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WP 3.8 Tested and working well.

Hi and thank you for the theme.

I created the child theme but it seems not to pick up the css changes. Any advise?

Thank you


I need to check your wp admin what is wrong. So if you send me your wp admin info by using my profile page email form I can check it for you.

Note: I can do this test after our holiday time. Please see my profile page for see dates.


Hello how can remove the the navigation(arrow) on the start page: http://screencast.com/t/jzrqyvWjfmx I now I have choose ist on the options but I want if directly go to the url oft the startpage also dont show it


If you select your Home Page from Settings > Reading then that arrow will hide automatically.

Hope this helps.

Hello, yes I know this but I also want if I directly go to startpage the hide too

You can hide it by editing codes on top of the css > bootstrap-dark.css or bootstrap-white.css

Note: If you remove that arrow. Then all sub page arrows will be removed. And I can not send a code change because our support only covered existing theme features, customizations need to handled by user.

Hope this helps.

does it support widgets ?

Sorry not.

t3x-t2x-b size is slightly off and causes a misalignment.

Also, could I request for a 4 horizontal and 3 vertical tile size? :):)

Thank you so much!


Can you send me your web page address and wp admin info for check it. (You can send by using my profile page or support forum: http://support.webbudesign.com)

issue solved. :) the right size that sets it right is as in my email reply to you

Ok good I will test and add that on next update.

I’m curious what exactly the lat number means and if and how do I link my google analytics account with it?

Thanks, Roy

Yes, thank you! Although I wasn’t getting a response from the analytics until i downloaded a third party google analytics plug in. I will debug some and let you know if the problem continues.

It is working now, must have been a mistype.

Yes mistype, I will fix it on next update.

How can I remove or add a menu item? Thanks!


I told this in help documentations. Please check it. If still have problem while creating tiles on home page. I will be happy to help you.


Hey there seems to be an issue on iPhones for this template and I’m not sure what is causing it. I can only see a piece of the error which follows:

“Warning: Illegal string offset ‘fancybox’ in /home/USERNAME/public_html/goldencreek.org/wp-content/plugins/photoswipe-for-nextgen-gallery/ngg-photoswipe.php on line41”

What could I do to fix this error? It isn’t viewable on desktop, only mobile.

Thanks, Roy

Here is the solution: http://goo.gl/1EJSU2

Thank you for the help, for everyone else here is the solution: http://goo.gl/1EJSU2

You’re welcome.

Any way to change the colour of the tile sub name? I am trying to improve visibility of the text in certain colour backgrounds. example if i set the background colour to white, i cant see the text.



That side need customization on short code panel. If you send me a support ticket we can offer you a price for that. Support: http://support.webbudesign.com


Hi there,

I recently bought this theme and have installed it over at http://www.contentovercommonsense.com but when I am trying to install a slider tile it does not do anything when I click Add Slider Image…you have any ideas? While I am here is there an ideal size I should make slider images for a Quadro Horizontal tile?

Best wishes

Please use don’t update Nexgen Gallery & use included plugin from plugins directory. I hope that solve your problem.

(Note: We see this problem before a customer & he is using the Nexgen Gallery last version.)

I am experiencing this error as well. Plugins were also installed from folder download folder.

Any resolution for these errors?

Hi , We are trying to solve with @libertyspeaks. I think you have same problem. So when I solve problem will send you solution today.



Here is the solution: http://goo.gl/1EJSU2

Dear Webbu,

There is another issue I am need help resolving. For some reason when your theme is active on a site it gets rid of other plugins such as “my calendar” which is very hard to navigate without a menu. It also does it for other plugins it seems and here are some photos documenting the occurrence. In the first Image 1 , with metro mobile active you can’t see the “my calendar” plugin, but in Image 2 you can see “my calendar” because another theme is active. My calendar is viewable along with the theme settings in the tool bar. I’m not sure what to do to correct this. Any help is appreciated. This was only an issue on this theme out of multiple tried.

Thanks, Roy Costner IV

Image 1 Image 2

Hi libertyspeaks,

That is not problem. I think your calendar plugin and Metro Mobile admin menu conflict on menu order. We can solve it easily please open admin > nhp-options.php and go line 128 find code below:
$args['page_position'] = 27;

Change that number “27” to 200 or something. Then save it.

I think this will solve your problem.


Awesome! Thank you so much for all of the help and quick responses!

You’re welcome. Please don’t forgot to rate our theme.

How do I create a template update to the latest version? I have installed version Metro Mobile WP v2.1 and automatic update is not working properly …

Hello, I’ve changed the permalinks to friendly URL’s (/ postname /), but the homepage tiles still link to page-ID’s, so I get 404’s instead of pages. I’ve already tried making a new page, but that is not working either. I get no errors when updating the permalink structure, so htaccess is properly writable. How can I get it to work properly?

No you need to write direct url address. If check the help documentation you will see url address parameter. Note: pi parameter must be empty. Because you will not use ID or pages.

I know the URL parameter, but isn’t that meant for external links? I need to link to internal pages (I know I can use URL as well, but will that cause already loaded scripts to reload because it’s viewed as an external link?).

All scripts will reload on every page open. So there is no difference with pi or url. Only this way available at this time.

How can I shorten the time the splash screen is shown? I cannot find which (js or php) file this is in.


Splash screen has no timer. It stay until your connection finish to load page content.


Ok, thank you!

hi~ my page is http://freekr3.nayana.kr/~thenunacom/wordpress 1. thanks to useing your theme 2. i did your _documentation -> index.html manual. 3. but, do not image upload in page with webbu_image

why do not? please help me.

edit page _ about us _ webbu_image alt=”” align=”left” type=”rounded” url=”http://freekr3.nayana.kr/~thenunacom/amway_images/1111.jpg resp=”1”


I didn’t understand well but. If you have problem with image shortcode. You can find a live example in demo_content. Also into the documentations we have detailed explanation for shortcode parameters.


Hi, I am enjoying the great Theme thanks! How can I FIX the Background so that it does not scroll with the page please? Many thanks JFK


If you send me your web address I can write a custom css for you.


I’m not sure how mobile themes work.. can they be installed in tandem with my regular wordpress template?

My icons decided to not want to load, over night…

page is www.snippetsmedia.com.sg


The problem is Nextgen Gallery. Please downgrade version of nextgen gallery and only use which we already attached into the theme. After update Nextgen Gallery this problem and some others reported before.(You can try to check after deactivate.)


ah ok.haha.. i spent half a day trying to solve it with no avail. thanks webbu

You’re welcome.

hi. I purchased this theme. It is very nice theme!

I have a question. tab shortcode does not operate in my theme. I can’t see ‘tab content’

‘tab-pane’ class does not change to ‘tab-pane active’ class, because ‘tabs_count’ does not start 1.

how can I solve this problem? please help.


Can you send me your wp admin info from my profile page contact form. I want to check it.