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Nice work everyone… this theme is fantastic! But I have an issue, I made the menu option with the boxes but the home page is a blank, white page. I’ve already entered a support ticket to your site about that… still no answer. Any ideas what to do?

Thank you in advance and keep doing wonderful themes!

I solve the problem by someone else ticket… Thank you anyway

@amethystpa – I solve the problem by changing the permissions of “wp-condent” folder to writable. Then, I could import the file “dump.xml” and I had all the contends of the original web site (as the sample). But more issues I found, see in other post of mine.

@darkred210 it was not solved for me, did it work for you?

Maybe I solve the problem with home blank page, but I found more issues in this theme:

1. The links are not working (I have to do right click and select “open in new tap” in order links to open.

2. When I’m putting text in a page, there’s no space between the lines and when I save the page, some of the lines become one paragraph. I tried to clear the text format, but still nothing. In some cases, headings are not working too. I can see the page without these problems only if I select (from admin) “view page”. In that case, the page color changed and there’s the regular link of wordpress in url ”...?page_id=132”. It seems that the pages cannot work properly with the Metrika box menu.

3. The fonts you suggested work perfect only of latin characters. How about other countries that have a different character system? I tried to change the font in style.css but nothing. How I can do that? I’d like to apply “Century Gothic” that works fine with non latin characters.

The theme is fantastic but I don’t know if it worth all these issues that we have to solve. At least, I’m expecting from the pages to look good or the links working properly but I cannot have this result. If this is something that I’m not doing correct, please let me know.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your time.

Hi, 1, 2. Please just update theme and all bugs will be solved. ;) 3. We can help you with this issue, just open ticket on http://support.itembridge.com/

Still issues… I’m opening ticket

Hello darkred210, today we have released new update to Metrika with solved bugs. Do you still have the problems you described ?

Really love it. Just wish it had wooCommerce integration, or a products custom post type

Hi guys,

Do you ever plan to add the direct links to main pages at least? For such a nice theme we have to do some SEO, and you probably know that all the guys who bought this theme are looking to generate some income… No SEO – no visitors to the vebsite!

Hello handrei,
— the ability to add external links would be avaliable in the next update. — the ability to add links to the main pages are not providing in this theme because it is one page site and we work on solution of this problem

How do I get the buttons to go to a link rather than a page on the site?

Although you said that it is not a priority, I have seen several posters both here and on your ticket page ask for or suggest that each page be able to have a direct link. I agree.

It is sometimes crucial that you be able to offer someone a link directly to a secondary page rather than have them land on the home screen and have to navigate themselves.

Furthermore, when pressing “Back” on a browser, it takes you to the page you navigated to prior to the landing page. It is INCREDIBLY frustrating. If, when clicking on a box on the homepage, you navigated to a unique url different from that of the homepage, you would be able to navigate with the forward and back buttons on your browser. As it stands now, it is incredibly confusing to our site visitors and several people have complained.

Regarding the display and features for the most part we are very happy. It looks very nice and is easy to manage. We would just need to be able to have each page have a unique address.


Hello TheBremanMuseum,
— the ability to add external links would be avaliable in the next update. — the ability to add links to the main pages are not providing in this theme because it is one page site and we work on solution of this problem.

@TheBremanMuseum Let’s see how soon it would be implemented. I asked this for weeks already.

I have a background image on every page and I don’t know why and where I can remove it.

My site: www.thiemworker.de

Could you please help me? Thanks. Michael

Hello Benita22,
I can’t see any images on your site, only background color. All right ?

Yes, that’s right. But always when you click a page you see a background picture during loading. If you click the contact page you see this picture permanently. I don’t know why and especially from where this picture comes.

All images you can modify in admin panel (add, remove, change). If you have any troubles with it contact us on http://support.itembridge.com/ and we will help you.

Hey there, I was attempting to demo the theme on my android phone but it seems to be broken because the tiles, images, and page won’t load. Coukd you check the demo to ensure it’s working properly? Thank you :)

Hey there. is there any news on this ? In both the demo and on other users sites that I found in the comments section, the tile images arent loading, the tile links dont take me anywhere when clicked, and only 3 tiles are visible when viewing in vertical view and only 2of those tiles are visible in horizonal view. These are all things I experienced on my android phone and I wanted to find out if these are known issues before I purchase the theme.

Also, is it possible to easily disable the theme to mobile phone users and leave it for desktop and tablet users? Thanks for taking the time to answer my question and alleviate my concerns.

Hello gomeetpete,
the theme was tested on android 4.2 , 4.2.2 — HTC ONE X mobile device. All tiles works well. That thing that you see only 3 tiles in vertical view is normal and was designed special for comfortable navigation. All bug for mobile devices you have seen in comments section already fixed. If you have any other issuses write us plz…

Hi i have a question before buying this theme: 1. Can I change parameteres of blocks? f.e. change color, size, add images on those blocks ? 2. Can I add more than 7 pages or less ? 3. Is it possible to add images on blog posts ?

Hello koper89,
1. Yes you can change tha parameters of the blocks.
2. Yes, any number of the pages.
3. No, you can’t

Hi, i’m thinking to buy this theme but i have concerns about SEO. How google is indexing this site ?


google indexing some pages like this: http://wordpress.metrika.itembridge.com/1/eam-deserunt-perpetua-in/

there is problems with this pages, can scroll for exm and how to go homepage ?


Hello Skaty,
the problem with pages links already updated in last update:

— Added: opportunity to set external links for the tiles;
— Added: direct links for the pages;

Okay but from where can i see the updated version of pages ?



Just download tha latest version of the theme (Metrika 2.2)

Really great website! Does it support WPML? If not, how hard would it be to install WPML on it? Have you had any previous clients ask this question or try to install WPML on your site? Were they successful? Thank you!

Hello vprout,
sorry, but we didn’t tested localization plugins with our theme and haven’t practice with WPML. That is why we cann’t help you on this issue.


Can you please let me know how can i limit the number of items appear per page?

cant get the home menu to work. I have no navigation tabs as per the help file. and the website is all out of line.. I put a ticket through and it says my purchase number is incorrect.

Hello 13Con,
sorry for inconveniences. What is you ticket number ?

it is not giving me a ticket number. Cant you just tell me how to fix this home page issue that everyone is having..

I can’t understand what is wrong with your site, I even can’t see your site without url. All issues from users with home page and others pages are already fixed. Last update the theme was 15 of october. So update the theme if you are using old version or write us on support, give us url, etc. We can’t help on replic “cant get the home menu to work.” it seem you did some thing wrong.


How do i get the map to appear on the contact us form ?


also also how do i get the backgrounds to apear like in the live preview

Hello badbrad1988, for quick reply write us on http://support.itembridge.com/


I have some problems with:

1.direct permalinks to pages not loading 2. When team members are pressed … the actions brings me back to homepage.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hello handrei,
all support provides on http://support.itembridge.com/

Love the site, but I need a different gallery plugin. Do you know if the following plugin would work on your site or if it would break it (like has happened to me with other advanced site designs)? http://codecanyon.net/item/auto-grid-responsive-gallery-wordpress/3959433

Hello broadelement, Sorry, but we can not test the work of this plugin with our theme due to the fact that this plugin paid. We gave you an opportunity to add several images into one work on ‘Our Works’ page in the current version 2.2 of the theme.

Hi Guys…. i have blank homepage :(, even after permissions and importing the dump.xml …. the other thing is that i dont get the navigation tab under the customize theme screen, as is shown in the pdf… i have tried ftp the files a few times to make sure they are all there…no luck…please help

Hello trippler, sorry for inconveniences but all not prepurchased questions supports on http://support.itembridge.com/

Has a video teaching make all the theme settings Metrika not?

Hello NewAlliance, video tutorial on theme settings is not available for now, only pdf guid but we working this.