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Hi there, I have a problem on one of my pages with formatting: http://cowleyroadcondors.cc/cowley-road-condors-cycling-club-oxford/about-the-cowley-road-condors-cycling-club-oxford

When I have items in metro step a b c and d and also have last works in the right hand column in list format, the formatting breaks and the modules in the metro step position start running up the side of the page.

What could cause this? Disabling the last works module or changing the format from list to default resolves the issue but looks bad.

What is it to do with the last works module that might cause this?

hi there, I actually resolved it by editing list.php. At the begining of the file, there was this line:

if( count($articles) ) {

echo ' ';

There didn’t appear to be a closing div tag so i edited it with this:

if( count($articles) ) {

echo ' ';

Which seems to have resolved the problem for now.

My reply appears to have removed the div class info

I’m glad to hear that :)

Please have regular backups of your site if you modified core files that can be overwritten in the future if we release an update.



I purchased the metro creative template last Friday and I am trying to install it (for joomla 3) in my local pc. I installed xampp and I followed all the installation instructions. However after filling all the information and pressing next button in order to proceed to step 2 the process stucks.

Please advice.

Please email me access and all the details from http://themeforest.net/user/htmgarcia

I can not complete the Quick Start Installation Joomla 3.x, Help me Please, you speak Spanish ??


Te he respondido en tu email. Por favor revisa y haznos saber si funcionó.