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Fresh and elegent, well done!

Thank you!

Super nice one well done .Locking foward when i start the forum on my website to add this them .

Glad to hear it :) Thanks!

Awesome work mate, good luck!


Thanx, mate!

Clean very Clean on Metro – A Theme for vBulletin 4.2 Suite will be ready for your next theme.Thanks :)

We are already working on it! Hope you’ll like it :)

is there html version for this template?

No, it was developed for vBulletin from the beginning. But we plan to extend it to other forums like phpBB and IPB .

Is this layout allowed? Isn’t it copying Microsoft which has a patent/trademark on metro?

Tons of websites on the net use this layout. You can even find dozens of templates and themes in “metro” style here on Themeforest.net. As far as I know Microsoft encourages using the style… And by the way, it’s not called “Metro” anymore. Microsoft calls it “Windows 8 style UI” officially now :)

So I have uploaded it to my website. everything works except the articles section. I followed you guide, then deleted everything because I couldn’t get the articles to show the theme, tried it again and same issue.



Thank you. Last request, can you either post or pm me the colors you used for the top for all the different themes. I want to update a header image but can’t figure out the background color.

Please contact me through my profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/PixelGoose I’ll send you all the color codes by email.

gr8 theme …...

clean & simple now that’s how its done .

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

Awesome theme, I haven’t used vBulletin in a few years, but this theme has me thinking about a project I’ve had on hold for a while now!

Good idea! Good luck with your project :)

Very nice theme ! Have many sales :)

Thank you!

Beautiful theme, thank you! however my post new thread and reply to thread are 2 lines and bleeding over titles any ideas? http://s11.postimage.org/cpuv5hjnl/Untitled.png

Hello, It seems something went wrong. Please contact us through our profile page. We need to have a look at the live forum.

Awesome, awesome theme! We’ve been searching for a modern 2.0 theme for vbulletin and they are so scarce. Thank you for making this. Any chance you’ll be making a matching Wordpress theme? That would be a great addition for forums that run WP instead of the CMS with vbulletin. =D


We are glad you like the theme :) As for making a Wordpress theme to match this vB skin, yes, we have some plans and will start working at it in the nearest future :)

Thanks so much, Goose. That’s great because I need to update our homepage to match. If it’s something that will be releasing fairly soon, we’d hold off and purchase the WP theme that you’re making.

One more thing – I’m having an issue with the footer plugin not working. As far as I can tell, I installed everything properly. Any idea what might be the issue?


I think we will need a month to develop WP theme properly. So if you have enough time we will be glad to help you with this matter too!

As for the prefooter blocks… Please check the theme templates – is “metro_theme_prefooter_blocks.css” template installed or not? It looks like it’s not present. And if you will not be able to solve the problem, please contact us through our profile page – that would be much faster.

Great design, just one problem for me. I can’t seem to find the layered PSD file that is supposed to be included and I really need it before I can use this item. Please let me know where I can find this?

Many thanks


Look for them in the folder “Metro PSDs”. And you can find description for the psd-files in the Metro Documentation.pdf

Does not include the full page layout as a PSD though, just the graphics as individual items! If you have a full page layout in PSD format that would be fantastic.

I’m sorry to say, there is no full page layout in PSD. It’s just because when we make a forum theme we don’t have to develop layout from scratch – we already have it. So most of the work stays in HTML without using PSD.

OK, that is a shame as it would have been really useful. I was expecting a full layered file as it does say ‘Layered PSD’ in the files included box. Still a great design though ;)

As a matter of fact I never met forum themes with full layout in PSD. It’s a common practice to add theme graphic only.

And we’re glad you like our theme :)


Issue with my footer blocks: www.xternal.it/forum.php

Please fix. Thanks


Please contact me through my profile page!

Email sent. Waiting

There seem to be an issue with this on vB 4.2

We’ve got your email and now working on it. As soon as we find the solution we will email you!

A notification would have been great. I wait.

Please check email. We’ve fixed the problem.