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Nice work, glws o7

Good luck with sales!

Great theme, good luck with sales! :)

Very nice template :)

Very nice template :)

Thanks guys appreciate your comments :)

Love it! Good luck with sales :)

cheers :)

Thank you! Thank you for all your Support! It really helped! Great theme! and Great support! I was able to modify some of the code with your help! And also thank you for your support files!

Glad i could help. Thanks :)

Hello friend! I want to congratulate you for the beautiful theme!

I’m having a problem with the contact form. To confirm the message, an error message appears to the user. Even with the error message, the message is sent.

Can you help me?

Sorry for my english, I am Brazilian and I used Google Translator.

My site: www.corujagames.com.br

Error message:

<br /> <b>Fatal error</b>: Call to undefined function http_response_code() in <b>/home/emporio/public_html/corujagames.com.br/php/process.php</b> on line <b>37</b><br />

Hi, thanks :) . Can you give me your email address so that i can send you the fixed version. There is no way to contact you right now.

My email is alehsoares@gmail.com . Thanks!!!

Hi, check your mail :)

I want video to only play once. Tried setting loop to false, no, and deleting the line from the jquery.background js but nothing works. How can I make loop = no?

Hello, i send you a fix. Thanks :)

Thanks. This is an excellent theme

Thanks :)

Awesome work. Thanks! Just a quick question: Is it easy to invert the countdown? I want a website that counts how much time has it been since x date and time. If so, how could I do it?


Hi, you can try this plugin http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html


youtube video with sound can be used on the background?

Hi, yes its possible.