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Has a video teaching make all the theme settings Metrika not?

Hello, Congratulations for this theme.

I would like to know how to show a background image behind the background color as on the following page:



Hello cedricvinet,
sorry for inconveniences but support provides by support team on http://support.itembridge.com/. Please open a ticket and you will get answer as soon as possible.

ok. thanks


love the theme! and works amazing :) Just wanted to know where you got your icons from? The ones on the homepage. I looked through all of the ones provided, but wasn’t able to locate them..


Hello nazostro,
icons goes with the theme and you can find these icons in Metrika_Wordpress_2.2\img\icons_svg\

Does anybody know where to paste the google analytics tracking code? I tried to open a support ticket…without success

Hello surfacong,
opening a ticket is a easy one minute work. If I can somehow to help you just say about your issues.

Ok, just sent a question to support but as I have had to change from metrika to standart it now pulls the title of a really old post and puts it at the top of the page! Why?! There is no link just the heading with unclickable text. Really frustrating. If I am in the metrika theme which I would prefer, it has no links to pages and if I use the appropriate link the page does not scroll. $40 and so much hassle. Need to test these things before you create it :)

Dear amethystpa, the direct links are working in Metrika style. You can find them for any in the address bar of your browser. We wrote that to you in the ticket, that you created. Please let us know, to what page of your site you didn’t find the direct link.

The menu icons are displaying on mobile devices but not on my PC. What can I do to fix this?

Hello kgibson7,
open a ticket on http://support.itembridge.com/ and send us screenshots or url to your site.


A problem we have got is that

One blog post page, there is no background colour and on the top, there is going back bottom and no submenus, all other pages are fine.

Please kindly check for me


Hello wuhuw, open a ticket on http://support.itembridge.com/ and send us screenshots or url to your site.


I really love the look of your theme and am thinking about buying it.

But I was just wondering if we are restricted to using only the 7 page variants you have? For example the resume page is not really relevant to me. But I would like a testimonials page. Is there any way to achieve this? Could I also some how incorporate a services page to mention the different services I offer through the website instead of the “Our works” page? Thanks :-)


Dear nathanm2791,
resume page is using in our theme to show you the opportunity of assigning the file for the tile. You can set up the contents of the pages on your own. We even added the ability to assign an external pages for the tiles. So, you are not restricted to using only the 7 page variants.

I tried to open a ticket but it said that the Envato license is not valid. Please advise. Just to update, I realized that if I upload the png versions of the icons from the download file, they display on my site. However, I wanted to use icons from the menu options within the Wordpress editor. Can that be done? Another concern I have is that the blog date is not in the proper format. I have tried to change it to no avail. All in all, I really like this template. Thanks for your help! :)

Dear kgibson7,
instructions on how to view your purchase code are described by the link below: http://goo.gl/8rZ2GG You can set up the icons from ItemBridge set or use your own icons for the tiles. Our theme provides you this opportunity. Our support team can help you to change the format of the date in the ‘Blog’ page. Please create a ticket and we’ll help you to solve these issues.


How do I adjust the size of the logo at the homepage?

Hello Reinkodevries,
all support provides on http://support.itembridge.com/

I bought this theme, because of the following mention:

Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

however, it is not compatible with IE8 on WinXP !! http://humanforest.co.kr

(many script errors)

my customer was very nervous because of it’s compatibility.

finally, I plan to change theme.. (I understand your effort for making this theme.. but.. )

don’t use this theme, if your customers still use IE8..

have question before purchasing this theme.. is there any option to add new pages and customize the tiles which on the homepage any theme function is there to do it or we have to do by coding.. I want this theme urgently to develop a site..

1 more question if i’ll not satisfied with the theme then is there any refund for that ?.


I want to add a”social links” in “Our team”. I choose a social links and the web-links, and add. But on my site, the social links do not open. What must I make ?

Hello blasery,
all support provides on http://support.itembridge.com/. Plz open a ticket and support team would help you as soon as possible.

I have a problem with metro style when I have selected the metro style , i just see a blank white page. what is problem? please help me….

please write us on http://support.itembridge.com/ and we will help you as soon as possible.


I really like this theme and I’m about to purchase it however I just have some questions.

Can the color, icon and tiles with each tile be changed?

Can the size/order be moved around?

There is currently a bug on your demo site. If a “Work” item is open, if the filter is change, it remains open and overlaps.

1. You can change the color and icon for each tile.
2. You can change the size and order of the tiles.
3. We’ll fix this issue in the next release of the theme.


I bought this, and I wonder if there is the possibility of drawing any category [works], for another view within the web, I imagine something like this:

[extract works = “category”]


Hello, grupogreenti.
Your question is not quite clear to us.

Hey, I just installed this amazing theme, turned the Metro layout on and nothing happened, i get a blank page. http://goodif.hu/

I already installed the demo data.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem? Thanks!

Hello, gzozi.
Please create a ticket by the link below and we’ll help you to solve this issue:

Previews busted so don’t know if i want to buy or not….?

For some reason some of the pages have the normal sidebar but when they do have the sidebar there is no ability to scroll down the page?

Hello amethystpa, sorry for inconvenience but all support questions would be answered from the 8-th of January due to holidays.


I’m facing an issue where the properties of this theme is not working on a page. The property shortcode is displayed instead. I tried with the “twenty twelve” theme without any issue.

Could you please help me out a.s.a.p. since I have a critical deadline?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, sorry but we process only pre-sale questions in envato comments. If you need some help, just visit our support site http://support.itembridge.com/