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Hello, i think go purchase this, but i have a question: I have nexus4 and i scan the qr code to see on my device, have a problem: I can only see three horizontal icons, I get a bar without icons from the header until the footer, this is normal?

Hi, i can see everthing, icons, fonts and image as well, when i put landscape is ok, but when put portait i see header, them big image, ok. Next if i divide sreen on 4 parts, the right part is empty. Understund ? i want buy this theme

On huawei p6 works fine, but on nexus 4 not work, have any way to make changes on template for works fine with nexus 4 ?

Our preview can be old version of metro I remember we fixed a nexus 4 error before. after buy please check the theme if have any problem please send me ticket I will be happy to help you.


You’ve probably already answered this question before but I’m confused about how the theme works. If I already have a theme installed, can I install this theme just for the mobile version of the site/keep the regular theme for the desktop/pads?? What if my regular theme is already responsive?? Does it sorta work like a child theme??


You can install our theme separate subdomain like m.yourdomain.com or folder like yourdomain.com/mobile then you can use our mobile device redirection script for redirect mobile device users to your site.

You can find more details into the help docs after purchase.


i have bought this theme through a bundle can i have update for the 3.9 wordpress support as shortcode doesnt work


Unfortunately Bundle sales are “as-is” without support and updates. Only the way, you have to purchase it for update.


I just purchased this theme and want to use it as a mobile theme. How ever your instructions say to to create a folder or subdomain and within that folder or subdomain create a new wordpress install. Then upload your theme. The question I have is by doing this how does it know to pull the data from the desktop version ?

I followed the instructions and want to know how will it pull my desktop version of the data? Do I have to manually import all the data? Isnt this bad for SEO?

You can use wordpress impot/export for this.

how do you link to links that are external to the website like for facebook?

Which part of site?

Here’s a serious issue at hand which is making bounce rates on my site go to 90% on mobile devices (it was 65% before the mobile app). When someone clicks on a link that was shared on twitter (or any other site) for my site instead of it going to that link it goes to the home page.

What is your solution for this? I need to know ASAP as this is affecting my site in a major way

if you are not going to fix this refund the money as this doesnt work properly. If a user clicks a link to view a post on a blog and it goes to the home page instead of the right page its a useless mobile app.

Dear customer,

If you send a ticket that will reply soon. If you check our support system it says you will get a reply in 48 hours.

For refund: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/256/55/can-i-get-a-refund-for-an-item-i-have-purchased


Good day. I am interested in your theme and have 3 pre-sales questions.

1) I see your theme offers “iOS Web App Support”. What exactly does this mean? Some mobile themes I am l looking at don’t offer iOS Web App Support. Can you quickly explain why this is a good feature and why your theme is better than others because it offers this iOS Web App Support feature?

2) Can you upload custom icon images (for adding the website to the home screen of an iPhone or Android phone) through your theme options? Or would I have to do this manually and add code to my header?

3) Is see your theme works great on iPhones, iPads, Androids, and WP8 phones. That is wonderful. Just wondering if your theme also works on newer Blackberry devices?

Thank you.


Estimates, i have a problem with plugin webuu, it is blocked after certain time. Thank you for advance.

On the photos I see you are using the latest version of NGG Gallery. Please downgrade it to the included version of theme. Because latest NGG gallery plugin make problem on Metro Mobile. You can use included version without problem like that.

And please do not update it in the future.

Thank you very much, works for me

Hi, do you have push notifications as part of your design?


Sorry not have push notifications.

I can add facebook comment? Install the plugin but does not work.

please help.


Don’t know. Not tested any plugin for facebook comments.

Hi there,

How can I change the font color on the tiles. They are white and I need them to be black.

Regards, Next Web

Don’t worry about it, I found it :)

I installed plugin visitor counter, but the number increases by two times…(?) like, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10… So I tried to install other plugins, but it was same. Plz let me know how to fix this…

sample http://s-plugins.wordpress.org/dummy-hit/assets/screenshot-2.png?rev=731952


Unfortunately I can’t give support for 3rd party plugins please contact with plugin owner.


Nice mobile theme :)

Pre-purchase question…Does this have a setting for RTL? I need to create an arabic version of the application. Also, is the theme WPML compatible?

Thanks in advance,


Yes you can use rtl and WPML not tested. but we tried with qtranslate and it worked..

Hi, I can’t add any of the webbu content. When the modal opens it remains dark and nothing is clickable. Tested in recent FF + Chrome on mac.


If you can’t see shortcode editor please do not update Nextgen gallery and only use included version. Please check previous comments or our support forum http://support.webbudesign.com

I’m very interested in that theme for my new site, but I have one question: is it possible to show AdSense ads with this theme? There are normal plugins for AdSense in the Wordpress “Appstore”, do they apply on this theme?


That type plugins working with widgets. And Metro mobile not supported widget areas. So you can only add by using custom html codes.

I have changed the style.css font colors. They are being overwriten by bootstrap. How/where do I change them so they stay what I what? See page http://m.visitbeachwoodohio.com/home/news-releases/?preview=true&preview_id=65&preview_nonce=f119334fff

I do not want any black type.


Hi visinno can’T see your tciket can you share the address of ticket please.

Ok see it now.


I tried to install the frameworks plugin and got this….

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wmff_enque() (previously declared in /home/arumcorg/public_html/accym-mobile/wp-content/plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit/index.php:31) in /home/arumcorg/public_html/accym-mobile/wp-content/plugins/metromobileframework/index.php on line 73

I got the same error code….

If possible please send your wp admin info by using my profile page contact form.

I figured it out… I also had the Mobile First Framework activated….

I am running Magento store http://www.transfashions.com. Will it be working for my store and if yes then can you install and what will be the charges?


This theme not have a store system.

Hi, I know you mentioned that you will not be updating Font Awesome for the Theme. What files do I need to change to upgrade Font Awesome by myself?


For update fontawesome you need to update files under the fonts folder and also css files under css folder. After do that you still need to update some files for change system font names. Please check shortcodes.php under admin folder.


Hi, I’ve done my best to find an answer so I apologize if it’s a repeat. I love the design and site.

I created a site that looks great on mobile. 2 columns that I have designed to look that way. when the phone is turned side ways instead of keeping 2 columns it turns into 3. Is there a way to override that? I’d like it to look the same on every device.

Also, I have an issue with the homepage not loading completely. I’ve resolved it on other pages removing videos and confusing images, but the homepage is pretty important to display all the info.



Metro Mobile optimized for different phone orientations. So you need to change all css codes. Unfortunately this is a customization and not covered by our support.

For home page please send me your web address and wp admin info. I will be happy to check it for you. You can use my profile page contact form for this.

Note: Please include your problem description into the contact form.