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jerssrk Purchased

Hi, I try to install it on VB 5.3, but that’s fail because the template is out of date. can we have an update for VB 5.3



Metro for vB 5.3.0 is not ready yet (though we’re planning to release it in a few days). Anyway you can still install the latest Metro version on your vB5.3 installation and it will work. Just set “Ignore style version” to “Yes” on the installation page and install the theme as usual.


jerssrk Purchased

Thanks :)


jerssrk Purchased

Hi, sorry to bother you again, can you tel me how to change this whiye color please ? http://imgur.com/a/dRYYe


jerssrk Purchased

Hi, sorry to bother, can you tel me how to change this white color please ? http://imgur.com/a/dRYYe


Just find the following rules -

.forumhead + .childforum .L2:first-child .forumrow,
.forumhead + .L2 .forumrow


.forumbit_nopost .forumbit_nopost .forumrow,
.forumbit_post .forumrow

Then just change the background properties for the rules.

Presales Question!

Hi, I am about to purchase the Metro theme vor VB. Question: I have VB4. And the main reason to purchase it, is to make the forum responsive truly mobile ready. Is this the right product? I saw a mobile version of your theme too. Please advise, thank you, Matt


Thank you for your interest to our work!

Unfortunately, vBulletin guys never made vB4 responsive. They divided themes into desktop and mobile versions. That’s why we have two different Metro themes. And the theme for vB4 inside the pack is not responsive.

Thank you, got it… I guess there is no workaround… So I take it, that your mobile theme is still better then the standard mobile theme… ;) Will have a look at it.

OK! And feel free to contact us if you still have any questions :)

Hi. Is it possible to make the installation on local server?

Thanks! In this vbulletin documentation, we need customer number and password

If we haven’t purchase vbulletin, we can’t install the theme Metro. Isn’t it?


That’s right. You need a vBulletin license first. Then you’ll be able to install the Metro theme.

Hom can I “Log in to your forum administrator control panel and go the Styles & Templates > Download / Upload Styles section” after the uploding by ftp


I bought Metro – A Theme for vBulletin 4 and 5 anf I’m trying to install it. Template was installed without problem but product_metro_theme_management.xml was installed not full. I mean after confirmation of import this file I see: Importing Product, Please Wait…


and nothing happen.

Also I don’t see Metro Theme Management in the menu AdminCP — Settings – Options — Metro Theme Management

What’s wrong?

Thank you.

Hello again! I solved this problem, sorry for that. It was PHP settings. So I installed this template but I see difference. I can’t explain by words but I can show where is difference. Please look at screen: https://ibb.co/guikqk

Could you please help to understand how Can I make the same as on Demo site? Please…


We are glad you managed to fix the issue!

As for the templates – you’re using vBulletin 5 and it really looks like it should (http://vb5.pixelgoose.com/?styleid=11 ). As for the first screenshot, it’s Metro for vBulletin 4. Metro for vB4 and vB5 differ visually.

Ohh thank you for reply and help. Also thank you for nice template )

Hello again!

Could you please help to find please where or how can I add new pictures for new blocks in navigation bar (or how I can change all this icons). I’m trying to change name and link in header but all pictures isn’t visible after that. Just example: https://ibb.co/bS8HNa

Thank you


Here’s a quick tutorial – http://pixelgoose.com/tab-icons/vb.html

Quick question: I am running vBulletin version 4.2.3 Patch Level 2. – which version of your template should I buy ?


The pack includes both vB4 and vB5 versions. vB4 version will work with 4.2.3 Patch Level 2!

Bought your theme: but I am getting this when I try to up load it -

This file was created using a different version of vBulletin from the one you are running.

Your version: 4.2.3 File version: 4.2.0


Just set “Ignore style version” to “Yes” when you install it!

Hello, it will work with vbulletin 5.3?


Sure, the theme fully supports vBulletin 5.3!


voudini Purchased

The profile updater seems to be broken. It doesn’t “Save” any changes. I think you have some JS conflicts somewhere. I switch to one of the default themes and it works, so it’s definitely something in the theme.


What updater do you mean? The user settings updater? Or user profile style updater?


Hydronix Purchased


Trying to add new icons but when I right-click on the new tab and select Inspect Element the code has no ”<li id=” code in it at all. Are you planning to update both the template and the icon adding instructions any time soon? Thank you” />