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Just wanted to let everyone know that we have used this theme live for a month now and loving it! Very responsive theme and SUPPORT!

Webbu: I know we discussed a RSS feed being added as a TILE option. How close are we? Really looking forward to seeing this!


Ok. :) Will update this week for you.

Oh Webbu. I wait so patiently. What is the status for the RSS feed being added as a TILE option?

On v2.6 I will add.

I just uploaded metromobile install folder in the ftp(wp-content/themes). then I set metromobile theme in the wordpress. but my website looks like this. http://bcre.kr/wp could you tell me what is problem?

Please read installation steps in help documentation. If still have problem after read help documentation. Please create a ticket with your wp admin info in our support system: http://support.webbudesign.com


I saw the help video and now I can install website ! thnak you ~

You’re welcome.

hey hi..i got the solution of my last problem that was just cookie issue.. but i’m unable to add slider on hompe page..i want a tile, Double box horizontle. so slider should be for the same included few images..please tell me the way.. any special instruction for this..?


You can find how to add slider tile video in help documentation. You just need to add a slider tile and delete old one.


I try to send a ticket on http://support.webbudesign.com but I have to enter a purchase code. I cannot find the document you are referring to. It only has a link “regular license” which links to http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular

I want to have another link on a gallery image. Not to a bigger photo but to a page.

Yes, I see now Themeforest changed it. Will find and send you.


where can i send my login details to have solution of my problem…?

When i go to your support page for PRIVATE CONTACT option it says This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

WHICH PASSWORD i need to submit here..??

which one.? sorry but i cant see any specially for childpages?

You written: 2) i ll be thankful to you if you help in this also. its almost done. as you can see on the homepage it is showing a few links on link sub2 or sub1. i wana show pagination of childpages/subpages.

Answer: This feature not covered with our template features. So you need to find a solution yourself or try to find a plugin for this. You can see our template features from Item page and preview.


:p its ok.. !


What is the difference between this theme and your other metro theme for facebook? How can I have the facebook there display correctly on a mobile device?


Metro facebook is calculated for Facebook tab 810px. Metro Mobile for desktop & mobile supported. The difference is this. If you will use site just for Facebook i recommend buy Metro Facebook but if you want to use desktop & mobile, I recommend Metro Mobile

Hi there, love this theme, we created an app and it goes live tomorrow www.thingyapp.com the theme works great, but the BACK button javascript does not run on any device we use, it all points to the home page? Can you help me resolve this?


I see you’re using Version: 1.9.2 . I strongly recommend update it to the latest version. I think your problem will solved after update. Please backup your admin setting before update the template.


Well I have purchased the theme, loaded it and ftp it to the theme folder, and I get a blank screen. I want the demo page loaded on my site so I can customized from there. Is this possible? Site www.classof93.com


If you have configure the template like we told in help documentation and still have problem. Please create a ticket to us from our support system with your wp admin info for check it.

Support system: http://support.webbudesign.com


hello.. there is a slider tile on homepage. it only accept one target of for whole tile. right.? but what if we want to give target to each slide/image? is it possible?? any suggestion..? I can send you my purchase code can you help in this..?

Thanks in advance..!


That slider is only accept one target because all tiles working with one link. For future updates we have no plan change this feature.


i understand and agreed..but no suggestions..? so that i can implement it myself..? any particular file where i can work on for this?

Sorry can’t help you because i don’t see your purchased tag. Please create a ticket to our support forum we will happy to help you.

Support: http://support.webbudesign.com


now you can see my purchased tag ;) same question as last post.. i’m waiting for your reply :)

Please create a ticket to our support forum we will happy to help you. Support: http://support.webbudesign.com


done..! :yawn:


Bought the theme yesterday and using it in its original format (as you have it shown), however, on iphone it is appearing fine, but on nexus 3 it is not. Instead of having 4 columns, it is displaying as 3 with the 4th column full of white space. The other issue is that the icons are not appearing on the blocks.

Kindly advise.


By the way, when checking the version you have on themeforest.net on the same device (nexus 4 – Sorry I mentioned nexus 3 earlier), the theme appears fine!

Do you still think that it is update issue?


Another correction. It only appears fine when checking it using the QR, but when accessing it from the browser, I get the same error that I have on my site.


Please send me a screen shot and phone & browser name & android version from our support system: http://support.webbudesign.com


If I don’t want to add the desktop prompt function?ISO Web APP?, how do I modify it

Please delete 2 lines below from header.php

<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">
<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" content="black">

Thank you

Hi everyone, I’m working with this template but I have some problems to create the blog page in my website, I’ve some entries but I don’t know how to put in a blog page. Thanks so much! cheers!


You need to select your blog page from Metro Options Panel and you can find details in help documentation. If still have problem our support will be happy to help you; Support: http://support.webbudesign.com


I can’t see file url bar in edit image i wish to change metro logo image(http://metromobile.webbudesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/metroentrance.jpg) to our logo image any way?


As you see item description page. Images not included the package (License issues). You have to create your own logo image.


Hi Webbu,

I am about to get Crumina’s One Touch metro for the desktop & Crumina suggested that I check with you to make sure your Metro Mobile will work integrate well. I haven’t used multiple themes nor had a mobile site before so just asking first before I jump ;-) Thank you!

Thank you for purchase

Getting the hang of it – sample code helped me learn the ropes so thanx a lot for including that & the shortcode.html instructions!!!

I may have to re-install & start over tonight as I may have messed things up while learning – live & learn – learning I am.

I don’t know why but PNG images that has transparent background when using tiles w/images shortcode comes with gray overlay – working around by using JPG instead.

Our default bg color is gray. But if you want to chnage this please create a ticket in our support: http://support.webbudesign.com

After this I can change it for you.


Hi, i have a question. Can i use “Any Mobile Theme Switcher” plugin to activate this theme?

Hi Yes you can use (Check FAQ section we have a video.) But we recommend to install this separated for keep both template’s control panel.


Hi, please i need help for install and setup your theme. Thanks

Hi again,

Here is the installation videos 1 & 2; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lU-kTUpXDQ&feature=share&list=PLdFKnJrvAbvCOYUR4fBsoPPJz2g__qNEP

After this videos if still need help please create a ticket to us in our support forum: http://support.webbudesign.com

We will be happy to help you.


I want to thank you for the excellent work you do in design and support. Customer always satisfied, is a customer who always return with more customers… http://imarketing.bz


Hello there is a bug see the arrow. Why showing not full picture? http://screencast.com/t/Wf31L0Mg I am using samsung galaxy s2 and iphone 4 the same bug.

If you using our shortcode editor. I think you will not have this error. Please insert Image from Image shortcode.


Hello Wbbu! ofcorse I am using the shordcode for this. I also dont have deaktivated all my plugins and the bug is still there you can test it. I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0

Please create a ticket in our support system: http://support.webbudesign.com and send us your page address for test.


Hello when you will bring the new version? Could you create the posibility to share posts? this important feature.

We not have plan for new version. If we release any update you will receive auto email.



First of all thank you so much for your work. What a brilliant template! I wanted to ask you something regarding the front page.

I want one of the icon to open a popup (the bootstrap 2.1 one). The only thing I can’t make it work is passing the attribute to the data-toggle=”modal”

I tried to add it using <script type=”text/javascript” language=”Javascript”> document.getElementByClassName(‘MYICONCLASSNAME’).getElementsByTagName(‘a’).setAttribute(‘data-toggle’, ‘modal’); </script>

But nothing is working :(

I don’t know if I placed the script in the right place or if there is a big mistake…

If you can help me with it I would appreciate so much.

Thank you in advance, Vincent

Unfortunately we have no modal shortcode in our system. Better you find a plugin for this if can’t please let me now , I can look for you.

Hi again, thanks a lot for pointing me into a nice direction. I finally used a shortcode editor to create my custom on… ok it’s not so flexible but it’s enough for what I needed :) thanks again for you help and your work

You’re welcome.