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Does this template work on Android phones?


Does this template work with WPML ?


This is a HTML template not Wordpress you have to check wordpress version: http://themeforest.net/item/metro-mobile-premium-wordpress-mobile-template/3367615

For WP Version: WPML not tested. but we tried with qtranslate and it worked..

I am running Magento store http://www.transfashions.com. Will it be working for my store and if yes then can you install and what will be the charges?


This theme not have a store system.

I have a fast iPhone connection, and loading the sample template is extraordinarily slow and hangs up often.

I hate to say this, but I wish I had not purchased this template. The slow load time is unacceptable.

Hi I bought this template and I love it. I got a problem with my ASUS MEMO Pad HD 7 with the resolution 1280×800 px Could you please fix the css for it? Thx


I will check and fix it as soon as possible.

I find out myself I had to add @media (max-width:970px){ } and @media (max-width:601px){ }

Hello, i was change the twitter user on js file, but how to work, because i don’t see anything. please help me.


Sorry for delay. I will release in 2 days.

9 days ago and the update not be ready


Sorry for delay. I sent an update 1 min. ago You will receive an email from Themeforest when it approved. Then please check help docs Twitter section. And after you make new configuration you can use the new api system.

Note: version info included into the css > style.css

25/09/2014- v1.5
+ JQuery version updated to 1.2.1
+ iPhone 6 and 6+ splash screen sizes added to index.html
+ iPhone 6 and 6+ support added to tiles.css
+ Twitter api and help docs updated.

A pre-purchase question…this is what I purchase to not have to totally redesign an existing site and to make it mobile friendly, correct?


Yes, you need to use this template for create only mobile site. This is a new site template like other HTML templates. So you have to redesign it for mobile devices.

Thanks. :)

Hello Dear , I buy the theme before days , but the splash screen does not appear at all , and i change the links with path of splash screen images , but still not appeared , can help ?


You have to check your image resolutions. Please control index.html header section for see splash screen sizes.

Hello Dear , I buy the theme before days , but the splash screen does not appear at all , and i change the links with path of splash screen images , but still not appeared , can help ?



A few questions.

1. Why can’t i look at the site in dreamweaver live mode ? 2. When i upload the site to a server it just keeps trying to load with a spinning wheel. What is the issue here ? 3. Is this template totally PhoneGap compatible ?

i look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


You can see a lot of html template not looks good in DW. live mode.
You must check your codes. There must be a js error. Please use chrome dev. tools or firebug. (Custom code repair not covered by our support.)
Didn’t tested. But some of customers says yes.


trying to open any file in Dreamweaver crashes it, very slow loading pages—can I please get a refund I should have read the other comments first


Dreamweaver crashes not happen from template. We not have any report like this before.

Refunds handled by Envato please check this article: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-get-a-refund-for-an-item-I-have-purchased-


Re: Metro Mobile Premium HTML Mobile Template – Update: 25/09/2014- v1.5

Hello thanks for the update. I followed the link, downloaded the whole zip file again only to find that the iPhone 6 and 6+ support added to tiles.css V1.5 doesn’t seem to be there, but only V1.0 am I looking in the right place?


Hello, are you still there???

Can I please have the “updated” tiles.css file which “includes” the iphone 6 and 6 plus or do I have to pay extra for this “updated” file??

I am here yes.

If you download the theme you can find latest version. I didn’t say you anything about payment.

iPhone6 & iPhone6+ problem fixed on new version. You will receive an email when it approved by Themeforest.

i need the tiles.css that support iphone 6 and iphone 6 +


I will release a new version tomorrow. Hope this will solve your problem.

hope so

Update sent. iPhone6 & iPhone6+ problem fixed on new version. You will receive an email when it approved by Themeforest.

Has anyone had good luck with porting this code through PhoneGap?

When I open this template up in phonegap desktop it sends me straight to ads??? What in the world?

I need to see screenshot. Thanks.

For all buyers, First of all, the files used in the preview page is not the same that you acquired, CSS and JS files in the preview page is better than you will download, because this, you’re not necessarily getting the same result from the theme after buy the theme “Metro Mobile”. Ex. style.css version in the preview is 1.8, style.css version in your download is 1.6. You dont have any information about that until buy, and try to use liked showed in the preview page. Ex: “Metro Mobile with no slider+orange color”

http://www.webbudesign.com/webbupreview/?id=10 (try and see it for yourself)

This template is wonderful, but, be careful before you buy

Preview site is Wordpress version of Metro mobile.

Can I create Tiles with my own images and not using the standard font awesome icons? For example, I want tiles for services. Carpet Cleaning, House Painting, etc. None of the standard icon images work for these.

Can I add some images for my tiles and they will be responsive and resize?


You must use custom code for use different font iconset. But you can use image icons.

I can not give quarantee for 100% responsive images into the tiles.

Is there a way do “disable” tiles? I want some tiles to show, but inactive when clicked


Yes you can delete/edit tiles easily. Please check help docs.

Hi in contact form can you add a selections like check boxes and they can upload a photo direct to my email?


Thanks you for your suggestion. You can do this by using Contact form 7 plugin.