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Sorry to keep posting, but I think this is a normal issue.

I removed the “Blog” part of my mobile site. I made a link to http://www.lazerstarlights.com/?desktop=1 and then on my mobile device, any link that I click takes me back to the mobile site again?

Once I am on the desktop site, shouldn’t it keep me on that since I went to http://www.lazerstarlights.com/?desktop=1 ?


Once I am on the desktop site, shouldn’t it keep me on that since I went to Answer: Yes

Hi Webbu, there is a bug, no products show up on category page 2

ticket named “category.php next page doesn’t work out”

I see it ok.


Can I make an Android & IOS app to redirect to this theme?

Yes you can use it. But if you sell this app, you need to purchase exclusive license, otherwise free app need only regular license.

I am not going to sell. Thank you :)


After applying the new update, the resolution issue with nexus4 is not working as it should again. You have provided me with a fix before, but it is not included in the new update.


Thanks for information I will check.

Insert Webbu Shortcode for pages is not working in my WP dashboard

It keeps loading forever: http://tinypic.com/r/osqrep/5

What could cause this problem?

I posted in the Webbu Support forum two days ago but no reply…I can’t work on my theme.


I see your ticket in support. And requested admin info for test. Please send us your wp admin info with private message.



Replied ticket.

Tile with Slider does not work in Wordpress 3.6.1 on a clean install with your demo data. The other items work, but not this one. Doesn’t work on IE9 or 10, nor Chrome nor FF the latest version. I just purchased the template, followed instructions and when I click the buttons,

Add Slider Image or Insert ShortCode it doesn’t do anything.


Replied in your ticket.

YOu asked for my login information and I provided the video of the problem. http://youtu.be/KUEyXk0mPKg I still do not have a resolution or response other than me provide you with my login. Can I get a fix because clearly, this is not working and it’s nothing I am doing wrong. The slider image just doesn’t work. Please help. Karen

Replied in ticket thanks for video.

I sent a support ticket but no acknowledgement. Can you assist with this problem. I have tried to fix for days and I just can’t find the solution.

Click on the Blog icon and it just refreshes the home page. It should take you to the blog page.

http://towjunkcarsforcash.com/we-buy-junk-cars/blog/ Setting are set correctly. It is your demo data so it is page id 85 or if using permalinks, it is http://towjunkcarsforcash.com/we-buy-junk-cars/blog/

Either way, it won’t go to the blog page. All other pages works.

Thanks Karen


I see ticket today will reply.

You just said you would be answering soon. I need an answer or fix Not resolved.


Today I checked your ticket but it was deleted. So I check problem with our preview site. The solution is Metro’s ticket system is working different then default WordPress Themes. 1. You have to select blog page from Metro Mobile Admin Panel. 2. Or you can use category links on menu too.

If still can’t solve the problem. Please send me your wp admin info from my profile page.

Note: You have to turn back to default Blog Page setting from Settings > Reading.


Is there a way to center the Facebook, Twitter, and other icon tile text? I think centered would look better for me. I tried adding text-align:center; to the css file, but it didn’t work for me.

I love the work and look of your product. Great job!


That icons already centered. But FontAwesome icons can be different sizes and types so it happen from this problem.

But if you send me your web site address I can check it once again for you.


Sorry, I might have not been as clear as I wanted. I am talking about the title (subname) “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Gallery”, “Elements” and other labels. The icons are centered and look great! I would prefer each name (the thing under the icon) be centered as well.


You can center that icon names from css > tiles. css file on line 73 (You have to change all” .tile .tilename .name {...} “tags)
.tile .tilename .name {
margin-left: 10px;
margin-bottom: 8px;
font-size: 12pt;

Hi support,

I hate to complain but I am 2 weeks into this and not getting timely responses and not getting answers or fixes.

Another issue, the alert boxes are the wrong colors. Check here where I named the colors and they are wrong. http://towjunkcarsforcash.com/we-buy-junk-cars/alerts-wrong-colors/ Second, I have been waiting for a fix for the blog link. It does not go to the blog page and in the mobile view, no links work to any page, but they do in the desktop view. but not the blog, neither. http://towjunkcarsforcash.com/we-buy-junk-cars/

This is a clean install with you demo data and I have installed it my localhost and other linux servers. It is consistantly wrong. Can I get some help please? Soon?

Thanks Karen

Answered. Duplicated post.

Can you please help me with the Facebook errors the theme is causing? I described the problem a few days ago in the support forums, but I have yet to hear back…

I have built dozens of Wordpress sites, all of them have successfully shared a thumbnail in Facebook. If there was ever a problem, it has been really easy to correct the META og:image code. There are a variety of plugins that force fix this, but this is not working for this theme. I notice in Metro Mobile settings you have settings for Meta title and description. This is fine, but can you also add og:image or share image (an image that Facebook would choose, greater than 200×200 pixels)? All code modifications in the header and/or plugin options seem to not work with how it’s configured.

Please help correct this problem because I would like to share my site via Facebook, and I would want to use my logo for all pages. Right now, only a random image is being chosen.

Thank you.

Your ticket replied. Sorry for delay.

Hello can I create a rounded boxes?


Sorry only square buttons available as you can see preview. But soon we will release a rounded button theme too.

on “Features” it says: Working Twitter Feed Page

but I cant see that on the live version? when you click the Twitter icon it just has a follow me button?

Can you send me a link to the Working Twitter feed?

Update not included the preview check this link please: http://metromobile.webbudesign.com/test/

Hi there,

Anytime I try to create a tile w/icon as a Box (Standard Square), four boxes show up. In fact, the demo home page has four boxes for every box tile. Two of the boxes are just a box with color, then one has the tile image and one has the tile description. Am I doing something wrong or did the theme upload improperly? Please help.


Send me an email from support@webbudesign.com

Ok. Will do.

Email Sent

i purchased this great theme from bundle , can i have the new update?


Bundle purchases are “as-is”; mean without support & updates. So you need to purchase this theme for get updates and support.



I have a few pre purchase questions.

I currently have a wordpress site with an existing theme. I do want to keep it and create a mobile web app. Can I have two themes like this or should I use my second domain name? Also, I want people to register to my web app using facebook, as well as find local people by them. Is this possible on your theme?


You can use existing desktop site and Metro Mobile together with WP Mobile Switcher plugin. But I suggest you install separated domain like mobile.yoursite.com or yoursite.com/mobile because some times existing contents make problem while using together. On this solution you can use our mobile device redirection script which we already included in the Metro Mobile.

Unfortunately register option non exist for users as you can see on preview site.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the quick response. Can you use 3rd party plugins for registering, or facebook api?

Yes off course.


I have a few pre purchase questions.

I currently have a wordpress site with an existing theme. I do want to keep it and create a mobile web app. Can I have two themes like this or should I use my second domain name? Also, I want people to register to my web app using facebook, as well as find local people by them. Is this possible on your theme?


Great theme! Just rated it 5 stars:)

I need some help:

1. How do I align the filenames to center in the box-content? 2. How do I align the tile icons to in the box-content center?


THANKS! I’ll try it out :-)

It worked perfectly… THANKS! Last ting: I want to do the same with the icons in the tiles. They’re already centered when I make a “single” / “normal” tile, but the icon is left aligned if I make a “t2x” tile. How do I make the icons centered in “t2x” tile?

Sorry but these things are customizations and you have to handle this type coding works yourself.

Can I add text on the home page together with the tiles?

You can add text above or below the tiles. Bu I think it look like not nice because tiles auto resizing.

Hi! Great Theme. Love it!

I bought it as mobile bundle…

I have tried both my bought version and your demo version on my Samsung Android Phone.

1. When I click on the call me button it activated on my phone my phone number AND THE SHORT CODES FOR COLOR. As a result it is not possible to dial the number becuase the embedded phone number is attached to the short code.

After clicking on the Call Me button

it appeared as 1-416-393-4636?class=tile TDarkPurple iconmain


[webbu_icontile size=”” url=”tel:1-416-393-4636” pi=”” color=”TDarkPurple” sname=”Call me” sicon=”” scolor=”“] icon-phone[/webbu_icontile]

Can you let me know. how do I fix the short codes attached to the actual phone number.

Ideally the phone number should be displaying only.


Bundle purchases without support and updates. We update this theme many time afte bundle. Please try to purchase and update. I am sure the problem will solved after purchase. I f you still have problem after purchase I will be happ to help you.


I have built a website, so this site template only assign to display for mobile or pad?

No you can use it as a desktop theme. It is responsive design.