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On my blog page (http://dsa.mobi/blog/) I cannot figure how to put “continue reading” as in your demo site. Please show me how.

For fontawesome icons problem: If you upgrade Nextgen Gallery plugin please downgrade version to attached plugin version. The new version of next gen gallery blocking fontawesome.

For read more: You can find instruction in help documentation. We are using advanced excerpt plugin for that.


Thanks, it worked. Any answer for my 1st question? “On my blog page (http://dsa.mobi/blog/) I cannot figure how to put “continue reading” as in your demo site. Please show me how.-2

Just saw it, sorry

Hi, font-awesome fonts are not working at all. I tried the old code, and that worked. none of the “fa-” named icons are working.

I just bought the theme, and it seems this theme is already outdated? How do I use font-awesome? Is there an old icon name list I can check? When will you update everything?


You can use v3.2.1 icons from here: http://fontawesome.io/3.2.1/icons/

Thanks! 1. When will things be updated? 2. When they are, will my previous icons be thrown out of whack? 3. Is there a way to make a tile with just text in it?


We no have plan for change Fontawesome version. Text tile noted hope will add soon.


I load the metro mobile site and looks fine on the desktop, but in the mobile I have the following error that show in to top header:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘fancybox’ in/home/smelicio/public_html/ttc2/wp-content/plugins/photoswipe-for-nextgen-gallery/ngg-photoswipe.php on line 41

I went to Nextgen Gallery menu on the wp admin and find Photoswipe config and click to Fancybox checkbox.

Save, but box keep default to be unchecked. Try in all three major browsers

Can you send me your wp admin info by using my profile page contact form. And also please copy this comment link to email please.


Someone replay a email with the same recommendations you posted here. I tried one more time and still not working. I send on the email my credencials. Hope someone can help me with the issue.



Problem solved.

Hello. Why haven’t the new version?

Hello. Why haven’t the new version?

Because not need.

Installing Plugin: Contact Form 7

??? http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/contact-form- ?????…

????? ????????????????

Return to Required Plugins Installer

Please send a screenshot to our support: http://support.webbudesign.com

webbu icontile is not appear after update. I didn’t do anything. I just did update WP to 3.8.1 version. But webbu icontile is working well in the past WP version.

I think, page coding is not problem. Here is part of page coding. => [webbu_icontile size=”” url=”https://www.facebook.com/bcreface” pi=”” color=”TFacebookBlue” sname=”” sicon=”” scolor=”“]icon-facebook-sign[/webbu_icontile]

WP 3.8.1 version -> http://bcre.kr/m WP past version -> http://bcre.co.kr/m

and this site is not working well on the IE10. Is there any update for IE10?


1. Icon is not working after update.

2. Site is not working well on the IE10.

plz help me ~

After this process if you still have problem please send me your wp admin info by using my profile contact form. (please add problem desc too.)

I sent my admin info. help me.

Email replied. We can not make customization on user’s Wordpress.

Fantastic site, Webbu. It works great and matches my style completely without much customization. I’d like to share my site with you and your customers to show them an example of your site template in action.

Here is the link http://tilleyart.com/

You can share it how ever you please. Thanks again for your fantastic theme and amazing support.

Thanks catzip,

Hope other users get some inspiration from your site :) I will make a list of Metro Mobile sites soon to the item page.

Thanks. Yes, good idea.

Love your theme!! 2 things: Still waiting for RSS Feed tile….PLEASE! When can I update NEXT GEN Gallery Plugin? I’m tired of seeing the reminder within WP admin panel :-)

Hi TallmanProduction,

I remember RSS Tile but too busy with new products so can’t prepare it yet. We not have a plan about NextGen Gallery. Because existing version still working well. But today I will release v2.6 with a new gallery plugin coded by us. Metro Mobile Framework Gallery and Portfolio plugin. So you can disable to use Nextgen after install Metro Mobile Framework Plugin.

Here is a tip for you: How to disable Nextgen Gallery update Notice? 1-) Open wp-content > plugins > nextgen-gallery folder
2-) Open nggallery.php change below code;
Plugin Name: NextGEN Gallery
Plugin URI: http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/
Description: A NextGENeration Photo Gallery for WordPress
Author: Photocrati
Author URI: http://www.photocrati.com/
Version: 1.9.10


Plugin Name: My Gallery

3-) Change nextgen-gallery folder name to my-gallery
4-) You need to modify photoswipe-for-nextgen-gallery/ngg-photoswipe.php line 40-51 below style:
function nggphotoswipe_menu() {
    add_submenu_page('my-gallery', "Photoswipe", "Photoswipe", 'manage_options', __FILE__, 'nggphotoswipe_options_page');

That is it now you will not see update message anymore.

Please do not upgrade until we release a patch for new WP 3.9. We are working on this case.

Metro Mobile updated for work with new WordPress and older versions. Now compatible with 3.5+ (3.9) (v2.7)
Note: You can find change log on end of the item page.

Where are all the image files so i can customize them? For example the splash screen and the favicon??


You can find that images into the downloaded zip file > sources folder. And only you need to upload from admin panel after customize. Also we told this in help documentations located into the downloaded zip file > documentations > index.html

is there a way to control the layout of the portfolio page. I’d like to make a grid more than two columns and I’d like to remove the white border and text under the image.

You can use existing nextgen gallery for create different type of portfolio.

OK, thanks

Brilliant theme. Ellerinize saglik :nerdy::bigsmile:

Thanks. :)

Hi there,

I created a child-page ( the page with a parent page). When I tap on the left arrow on the top of the child page, it navigates to the home page instead of its parent page. Is there any way to fix this issue?


Unfortunately Metro mobile not support child pages/ parent page combinations.

WEBBU SHORTCODE BUTTON is not showing up on the latest version of WordPress. How can I workaround this? Thanks!

Okay, I downloaded it again and it was the latest version. However, when I use the shortcode button, the screen greys over and then the shortcode popup screen disappears. Not functioning.

Did you updated the Nexgen Gallery?Because this problem only happen when updated. If yes please downgrade it to the attached version. Then your problem will solved.

Got it solved. Thanks!!

I need to remove the directional arrow and the header at the top of pages. How can I do this? Thanks!


Unfortunately I can not help on this case because customizations not covered by our support.


I’m not customizing anything, I just need to remove those header items please help.

Can you also provide a child theme for this? Thanks!

Noted. I will try to add future update.

HI Wordpress updated by itself yesterday (3.9.1) and all my little icons have disappeared. Are you aware of this issue? Let me know what to do. thanks.

HI Wordpress updated by itself yesterday (3.9.1) and all my little icons have disappeared. Are you aware of this issue? Let me know what to do. thanks.


I just update the metromobile and tested have no problem. Can you send me a ticket with screenshot and address of this page please.

Support: http://support.webbudesign.com