please contact our customer service http://support.itembridge.com/. Thanks.

i think this theme will be perfect if search form added.

We noted your proposal. Thanks.

1. Can I specify the colour of the blocks on the front page? 2. Does the blog allow for images in the previews? 3. Is there a google+ social icon?


Yes. Yes. Yes.

Great! I was wondering if you can choose 4 items in a row in portfolio-page instead of 3, or do I need to customize this myself?


We consider to add such feature in the future release.

Hi just bought the theme and it looks good!

Somehow my arrow left and back to the homepage buttons aren’t showing.

Where can i find these, or what might be wrong?


he doesn’t load any icons, only the social icons..

Please, contact us on support.itembridge.com with such questions for quick respond (with screenshot if it is possible).

1. I have same problems with ‘Jori-gp’.

2. And Icons in the menu are invisible with Chrome browser.

3. On the other hand, menu’s composition has been broken with the MS explorer.

4. Please let me know how I can change the icon in the menu. 5. Please let me know how I can see some picture that posted in the blog. It can’t be seen in Metro style.

6. Is it possible to make an extra blog?


  1. Jori-gp’s ticket in processing now. We will fix this ASAP;
  2. Try to update your browser to the latest version;
  3. We will fix this ASAP;
  4. Update will available in any minute;
  5. http://wordpress.metrika.itembridge.com/1, go to the blog, open “Diam” post;
  6. No, at this time;