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How do you make forum block like “Buy «Metro Theme» on themeforest”?


It’s just a piece of raw html-code pasted into the sidebar. But there’s a good ad manager inside vBulletin, you can use it for your banners!

I know, it’s on Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Blocks Manager. But how can you make it borderless? Also without the title… Custom template for that particular block?

It’s pasted directly inside ‘forumhome’ template. You can find “sidebar_container” there and add there your image. But sure it’s not very convenient.

Hi pixelgoose. I did a search for “resize” but didn’t throw up anything with my problem.

I purchased and installed metro on my forum (bordersdown.net) – style is called BDv4(beta).

In the normal style I can resize the text entry window e.g. quick reply box, using the little arrow shaped thing in the bottom right of the window.

However in the metro style, it doesn’t work. Please advise? Much appreciated.


This must have been a problem at my end – today it’s working. Sorry to bother you.

OK, but feel free to contact us if you still have any issues!

I bought this template last year, installed it then decided to stop the website and now i want to download it again but it doesnt work. I have emails that comfirm my purchase. What should i do?


You should contact Envato support. I’m sure they can help you! Here it is – http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit

Trying to moderate threads. I check box each individual thread, but under the “Moderation Tools” button at the bottom it remains at 0. So when you click it, it takes you to a page that says “You did not select any valid threads”

No problem! Feel free to contact us if you still have any questions!

How to fix Google font rendering problem in Google Chrome?


Here’s a quick solution – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10953037/google-webfonts-render-choppy-in-chrome-on-windows?answertab=active#tab-top

But until Google implements better rendering we can hardly do anything.

Hello PixelGoose,

I Like your themes.

is it possible to customize it, like this one > kmplayer.com or can you please create another good one.


It’s possible to customize, but it will take too much time to work. As for such kind of style, I think I’ve seen somewhere a ready to install Mac-style theme. You should ask about it on vbulletin.com forum.

Hello, how to change font size only for content of post- http://grabilla.com/03c1c-ab0e6aed-ea78-4f25-b06e-f09756b7137a.png


You should use css for that. You can try something like this -

blockquote.postcontent {
    font-size: 14px;


First of all thank you for this beautiful theme.

I wanted to know, can I remove “vBulletin Metro Theme by PixelGoose Studio” from the footer of my forums.



Thanks, how do I go about it.


It’s inside ‘footer’ template: AdminCP – Styles & Templates – Style Manager – YOUR_STYLE – Edit Templates – footer.

Thanks, that did the trick.


Ability to create a new color theme? How hard is this to do, is there a single location to change the color easily?

Here it is. It’s the ‘background-color’ and it uses the common link color.

.column-right {
    background-color: {vb:stylevar link_color};
    padding: 24px 12px;
    border-left: solid 12px #F6F6F6;
    vertical-align: top;

If you want you can replace it with a hex-code, it could look like -

background-color: #C71585;

Thanks, that fixed that one. One last one, where is the color that effects the forum table on this page? You’ll see it works just fine on forum home, not sure why it doesn’t work inside of a forum…


It’s ‘threadlisthead_background’ style variable.

When will be ready for vb5.0.5?


Working at it now, hope it will be ready in two weeks.


Working at it now, hope it will be ready in two weeks.


I just purchased Metro for vb 4.2 and Metro Mobile. Nice Theme ! Thanks.


I installed the theme as described step by step in the PDF file. I don’t understand something. theme has been perfectly applied everywhere on the website, excepted on the content.php page (articles).

Can you please help ? Here is the link of my website : http://technibourse.tv/

Thank you.

That’s perfect ! Thank you !

That’s perfect ! Thank you !

That’s perfect ! Thank you very much :-)

I have another question :

How do you change the icons in the navigation of blogs, forums, what’s new etc ? Thanks -)


The icons are stored in the following file -


It’s a sprite (http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_image_sprites.asp). The PSD-file containing the icons is called “nav-icons.psd”. You can add own icons to the sprite and assign them to the tabs you want using css-rules. All the css-rules for the tabs can be found in the ‘additional.css’ template of your theme.

Thank you !

When I add social links, I am getting this instead

www.domain.com/forums/www.facebook.com www.domain.com/forums/www.twitter

How do I easily fix this? Sure it must be simple…


Can you contact us via our profile page and send us a link to your forum to look at the code?

Is it possible to have the color scheme randomized with each page load?


I think it’s possible. You can load random theme each time.

Hi there is there a huge difference with vbulletin vs phpbb? Which would you recommend for a beginner?


Thank you for you interest to our work! I would recommend vBulletin – it has much more features and options from box. The same options are available for phpbb3 too, but quite often you only get them by installing third-party mods. In addition while installing those mods you need to edit the phpbb3 files directly (99% of vBulletin mods are installed automatically).

Wow thanks for the info. I notice phpbb is a free source however the vBulletin is 249.00. By any chance does this theme include the vbulletin? Or is my info wrong? greatly appreciate it.

Yes, that’s right it’s only a theme. If you need a vBulletin license you should buy it on vbulletin.com. And frankly speaking it’s rather expensive.


We need help.. for some reason [quote] BB code isn’t working on our forums.. the quoted message does not differentiate from the original message they look very ugly. I have seen other forums with the same theme and it seems to be working fine for them therefore I am sure that the problem is only limited to us.

An example can be seen HERE

We will appreciate if you can let us know what we have done wrong.


Try to disable all the plugins temporarily and check the theme. If it doesn’t help, we’ll try something else.


I have tried disabling all plugins but it did not help. what do you suggest next..?

Sorry for the delayed reply.


Check the bbcode_quote template. And look for those classes – do they look ok inside the template?

Dear PixelGoose,

Thanks for the great theme!

I am kinna noobie and I do not know how to add new icon to the png file nav-icons.psd and assing it. Can I just replace the + icon?



Thanks for the kind words and for the purchase!

Can I just replace the + icon?
Sure, if you only need one icon, you can replace that ‘plus’ icon!

Hello! I just bought your theme, its awesome but I have a few questions. My website-forum-logo its bigger than 100px of height.

How Can I change this height (and the color) in order to put correctly my logo? If you need more info of the website, just tell me it.

Screenshot of what I want to change (the “blue metro” box): http://gyazo.com/f1cc586b9740b995bf5f7c5dbd9e4973.png

And another. I find the problem for one question but I found another :(. I will send you right now.


I answered you. Please check your inbox.

Hello, I check it and I answered you. I didnt find why i can not see correctly the buttom…

Installed a product by VB Advanced (Links), and can not figure out why the theme is not correct in the upper navbar (too tall), and does not stay highlighted (like other tabs)?


Any advice on how to fix? also, when I look at std. VB4 default theme, it works correct….

Thanks for your advice…

Ok, I’m close now…


Something is not aligning correctly with the Nav manager. Using the VB Advanced add to the End of the navbar…

Any other suggestions to try? Works fine in VB default style, something must be in this style??? any advice to try?


Something is not aligning correctly with the Nav manager.
Please contact us via our profile page. I’ll send you instruction how to fix it.

Thanks, just sent you a message through your profile.

hello just purchased this theme i love it, any chance you wull have a dark look, black background and white/grey writing


No, we don’t have such plans. But you can do it yourself – mainly you’ll have to change some css-rules.