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Hello InfoStyle,

Did you test the beautiful metrika theme with the latest Wordpress (3.8) already?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, slothouber.
Yes, we already tested Metrika theme on WordPress 3.8. It works well.

Thank you for your reply; I already bought it (couldn’t wait :)

Thank you.
If you’ll have any other issues with our theme, then please create a ticket by the link bellow:

Just bought this. Please update to work on wp3.8—the admin backend is messy.

Hello, gansad.
We already solved this issue. You can find fixed file by the link below: http://support.itembridge.com/tickets/wordpress-3-8-issues/

hi – is it possible to use images on the main page in the navigation boxes, instead of solid colors?

Hello, 8MM.
You can set up icon for each tile. We can help you to change the size of this icon.
Please create a ticket by the link below and we’ll help you to solve this issue:

My site as well as your demo site does not look good on my Windows8 Phone. That was a major reason for me purchasing this theme. I deal with a lot of Microsoft people for business and I cant showcase these sites on my phone. It’s not responsive on windows 8 – I cant even get all of the metro icons to show. Please help me with a fix of some sort.

Hello, fernandezc4.
Our developers were informed about some issues on Windows Phone. They will be fixed in the next release of the theme.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Ello, just noting that the theme doesn’t seem to display well on Windows Phone devices, and was wondering if you could perhaps see if you can make it more optimized for the Windows Phone browser :)

Woot! That’s awesome! Glad to hear, can’t wait! :)

We’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Hi! Just wondering if there was any ETA on this. Thanks :)

Thinking of buying this theme. Looks nice and flexible.

Can one of the tiles be a photo slide show?

Hello, mysonlight.
This feature is not available in Metrika Theme.


where can I find the sample content?


Hello, schnappi717.
You can find file ‘dump.xml’ in the archive with Metrika theme.

Thank you. One more question. If I create a new page inside the theme, how can I set a link? It sounds easier than it is, because with any link to another internal page, the same empty blog page is displayed. Is there a trick?

Dear schnappi717,
Please create a ticket by the link below and we’ll help you to solve this issue: http://support.itembridge.com/


I already bought the theme and I’m trying to use a certain plugin to create a child theme but I keep getting error message that the parent theme is missing. I am trying to establish where the problem might be so can you pls tell me – Does your theme support child themes?


Hello, LonglineProjects.
We need more information about this issue.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll try to help you:

Vertical scrolling when browsing on a phone is super laggy. Will this be fixed?

Hello, davejeff66.
We fixed this issue in Metrika Theme v2.3.1. Please check it.

Pardon me, I have paid for this and have been happy but would like to install the update but am not sure how without losing my current site. Thank you.

Hello, joshuaj7.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll help you to solve this issue:

How hard would it be to integrate this into a WooCommerce ? Is it built like most Wordpress sites?

Hello, ryansmithsd.
Metrika is a theme for promo site. There are no styles for WooCommerce pages in it.

I purchased, but its not built like the typical wp site, the header is missing when we integrate woocommerce? but it shows up when a ”#” is in front of the url? How much would it cost to integrate woocommece?

Dear ryansmithsd,
Sorry, but this feature is not available and we can’t provide you service of integrating WooCommerce into Metrika theme.

Hello. I have an issue with the main page tiles not displaying correctly. I wanted the three tiles in one row. I set it as one row in the theme setting. However, the last tile is in the second row. I did not set it this way. You can see this problem yourself at http://www.prudentcircle.com Thank you in advance.

Hello, smsolutions.
Thank you for your feedback.
Our developers were informed about this issue. It will be fixed in the next release of Metrika theme.
Sorry for inconvenience.

I have a dream,but I don’t have money.

Hello, xcl.
Dream first, the money will follow. ;-)

Good theme! Thank you for your work…

BUT there are some heavy bugs:

1. In Chrome the page-titles in h1 are BROKEN into two lines, if title is long (In IE and Firefox the titles of pages show up correctly)

2. Logo in IE is shown NOT Sharp…. Any idea if the logo can be set-up in a version for RETINA-Displays?

Best regards, Harry

Oh and I´m having the same problem like smsolutions with main page tiles not displaying correctly. ;-)

YOU ARE FUNNY! You write that support is only possible with the purchase code. But in new envato design the code is – at least at present- not visible to me?! How should I then open a ticket in on your support-page?

Dear Harry,
That’s not funny. This video will help you to find your purchase code:


I need your help: In Germany we have sometimes long page-titles:

1. If on the pages itself the h1 title is to long, the SubMenu INTERFERS with the h1 title. (Therefore I temporarily took the submenu out in html)

Solution: Can the page-title IN THE TILES of homepage can be DIFFERENT, than the page-title ON THE PAGES itself? In other words: In the title-menu it shows the Long (original) title (enough space) and on the page itself a different, shorter word-title? So you should set an extra title-field for the page itself….

Is that possible?

Regards, Harry

Hello, Harry.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll help you to solve this issue:


!!! 40 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Hey, Considering to purchase this theme but how come the scroll bar doesn’t appear on the right. I can use keyboard arrows to go up and down. I have tried with Chrome and Firefox. Is there a fix for this issue? I need the scroll bar to work as well. Here is a video demo of the issue – http://screencast.com/t/5VExfx9skGlc


Hello, mtest1.
Thank you for your feedback.
We’ll fix this issue in the next release of Metrika theme.
Sorry for inconvenience.

And when are you planning to release the latest version. If you ask me, unable to scroll is kinda deal breaker for this theme. I would consider as a Sev1 defect! Would appreciate if you could let me know when you have the latest build available. Thank you.

Dear mtest1,
We’ll try to fix this issue as soon as possible.
Sorry, but we can’t give you a speciffic time frame.

Very strange… I found out that my antivirus prog prevented the licence pop up on envato :-)

Dear Harry,
As you can see the problem was not in Envato design.

I will post the requested ticket :-)

Dear Harry,
We’ll do our best to solve your issue.

Hi, We love this theme! We’d really like to purchase it, but need to test it first to make sure that it works for the content we want to upload. Do you have a tester version that we can use to try out our content so we can see whether this theme is right for our website? Thank you, Xenia

Hello, Xenia.
Sorry, but we can’t provide you such service.