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Update V2.3

Fontawesome Updated to 3.2 & Twitter API Updated to 1.1 & Added Twitter Setting to Admin Panel.

Hi, I can’t change text size in the editor, the html is escaped, is there any special action to do ? Thanks !


Can you tell me more about the problem because I don’t understand which text size? Also you can create a ticket in our support system:http://support.webbudesign.com


when writting the content of a page, I see no button to change the text size and set h1/h2/h3. Is it clearer ?



you can use default wordpress h1,h2,h3 setting while creating content. Our template will resize the h size. Also you can see font and p size formatting in our style.css file Just need to edit it for yourself if not comfortable with default sizes. Appearance > Editor > style.css will let you edit font sizes. Top of the file you will see size define rules.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the great theme,

I would like to custom the detect file,

Once someone enter to the site with his mobile its redirect him to the home page of the mobile site,

I want the redirect point to same path for example: webbos.co/blog will redirect to m.webbos.co/blog

any idea’s?



You can find a sample detection script in Help documentation & here: http://support.webbudesign.com/f-a-q/

If you can’t please let me know we can look it together.


Hello, can an iframe be placed in one of the tiles? Thanks.


Unfortunately Metro not have an iframe feature yet.


The install function is not working in WordPress and keeps having a parsing error. Can’t submit support ticket because my purchase code/marketplace username isn’t working for some reason.


I see you have purchased. If you send us a screen shot of error we can help you better.


Where do i send a screen shot so that you can see it? The text of the error is “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_FUNCTION in /home/mclubz/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-base.php on line 126”

This error coming from WordPress not from our template. If you see the file this is core file of WordPress.

Hi there, admin of themeforest

well, to the point, yesterday i bought Metro Mobile Theme for Wordpress in themeforest, i downloaded and installed it without any problems. But when i want to configure the theme through Metro Mobile Options Panel, it lack of panels, currently in my MM Options Panel, there are only 1. General OPtions 2. Page Settings 3. Splash Screen 4. Blog Settings 5. Seo Settings 6. Twitter Settings 7. Auto Update 8. Import/Export but when i see the tutorial of installation there are some panels that is not in my MM Options Panel, like : 1. Logo Settings 2. Menu Settings 3. Typography 4. Slider Settings 5. Splash Screen Settings 6. Social Settings 7. Theme Settings 8. Google Settings is there any way to fix it or something?

Please help me, i need it ASAP and if you want my Screen Shoot of what is the Metro Mobile Control Panels look like in my wordpress, i can send it

FYI, i already put that line in very most bottom of function.php page, well before the closer of .php code ”?>”

and i want to direct the rss feed into one of page, like news, so is there any trick behind it?

Hi metranet,

On RSS support we can only help you about default wordpress RSS system. Otherwise you need to find plugins for that. If you check our preview you will see we have no RSS Feed page. And please send us ticket from our support system for next question. Support: http://support.webbudesign.com


Hi – I can’t login to your support forum, it is saying my purchase code is invalid. I have checked it multiple times. Can you help me sign up for the forum please?

Many thanks

Please send your licence details from my profile page. I can signup for you.


hi there, admin

well for last post i had overcome it, and now i have a brand new problem, i can’t use any plugin or widget for rss feed, is the Metro Mobile Theme have some kind of “special” plugin or widget for rss feed? or is there any configuration for it?

please help me admin…, i need it ASAP

Replied above comment.

B”H Wonderful looking theme!

I was wondering: how do I do a click-to-call function?



Thanks. You can create tiles with a permalink by using our shortcode editor.


Hi, I’m very interested in this theme, and could very possibly be what I’m looking for. Is there a possibility to try the backend online? I’m sure it will help me decide if it can be the right choice for me.

Regards, Giuseppe Di Mauro


Thank you for interest with our theme. Unfortunately we not have an admin preview. Our admin panel is cover all features & shortcodes.


Is there a way to make the content responsive? It looks good on iPad but then on iPhone the text doesn’t fit well, or vise versus.


On the Metro Mobile, content is already responsive but can i see what type of content you asked for?


In the homepage can I have a small window with youtube playlist?


No. You can only have a youtube video title.

…I buy it with “The Envato Mobile Bundle”…


Any news about updated the theme for nexus 4 resolution? The 4 columns does not work on nexus 4 still. It is always displays 3 columns.


Can you try to put this file to css > tiles.css (replace) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zr2abroi7z0mp2/tiles.css%20copy%202.zip

If it is ok in nexus 4 I will release an update.

Done. It works. Thanks

Good releasing an update today for this.

Hello, It’s the best themes for moblie devices i ever meet. And do you consider adding support for more video and SNS sites? In our country can not watch youtube and twitter, so could you add youku.com and weibo.com support?

I can send you video files with a zip file by using rapidshare. Because I didn’t understand anything from this youku & weibo (Chinese). If you accept emails from rapidshare please send a email from my profile page.

Theme looks great, works fine. But don’t expect the icon size or text size to change with the size of your tile.

If you want that, it is not covered by support and is a customization.

I don’t know about any one else, but if you have prebuilt sizes of tiles, I would expect the icon and text to reflect that size change.


Am I able to add a directory plugin to this theme and make it a mobile directory?

Would you assist in setting it up?


Yes you can add but unfortunately we can not assist for customization

I want to create a page with many tiles. Is there some way to use shortcodes to create tiles non-interactively. I just want to specify the title, URL and some text and have the tile created. Can I copy and paste text to create the tiles

You need to use shortcodes for create tiles.

Can you look at this: http://themes.simplethemes.com/skeleton/button-styles. See how the shortcodes are used. Can I create tiles in your theme using shortcodes like that

Yes our shortcodes like that.

Presales question:

How do you show archives in the metro mobile? Is it shown as a set of tiles?

Can I create tiles with post excerpts?

Metro Mobile not support archive post & excerpts.

Hello, When I visit my site on my BlackBerry, the icons don’t appear. Please advise.

Thanks! www.skintelligentsd.com/mobile


If you use Image Icons you can see with blackberry too.