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Hey I liked the theme and want to buy it. Though, I have a quick question before that: I have disabled blog and CMS option, and that means this theme need some custom work, or does it have an option to now to show blog and CMS link/image at the top (header)...


Thank you for your interest to our theme!

You don’t have to do any custom work when you disable the CMS and blogs. The theme will work OK without them. One thing – you should probably want to disable the cms and blog menu tabs in the header, but you can easily do it via AdminCP – just turn them off via vBulletin navigation manager.

Thanks for quick reply…Do you offer free installation for your customers?

Sorry, we don’t offer free installation. But it’s quite easy and clearly described in the documentation you can find in the theme pack.

I have 4.2.2 version of vBulletin … Which Metro-Forum.xml should I import?

You should use Metro-Forum.xml from “4.2.1” folder. They are fully compatible. But don’t forget to set ‘Ignore Style Version’ to ‘Yes’ under the ‘Import Style XML File’ section.

Thanks..That worked.. How do I change the logo?

It’s an image. You can find it here –


Just replace it with your logo.

Hello, wanted to ask two things.

Are you going to get an update for vb 4.2.2 or not necessary?

And finally. How can I add a color to the templates that come by default in the Metro theme? I want to use for a VIP area of the forum, and I want to be different to what can already be found on the network. Unique to our forum for vip members. I’ve been building another from the original, but can not get all the colors change. Can you help?

Thanks again and best regards.


Are you going to get an update for vb 4.2.2 or not necessary?
We are working on it now. The update will be ready in a few days. But it’s ok to use the 4.2.1 Metro version – you’ll have no problem.

I’ve been building another from the original, but can not get all the colors change.
Please contact us via our profile page, I’ll explain how to do it.

When I buy this theme now (4.2.1) will I be able to download the new version (4.2.2) and other new versions? Or do I have to buy it again?


All updates for vB4 will be free – you’ll just need to download the updates from your account. But Metro theme for vBulletin 5 will be sold separately – we are developing it now.

thx for the info. At the moment I’m only interested in vb4. As long as vb5 has no cms it’s not usefull for my site.

thx for the info. At the moment I’m only interested in vb4. As long as vb5 has no cms it’s not usefull for my site.

OK! Feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

Hi great theme. I’m using the red version and I’m not in love with red so I’m changing it in the “Style Variable Editor.” I’ve got every table background changed perfectly except the table backgrounds and the logo background on the main forum page. Where do I go to change those? I am pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. Thanks!


Some of the color entries are also stored directly inside css-templates. Go to AdminCP – Styles & Templates – Search in Templates and look for the color inside the templates of your style. You’ll see all the templates. Then you can just use “Find and Replace in Templates” tool on the same page and batch replace all the old color entries with yours.

I’ve sent an e-mail…but no reply :/


Sorry for delay. I’ll answer you in the nearest time.

Hi, Thanks for this amazing theme. It works perfectly.

Though I’m facing a confusing aspect after adding the social network links the social icons aren’t showing in the metro blue style, yet showing in all other colours style including blue fluid.

Any idea why?


That’s very strange. Could you contact us via our profile page and send your forum link? I need to have a look at the code.

Nice theme indeed. My question: I’ve build in my logo, but when the browser window becomes smaller, the elements move under the logo. Any idea how to solve that? Thx :) PS: can see the problem here on my site: http://kameraseite.de


I would suggest you to set min-width of the outer block. Then the icons won’t mess up with the logo.

any news about v5? six month ago, you said that it will be ready for next month but there is no news yet. please hurry :-)


We stopped developing the theme at that time because vB5 was so unstable. So it just didn’t have much sense in constant rebuilding the theme with updates. But now it seems OK and we’ve started to work on it again. I hope it will be release by Christmas. :)

Hi PixelGoose, I have just purchased Metro theme and I want to thank you. It’s a great work. Any news on 4.2.2 version you mentioned few days ago? Are there any significant changes or should I just use 4.2.1 version?


Thank you for the purchase!

They don’t differ much and 4.2.1 Metro version will work OK with 4.2.2. The updated theme will be submitted tomorrow, so you’ll be able to update it very soon!

Thank you :-)

When’s the update for 4.2.2?


We’re going to submit it today and it will be available tomorrow I hope.

Can you apply a cover background image? So the forum scrolls over it?


Yes, it’s possible. Just set an image as background to “html” element via css.



when you release metro theme for vbulleitn 5? i need for new version.


In a month, I think.

if i buy this version, can i use new version for vbulletin 5 or need again buy for new version?

No, it will be a separate release. So you’d better wait.

Hello Just purchased and theme is very fine. How can add this color scheme (on left side) like you have on demo/preview site?

regards and thanks for nice skin


Thanks, just contacted you throught your profile page.



Still wait html code for color schema….



I answered! Check your email.

Hi will you provide us the RTL for us


Metro theme for vBulletin 4.2 fully supports RTL forums, so you can use it :)

I downloaded the metro theme for my new 4.2.2 install. I can’t get the avatar’s to appear. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the theme or my server.

When I try to upload an avatar I get an error that says something about the file not in the right path

thank you

Two things:

1. I have enabled the pre footer boxes, and put my info in there, but they do not show up anywhere. Any ideas?

2. The “Articles” box/link in the header disappeared. How do I get it back?

Nope, nothing, there just isn’t anything there.

Could you contact me via our profile page and send me a link to your forum?

Thanks, email sent.

how do you change the links from above the frontpage if ever i buy this theme? the link next to forum, blogs, activity…how to edit them?


You can change them via AdminCP – it’s quite simple.

seen a site using this theme and I like it but on the link of “join us” it gives a link like www.hisdomain.com/www.facebook.com << how is it fixed? or is that how it is suppose to be

Yes, it’s possible to fix. Please, contact us from the account you used to buy the theme and we will help you.