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Nice theme… I applied it this weekend and found most things I needed to modify for my site, short of this one.

Where is the css to change the text/font size, etc, of the threaddetail, ie, the “stated by: XXXX ” info under the post title on forum display?



Thank you for the purchase and for the kind words!

Where is the css to change the text/font size, etc, of the threaddetail, ie, the “stated by: XXXX ” info under the post title on forum display?
It’s a global Style Variable ‘small_fontSize’. And it can be changed via Style Variable Editor. But as I say it’s global. So if you change it, a lot of blocks using this small size will increase its size. So if you only need to increase this block font size, you should edit it directly via css template. You can find it inside forumbits.css template, this rule –

.forumbit_post .forumlastpost .lastpostdate {
    font-size: {vb:stylevar small_fontSize};

You should just set ‘font-size’ to what you need, replacing {vb:stylevar small_fontSize} to ‘13px’ for example.

Thanks for the info. It’s just THAT instance of the font specs that I’m looking to change at the moment, can’t do it globally.

Picked this up a few weeks ago, very happy with the theme and the user support, which was excellent :)!

One question – how would it behave with PhotoPost?


I forgot – Or DragonByte’s gallery :)


The theme works with all plugins and modules. But sometimes you’ll need a little styling to match the theme.

Really liking everything so far, most issues have been resolved. One big one left that I cant figure out.

I’ve been modifying the theme a lot … but left the parent theme along. No template changes, all css. So I checked your stock version, same thing. The newpost page is perfect, all buttons, smilies, etc. all align correctly. But when you go to “go advanced” from the post reply, the entire screen is jumbled ( screen shot here: ftp://dirtrider.net//public_html/A1_BOBVO/advancedreply.png )


Inside the edited post or inside a post above?

click edit on a post…. then click go advanced, if there is an image (or whatever) in the container that holds the post you are about to edit….

make sense?

Just checked it using both remote images and locally stored one but it’s OK. Did you change any default bbcodes or add any custom ones?

Can we install this theme on word press setup?


No, vBulletin is a separate software. You should install the theme via vBulletin AdminCP. Please check the theme documentation, it’s described there how to install the theme.

I’m having a problem with uploading images in topics see screenshot: how can I fix this?

It’s not working in chrome, IE, firefox


Please make sure you’re using “Metro” version corresponding to vBulletin version (4.2.2 = 4.2.2).

Yes I am using that version …


Could you please contact us via our profile page and send a link to your forum? I need to have a look at the code.

I have hosting with Just Host. I have two other domain names attached with this hosting.

Now i want to use this theme for my next domain. I haven’t yet bought the new one but creates a folder to attached the new domain.


Inside this folder, i have created a new folder: images and inside images folder i copied metro folder.

Now, next step in the documentation is: Log in to your forum administrator control panel and go the Styles & Templates > Download / Upload Styles section.

Where to go to find forum administrator control panel and Styles & Templates > Download / Upload Styles section

Please advice. Sorry i am very new to vBulletin.

So does this mean, DATABASE stuff will also be handle automatically by the software?

Sure! You just need to install it and software will take care of the rest itself.

Bravo. Thanks.

I have made the big Navbar buttons (forum, articles etc) a little smaller, and I am trying to figure out how I can align=center the text inside the buttons. I have tried to use “text-align: center;” in every possible css setting, but the “Articles, forum, Whats new” is still aligned to the left in the buttons. Can you tell me what to change?


Thank you for the purchase!

Please contact us via our profile page, we’ll help you.

Ok, you mean by sending you an email? I have tried this a few days ago, but no answer.


Please check your inbox, I replied your email.

What is the width in the fixed version? How do I change it? Is it wrong if I change to 1000px for example?

The problem is to change the side bar to 300px and the forum is way too small. In fluid is way too big.



The width of the fixed version is 950px. And you can change it as you want. You just need to edit one StyleVariable -

ACP – Styles & Templates – Style Manager – YOUR_THEME – Style Variable Editor – Global – doc_width

Hello, Very thanks! Sorry, I make two queries please:

I add a tab in Navigation Manager but does not darken when entering the page. How should I do? Is possible to change the default icon for other I like?

The second is: I have problems with vBadvanced. The navbar is not displayed. In vba options I can disable the navbar, but I remove all the header. http://i.imgur.com/eLtdiKh.jpg

Thanks for your time and sorry for my english.

Thanks, but I do not how it’s done. Sorry.

TAB: Should I create a plugin? What would be the content?

I have installed this: mysite.com/index.php (vbadvanced 4.2.1) mysite.com/foros/index.php (vbulletin 4.2.2)

vBadvanced: I did not understand. Should I add a submenu in the navbar?


Could you please contact us via our profile page?

Thanks, I sent you an email

Hello, I would like to say that your template is one of the best I’ve seen. It took me a long time to decide which to use. There were 3 choices, and it took me awhile. What I love about yours is the different color templates to chose from, and the clear indications on what to click. What would be nice is on your live preview, you have those squares that allows you to click on for a different color. Any way for us to be able to use that?

Also, the logo.psd file seems to be really small. If I were to add my own logo onto the site with the same size as what you have it now, will it make it bigger automatically? How would you recommend on making a logo?

Thank you for making this amazing logo.

Sent, you an email.

nevermind, got it fixed.

OK! Sorry for the delay. And feel free to contact us if you still have any questions – just send us an email.

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing this theme, is it compatible with Chinese?


Sure, it works with Chinese!

I found an error in the template SHOWTHREAD (condition $show[‘largereplybutton’]):

version 4.2.0: <vb:else />[span class=”closed-thread”]+[/span] {vb:rawphrase closed_thread}</vb:if>

version 4.2.2: <vb:else />{vb:rawphrase closed_thread}</vb:if>



Thank you for the report! We’ll fix it in the nearest update.

Hi thanks for this theme plz what is the step for install this theme for xampp localhost plz help me thanks


You can install it as usual web application. Here’s a tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p48Lk8ljd-4

Noticed a font issue using Internet Explorer 10 and 11. The Post Quick Reply, Go Advanced, and Cancel buttons do not use the Open Sans font.


Can confirm this is only an IE issue. Buttons display properly using Safari in OSX, FF and Chrome in Windows, and FF and Chrome in Linux Mint.

Would a “dark” Black and White theme be possible?

Do you mean “inverted” colors?

I guess? You know users, they never say. I guess a darker background. Making it easier for night viewing. While most really like the theme with the colour options (us owners of the site do to, why we licensed it :) ) they say its too bright for their viewing.

We may release such version but I can’t say when it will happen :)

Hi there, I have just started using Metro, and really like it! I have noticed a problem in my thread, the Chinese words turn in to ”?? ?” when I post them, they look fine in the editor. url: http://www.feelin-it.com/showthread.php?t=1

Can you kindly help me?


Hi, sorry for the trouble, I have fixed it with the following thread: AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> Thread Display Options (showthread) -> Number of Characters Before Wrapping Text set that to 0.

Sorry for all the trouble. Thank you for your help and the great work!

OK! Glad you managed to fix the issue! And feel free to contact us if you still have any questions!

will this theme work on – vBulletin 4.0? and have it Russian support?


No, the theme only works with vBulletin 4.2.*. And sure it fully supports Russian as any other languages.

hi plz help me i want to instill this vb for me domen it is not fond seftwer for vb were i well fond the seftwer to download this theme plz help it’s it’s the frest time to use vb

I bought the second account

hi plz help me i want to instill this vb for me domen it is not fond seftwer for vb were i well fond the seftwer to download this theme plz help it’s it’s the frest time to use vb

I bought the second account


You can use this tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n_dUUydkag

any plans to make this for vbulletin 5 ?


Sure! We are working at it now.

I’m sorry for many questions The problem is not in the install for domen, but the problem in theme it’s not found folder install vbulletin It exists only files(metro-Metro Plugins-Metro PSDs-Metro XMLs-Metro Documentation.pdf) that are placed in the Forum I hope you understand what I want I want to install.php a file to be on the Web Forum I’m sorry for the inconvenience I’m sorry for the inconvenience thanks for help thanks


You don’t have to upload the documentation and xml-files. You just need to install the theme via uploading the xml via AdminCP.