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The users on my forum are not able to upload pictures through this theme. In fact, the upload pictures option with the reply is not even visible!

How can I turn this on?


It’s not a Metro theme limitation. It’s global vBulletin mobile themes limitation. The mobile editor doesn’t have any extended post features like bbcodes via buttons or management attachments.

Hi, where are CSS file for your vbulletin theme? I don’t be able to find them. Thanks

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All the css templates of the theme can be found here: AdminCP – Styles & Templates – Style Manager – YOUR_MOBILE_THEME – Edit Templates (dropdown menu to the right) – CSS Templates group.


I am using v Bulletin 5.1.10 and purchased metro template has 4.2.3 version so I cant upload XML file so can you please provide upgraded template so I will use it. If it will not possible then please refund .



I can’t say when the Metro for vB 5 will be released. And if you want a refund, please contact the Envato support.

Hello, I have purchased template metro I am using vs bulletin version 5 and this template is not supporting to new version . can you please assist me with this

I just bought this and installed (folder to images/ and imported style file). I just get a blank screen. I’m on VBv4.2.2patch4 Any ideas? http://www.bordersdown.net/forum.php?styleid=142


I looked at the code of your forum and I can see quite heave modifications. jQuery loads twice with different versions (1.6.4 and 1.7.2). You have some third-party scripts like ‘animation-min.js’ that causes ‘yuipath is not defined’ error. “vB_XHTML_Ready is not defined” is caused by “vbulletin-sidebar.js” which is a third-party script too and shouldn’t appear on the mobile style. Any of this can give you the blank page. Try to disable all of the products again and look at the code – is any non-vBulletin code still there or not? You can compare the code with our demo Mobile style for example.

I’m really sorry to waste your time. It was a PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair). I chose “no parent style”, but I should have chosen “mobile styles – no parent style”. Which would be why it was trying to load 2 versions of jscript and all that other stuff! I think it’s sorted now. Thanks for the style.

No problem) I’m glad we managed to find out what was the reason. And we’ll emphasize the moment in the documentation to make it more distinct!

Hey, question: when I try to install it on vBull 4.2.2 Patch Level 4, it gives me the error that plugin was created in verion 4.2.3. Any way to download an older version? I’m not ready to upgrade my board to 4.2.3.


You just need to set “Ignore style version” to “Yes’ when installing the theme. Or you can contact us via our profile page – I’ll send you 4.2.2 version.

After installation of the Metro Mobile Theme when I go to the style editor in aBulletin, the only mobile theme showing up is the default mobile theme under mobile themes.

What am I missing?


Did you install as a mobile or as an ordinary theme? Please pay attention to this installation step -

3. Under the Import Style XML File section, press “Browse”, find your main theme XML-file (Metro-Mobile-Blue.xml). Under the Parent Style section, choose Mobile Styles – No Parent Style (important!). Then import the theme by pressing “Import” button at the bottom without changing any other settings.

Ah ha!! That was it. Thank you.

Suggestion for you – most of my members use a “latest posts” button to browse the forum, that I also made available on the vbulletin mobile style and will be hacking in to the top of your style too (http://sitename/search.php?do=getnew). I used the swirly atom icon that the vbulletin theme uses in the gridmenu because I couldn’t think of anything better. :D

And yes, I realise it’s available in the menu – that’s one click too many for some :)

I also spruced up the homepage with article thumbnails. Looks cool. bordersdown.net to see it.

How can I alter the theme so that users can use the reputation feature in vBulletin?


You don’t need to alter the theme in anyway for reputation feature. It’s already built in. You just need to setup the reputation option inside vBulletin. Here is the documentation – https://www.vbulletin.com/docs/html/options_userreputation

I already have reputation turned on. It works great in the regular Metro theme but I don’t see evidence of it in the mobile theme. Is there something I am missing?


My bad, I thought we were talking about the desktop version. The problem is vBulletin mobile themes have some limitations. And reputation is one of them. I didn’t met any reputation hacks for mobile vBulletin themes but you can ask on vbulletin.org – they might already implemented this feature.

What is the easiest way to add Google Adsense banners to the Metro Mobile theme?

I figured it out. Sorry for the trouble.

I would like to have my Mobile theme open up to the Grid menu view (which looks very app-like) yet I want my regular site with the full metro theme to remain opening up by default to my CMS.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hello, i use this theme in my forum http://maher.fr/ i want to know how kann i add some links and advertising in homepage ?


Do you mean the Metro Mobile theme? Where do you plan do add your links? To the main page or to the grid menu?

in Homepage and between post in the forum.

hello PixelGoose is A Mobile Theme support RTL


Yes, it fully supports. You only need to install this addon – http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=275494

Is it possible to upload files via Mobile Style to the vB? How can I test the style with login?


Unfortunately, vBulletin mobile themes don’t allow to upload any files or images.But you can do it via the desktop theme.

There is no support for the product .. I can not communicate with me people. I bought this product + was buying support for a year, but unfortunately does not have any help or support .. is not working.


Unfortunately, we can’t help you till you describe the issue in details. What difficulties do you have? Can’t you install it at all? Did you followed the installation steps from the documentation? Or maybe it doesn’t work properly with your RTL-forum? In this case did you try this addon?

It is not working properly. Forum is a copy

I want to assist in proper installation?

I want this version? 4.2.2

It does not work on vb4.2.2 my version .. but it works only on 4.2.3

I hope that you Terslo me for version 4.2.2 directly ..

I hope that you Terslo me for version 4.2.2 directly ..

Please, contact us via email from our profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/pixelgoose#message

I upgraded to the latest mobile theme for VB 4.2.3 and now the YouTube video do not show right, they do not resize like they use to and not 1/3 of the right side of the video can not be seen and you have no way to click the full screen button. This happen in the beginning when I got this them, please help.

I have an Adsense ad in the “ad_global_above_footer” template and it acts weird when viewing any page of the forum on a mobile device. It’s almost as if there’s an iframe as if I touch an inch or so below the ad – I can scroll the page up BENEATH the advertisement. So the page scrolls beneath the ad image and the image won’t move up and out of the way unless I touch and scroll where the image is positioned. Is there a way to fix this? It’s aggravating a lot of my site viewers…

Nothing, huh? A month later?


Did you test the issue with the default theme? Does the ad overlap the content in Metro theme only?

Hi, i use your theme on xbox-senioren.com and we can’t mobile open the spoiler button. What can we do?

Here is the Link to a thread with Videos -> http://www.xbox-senioren.com/forum/tipps-tricks-16/gears-of-war-4-komplettloesung-fuer-alle-sammelitems-23140/

i have the main vbulletin mobile skin deleted ^^‘

Could you please send me a link to the spoiler plugin. I can test it.