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Update is so nice!!!! Goooooooood Job!!!

& Le me know how I can link a page to other site or page like RESUME.

I still don’t know how to set it.


There are still some mislinks in these pages. http://plenum.kr please check this.

and more, our blog and our works’ background are white.

Please contact our support team via http://support.itembridge.com, because there is some mis-configuration on site that you provided.

Update is so nice!!!! Goooooooood Job!!!

& Let me know how I can link a page to other site or page like RESUME.

I still don’t know how to set it.


Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work. The latest version is great. Thanks.

Thanks )

Hi there, i would like to know how can i enable the filter tag options in portfolio page as it is in demo..


Hello georgekrtzs, for quick reply plz write us on http://support.itembridge.com/.

i try to create a ticket in support forum you provided, but i get an “The Envato license is incorrect” error when i use the Item Purchase Code as it is provided in licence file

— About license error you need contact envato support team.
— About your question:
First of all you need to update your theme to the latest version, then do as written in the user guide: To enable categories filter you need go to the Customize -> Works Page and tick a checkbox Enable Works Filter.

I love the theme! However I am having an issue with the visit website link on the portfolio? For some reason when you click the link it will not do anything??? Can you help me out with the issue. You can review it at www.christophercwilliamson.com.

Also I would love to see a music player built into the theme that constantly plays while the visitors look around. Is this possible?


Hello williamsondesignstudios, We can you help you out with the issue, but for quick reply plz write us on http://support.itembridge.com/.

Hi, pre-sales questions : 1/ Can we use an images gallery in the portfolio, so we can show several pictures for 1 project? In the demo I see only 1 image or 1 video per project 2/ Is there any contact form included for the contact page? Thanks, Thomas

1. No, this feature is not availabale at this time. 2. Contact form included in the feedback page.

I cant add new topic in your support! it shows me reason: “The Envato license is incorrect.” But I entered the correct!

And i cant update to the version 24/09/2013 Metrika theme

Now already work, sorry for inconvenience.


Nice wordpress template. good work!!! on the support page is not working!! it shows me: The Envato license is incorrect…???

So i put my question on this place!

The function ‘iframe’ is not working anymore in version 2.0

In version 1.1.5 i paste a iframe html code it in the ‘Project video link’ in the ‘work’ page and it worked very well. On the embedded page there is only a responsive slider (meta slider plugin) with more work in it. realy nice!!! to see more work on one page!!

will this function come back?? or do i have to use a other code…? Thx, Taco

Now already work, sorry for inconvenience.

I can’t fire a ticket, I did it once last time, and it was successed.

this time, it kept saying “The Envato license is incorrect”

how to solve it?

Now already work, sorry for inconvenience.

I couldn’t install your theme properly. Could you urgently answer to the ticket in your system???


Hello maridannsoft, as I see your ticket has been already answered 15 hours ago.

trying to add blocks, but when i resize, and save. they just snap back to a thin box?

For quick reply describe your problem at ttp://support.itembridge.com/

Hi potential buyer(s)

I’ve bought the Metrika theme a while ago with the intention of expanding my WordPress blog with a professional online theme. The ‘metro-styled’ version of the Metrika theme suits perfectly for this goal.

There’s however one small issue I would like to warn you about. The sleek ‘metro-styled’ version of this theme is not compatible with a large number of blog posts. Please take this into account before buying this theme.

In conclusion, the Metrika ‘metro-styled’ version is a well developed WordPress theme for website owners with minimal blog ambitions.

Kind regards


I noticed when installed, it has messed with my Wordpress Admin area? Anyone else had this issue?

It seems that something go wrong with your Wordpress. Please contact us via http://support.itembridge.com


is it possible to send someone to a specific part o the site using email ( metro theme)

e.g – mytheme.com/#aboutus goes straight to the homepage rather than than the about us section…

Hello, is it possible to tell me how to add the contact form page? I can’t figure it out.

Just follow the user guide, all required steps are described there.

Is it possible to put google maps on the homepage inside one of the blocks?

Hello ronaldvandinteren, Sorry, but it’s impossible in this theme.

Nice theme. I am about to purchase. One question: the mobile version on the live demo doesn’t render as shown on the themeforest page (http://itembridge.com/img/metrika-template/i-am-responsive.jpg). The squares just stack rather than 2 small ones, then 1 big one, etc. Has that been fixed?

Hello kramerdesign, plz provide other link to screenshot, this one is broken. And what mobile device are you using ?

Hi – this is the link to your image which shows boxes stacking nicely http://itembridge.com/img/metrika-template/i-am-responsive.jpg I see now it works if you reload page with browser already reduced. Thanks!
I found some errors on this page. http://wordpress.metrika.itembridge.com/1/

click one of them and click a menu of filter.

anyway, I like this theme and I need to add woo commerce. Is it possible to add that? one page It will be product listing page and product single page.

Please let me know as soon as possible. we have to decide very soon ;)

1 more thing, is it possible to make navigation looks better to see? it doesn’t stand up. I had hard time to find it at first time.

Thanks for this good theme.

Hello freeace00, I don’t see any errors there and we haven’t any plans for woo commerce for now for this onepage theme. May be in future if more people would need it. Thanks.

for some reason it is just giving me a blank white page when I have selected the metro option. No boxes uploaded or anything. Does not even update the header wording/logo.

Also, anyone know how to make the boxes go to a link rather than a page?

Finally, anyone understand or fixed the paragraphs all being truncted together with no line breaks?!

Well it doesn’t say it needs to be updated? Also, any reason why when I have selected the page that is the blog page isn’t working?

Sorry to sound upset but I’ve used it my own site and it worked, so you’re saying it’s a server issue but when I move it over to the other style with the blogs on the home page it works?

Finally, why do you not have a “link” to the blog posts, when i want to share them I only have a link to my website. Also, when i go to the RSS feed to get the link to the blog, and go to the blog itself, the page does not scroll. www.amethystpa.co.uk

Its been a month i wrote to sales@ and 2 weeks i wrote to support@ But no response. Anyways finally i bought the theme, here is what i am facing, can you suggest an workaround or can you include the same in your next update.

In Works Page the Small image is been trimmed from top and bottom, it should have resized the image, instead of trimming.

Also, I want to showcase Our Services, Any Suggestion or Demo you have so that i can include Our Services as well.

Thank You

I see you have opned a ticket #1723 23 hours ago. It would be answered soon.

You saw my ticket, but i doubt u have read it. because that ticket was for some different purpose. Guys You did a fantastic job with this theme, and we know that you guys may be very busy with all other works as well.

I am patiently awaiting for reverts on my tickets. i know these are very minor bugs and can be resolved. I am also working on the same, if i will get something i will post it here for others.

I solved the issue of having Our Services, I included CSS Responsive Metro Tabs and it worked like charm.

Please check my other tickets #1817 and #1815 these are some issues even i am unable to get it.

Thank You Santosh

Hello addya, thanks for bug report, the problems are resolved.