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I am using german wordpress version.

Unfortunatly he doesn’t change language everytwhere. I still have the “Leave a reply” text in my Blog, the button changed to german.. that’s OK – but i cant’ manage to change the “Leave a reply” text to “Kommentar hinterlassen”. Same is with the “Comment*” inside the Comment-field. Unchanged.

I am thinking of the same problems in the “feedback” page

Please answer fast! Thanks in advance.

Hello, markenmut.
Please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll help you to solve this issue:

Hi, Im having a few issues adding pricing tables and a services page. From what I have found so far this theme works only really well if you use it as it comes. It doesn’t seem to work well with many plugins or if you want custom designs on the pages it always adds the sidebar and cuts off half the page. What I need to add is a services page showing all the services I offer like seo, content creating, hosting and so on. I also need a page that will allow pricing tables in and also a testimonials page. So far what ever I have tried looks very poor, this theme doesn’t play well with anything. To be honest Im sorry I purchased it. If I had known I would have to spend so long trying to get it to look right I would have purchased another theme :(

This was my reply from support after two days of waiting for others: Firewall Administrator 2 hours ago Hello, 58MAD68. We didn’t test work of Metrika theme with third-party plugins. That is why we can’t guarantee you its correct work with them.

I have now requested a refund as this theme does not work with any plugins or new pages I have created!

This is supports reply to a refund: Firewall Administrator 37 mins ago Dear 58MAD68, Sorry, but we can’t provide you such service because all Metrika key features work correctly.

I have created a ticket regarding # permalink. Please check id 13018

Hello, gee-pako.
We already answered you in specified ticket.
Sorry, but direct links to blog posts are not available in Metrika theme.

Great design, good luck with sales ;)

Thank you :)

just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work. The latest update fixed all my bugs I have wrote to you on support. Thanks for fast feedback, great support ! :)

Hello Arey_l,
Thank you nice to hear such comments ;)

I had no idea what it takes to customize a theme, nor did I ever set up a Metrika. All in all this was a 2 days full-time job for me and I’m extremely pleased with the result. So, thank you very much, InfoStyle, for the beautiful design and great technical support! I’m already recommending your products to all my friends. :inlove:

Hello vld_dmbr,
Thanks, always glad to help!!! :)

Do you support RTL on this theme?

Hello, siyamakhejazi.
Sorry, but Metrika theme doesn’t support RTL.


I am interested in this theme. May I know if this theme support wordpress 3.8?

If not, will it be updated to be compatible with wordpress 3.8 later?


Hello, beckyleeik.
Yes, theme works correctly with latest WordPress version.

Will this work for Wpress Ver 3.8?

Hello, Fazzy.
We have already answered this question in previous comment.
Yes, theme works correctly with latest WordPress version.

thanks I will really apreciate if you can update the profile that might increase your sales also cuz it says 3.6 on your Profile.


Already done, thank you for your feedback! ;)

Hi, also a few pre-sales questions: 1. Does the theme support widgets at all? 2. How to get e.g. a newsletter sign up in the footer on the home page or in addition to the contact form? 3. How to “re-arrange” the rectangles on the home page of possible?

Look forward to hitting the check out button :)

Hello, Florian_R.
1. Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme.
2. Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme.
3. You can change size and rearrange tiles in your Dashboard (Admin panel). Possible sizes: from 1×1 to 2×6.

Hello! One question before buying. Is it possible to translate, is there a languages folder with a .po? cause i’ve seen questions about it but no answer from you guys.


Hello, sixstrings.
There is no folder with a .po files in Metrika theme. But you can easily translate it with the help of ‘Codestyling Localization’ plugin.

Pre-Purchase Question

Looks like a great theme, but I do have one question.

I noticed when using web inspector that you’re loading all the scripts in the footer.

I use Gravity Forms quite heavily and I know that if I want to use the Signature add-one or the drag and drop file upload then query needs to be loaded in the header.

Are you able to provide this support if I buy the theme?


Hello, ConsultancySmartLLP.
Yes, we can help you to make scripts load in header instead of footer.

That’s great. I purchased the theme and raised a ticket in your support.

Thinking of buying this theme, but my buddy has it already and he can’t seem to show only 1 post category on the blog page. The blog page shows all the post categories. Is there a way to show only 1 post category on the blog page? If so, how?

Hello, MrCanuck.
Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme.

Hello, I am trying to add category filters- I read a comment that said- go to Customize-> Works Page and click on the box that says Enable Works Filter. I have the most up to date version on Metrika and in my customize menu I only have two options default theme color and theme style. Can you help me enable the category filters?

Hello, jonnyogden.
We already answered this question in your ticket on our support site.
Please replace short-code [works] with [works filter="true"] in the content of ‘Our Works’ page and this issue will be solved.

omg if i update i will lose all mt edits ?

Hello, ahmadsss.
1. You’ll lose your own changes, that were made in the files of theme.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll provide you access to files, that have been changed in the latest version of Metrika theme:
It will help you to update theme on your site.

i will thanx. your support is much more valuable than the theme.

omg if i update i will lose all mt edits ? and why i cant rate this theme here?

Hello, ahmadsss.
contact us on http://support.itembridge.com/

Dear Artist,

Could this theme to be used on wooCommerce for online shopping as well? I mean can pages of products and categories have windows feeling?

Kindly advice. Thanks.

Hello, farhadmoradi.
Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme.


I am interested in this theme. May I know if this theme support wordpress 3.9?


Hello, schoeneswissen.
Yes, Metrika theme works correctly with latest WordPress version.


I really like the look of this theme, I have one question does the homepage image come as a image slideshow as well as a static image?


Hello, yeabo.
Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme.

hi there, i have one question. Is that possible in the grid box show a picture or video.



Dear Alex,
Sorry, but these features are not available in Metrika theme.

Is that possible to change mouseover or use some plugins. Like this: http://sarasoueidan.com/demos/windows8-animations/

Dear Alex,
Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme too.