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plus. theme isn’t work in single post and archive post.


Hi, theme works normally. It’s not Bug. You just tried open this url in one page mode. We will add redirect to home page in next update. Thanks.

HI! GREAT DESIGN! I like to use it for my portfolio, but I have 2 doubts:

1) Can I use tags in the portfolio (graphic, brand, audiovisual…) and when i click only see this kind of works? I see this feature in some many portfolios in wordpress and I don´t see it in Metrika´s one, in the demo al least.

2) Can I add social icons to each individual portfolio work?

Thank u very much!!!

This features is not possible right now. But we will respect your wishes in the future versions. Thanks.

thanks a lot! i will buy it when they are implemented!

HI, i noticed that every time I press CTRL+F5(FireFox 23.0.1) to refresh the screen the colours change on all the boxes and the icons inside also change.

Where would I find this option to change this setting?.

another question, my pages don’t respond, yet all the settings are duplicate to the the 2 pages that do work, can I email my site link?

where do i download the update from?

The comments we decide to only pre-sales questions. If you need some help, contact our support team http://support.itembridge.com/. Update you can download from http://themeforest.net/downloads/. Thanks.

Pre-sale question: Is it possible to have the logo appear on every page above the title of the page? Thanks!

It’s possible only in standard mode (no one page, metro mode). Thanks.


Firstly, I appreciate your support and effort for all.

Second, I would like to link a page to other site with custom link in the Menu. But it doesn’t go outside.


And the Custom link page which made in the Menu doesn’t appear page navigation. Please check it.

Thanks. we upload new version. If an error persists contact our support team http://support.itembridge.com/

Please see my ticket in your support page. Thansk again.


Nice theme.

When I purchased the theme a thought I was buying one like demo(with photo background).

I’m not expert on customizing.

Uploaded background image and it doesn’t appear just random colors.

How and where do I block random changing colors on backgrounds and menu block, and where do I change size of Menu blocks to look like your demo?

Regards, Martinho

Try to update theme. Thanks.

Nice theme BUT!!! many, many glitches with the current version. It’s like the beta version has been rushed out. If you want to buy this theme wait until these get sorted out.

Another point to remember is what you see is what you get, again with the current version you can’t change box background colours, no Google fonts option, even the box layout is fixed – you can have less boxes but then the layout goes strange, background image on home page only and not on the other pages as shown in the demo.

You can see how it looks on my site @ http://www.tactikal.co.uk.

Try to update theme. It’s already fixed. Thanks.

Hi, that’s a lot better. I like the new background color picker option. But I still have a problem with ‘Our Works’ and ‘Our Team’ pages only showing one item on each page, even though I have set up several for each page. Any ideas? Thanks

for quick replay plz write us on http://support.itembridge.com/

Hello !

I just bought this theme (which is great !) , and have two questions :

- May you send me a shortcodes list which we can use with it, please ?

- Is it possible to change the size of one of the boxes on the metro home page (middle size instead of small size) ? Indeed, i just need 6 boxes in my home page, and it’s not very nice because the original theme is expected for 7…

Thanks a lot !


for quick replay plz write us on http://support.itembridge.com/

done… thanks !

Really nice, would like to buy it.

Hi, can you show also the no one page demo?

1) Can you add more boxes on home, or less? If I have more than 7 items?
2) List of shortcodes?
3) What happens when having more items in portfolio?
4) .po file for translation?


It’s fine now.

How do I change background images for other pages(about us and ….)


Found it!!!!


I’ve re-installed wp but it is same.

As I gave you ID & PW through ticket list, please login and check what was problem in my site.

Thanks a lot~~~~

For reference, I want to use the metro style. thanks.

It looks like you have solved the iPad issue with changing ajax. Now in chrome this (relaod) will produce horrible flickering every time a page is loading. This will happen in html and wordpress versions either.


I just purchased this theme. When I try adding a new ‘work’ post, I get the following message:

Notice: Undefined index: works_category in /services/webpages/s/i/simco.ca/public/test/wp-content/themes/Metrika/inc/theme-post-types.php on line 233

Notice: Undefined index: works_client in /services/webpages/s/i/simco.ca/public/test/wp-content/themes/Metrika/inc/theme-post-types.php on line 234

Notice: Undefined index: works_link in /services/webpages/s/i/simco.ca/public/test/wp-content/themes/Metrika/inc/theme-post-types.php on line 235

Notice: Undefined index: works_video_link in /services/webpages/s/i/simco.ca/public/test/wp-content/themes/Metrika/inc/theme-post-types.php on line 236

The same thing happens with the ‘team’ posts…

Can you help me out here?


Hi, sorry, but we not provide support in comments. Please open the ticket in http://suppoert.itembridge.com/. Thanks.

We will try to help you ;)

Hii man i really like this theme ,i went a theme similar to this but i dont know that to create it,So i will like to know if you will be interested in me paying you to create a website for me.

Thanks. Yes, we can install and customize theme for you. After purchasing, just open ticket on http://support.itembfridge.com/ with title “Theme Customization” and our team will do it as soon as possible.

Hii Man what is you email address so we can talk about the website creation

Hi. Please help me. How i can rename this words(screenshot of the link) in section Works? http://joxi.ru/8MI5Utg5CbAedMiOCiU

Support of the theme provided via http://support.itembridge.com/. Thanks.


Do you have any eta on custom posts and team and works?

Hello handrei, Please clarify that you have in mind ?

Hey, I am in love with your theme.. Just want to start my work with this small website, but to make things easier

1) do u provide any page builder like visual composer or soo 2) what if i move to create a huge website with all my works, is your theme capable in long run??

Visual menu composer will be available in the next update. Our theme is capable of handling about 100 of works for now.

Thank you, would be eargerly waiting for your next update…!!

Ticket #250 . I’m waiting for the update…

Sorry it was #316

Hello, Pre-purchase question. Would it be possible to have a scrollTop function when a user clicks on a portfolio item. Right now if you click on a first row item it is opened at the bottom of the section making it so the user has to scroll down to view. I think it would be better if upon open the user is taken to top of “og-expander-inner” div. Is this at all possible?

Also, when a user submits a comment have it so the user is taken back to the top of the blog post upon comment submit.

Hello…question again. Would it be possible to take the user back to the top of the post when a comment is submitted?

We consider about adding such functionality in the future updates.

Is it possible to deactivate certain pages and only use some of them?

Hi, yes it possible.