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Is it possible to add a youtube or vimeo video on the home page as the main tile?

Yes you can add video any tile you want.

thanks for the reply. But will the video be embedded and play or will it link?

No, You can play inside the tile. And on your phone it will full screen automatically. Without existing your web site.

One of the best themes and the support is fabulous, go for it :)

Thanks hmooly. :)

Hi, I already have my wordpress website up and running, but not supported mobile view, if I purchase and install this template, can it be co-existence? I just want to make sure…

If you use together both sites some times our customers have problem so we recommend seperated but if you want to use same time just watch this video you can use it like this:



the video capture looks ok, what sort of problems that your customer experience? seems like we can use the mobile switcher plugin and have both desktop and mobile site running at the same time with the same pages/post/articles?

Yes same post articles. Just the problem reposted they not run control panel at the same time because theme need to be activated. Our template is not need to use wordpress menu so menu is working well no conflicts.

Just purchased, and setting up general layout of theme. Is there a link or video that gives a tutorial on basic set up for the theme to look like the demo?



Thank you for purchase our template.

Yes you can find in _documentation folder. Just check our help documents. You will see installation and tutorial videos.


For the life of me I can’t figure out how to make the homepage boxes wrap around each other like your demo, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I looked through the videos and did not find anything on this topic.


Thank you for purchase our template. On our help documentation. I detailed told our shortcodes. And we have video tutorials how to add a tile in your home page. Also you can check Home Page sample in demo content.

Hope one of these solutions will solve your problem.


Hi, I could not find the link to your support forum, hence I am writing here. I am building a registration form with the Contact Form 7 and I have a button with which one can upload an image or a file. I tried it and it is working fine.

However, what I cannot figure out is; - WHERE is the uploaded image stored? - HOW can I access the image that was sent with the form.

In the form I received from testing, it only recorded the TITLE of the image and nothing else. - Do I have to define a location first -If yes WHERE is the script

I sent you a mail to your inbox on that too. Thanks a lot in expectation of your prompt reply



Thank you for purchase our template. Our support forum is: http://webbu.ticksy.com/

You can take help about contact form7: http://contactform7.com/faq/

Unfortunatelly we can not code a contact form for customers. You have to create your form like our sample. For advanced form works i prefer check Contact Fom 7 Site.


Hi, as you suggested I have installed qTranslate plug-in for WP , as you know the metro Mobile template does not use widget so I would like to use Language Switcher using this code ”<?php echo qtrans_generateLanguageSelectCode(‘both’); ?>” . It is possible integrate it into a Webbu Short code “Tile”? if not where I should copy the above code in order to view the switcher into the mainpage. Please check the site in working on www.montignano.com/mobile. Thank you in advance Sergio


Replied in support forum.



For the “Portfolio” page, the featured image are displayed as unordered list. I’d like to change it into div element instead of list elements to display the featured images floating left for different sizes images. Let me know where I can make that change.

I’ve tried to make the list css to float left or display: inline-block and tried using css to make the list stack up and it’s not working. Let me know if there’s a way around it. Thanks.

- Ty -


Thank you for purchase our template.

Please send us a ticket from our support system:


Our support will help you.


Hi how can I tell which version of your theme I am using? cheers C

Thanks, I have mine set to auto update (have envato key & username in there) but I am still on version 2.0 any idea why? thanks

Ignore that question – I just read the FAQs & updated it manually :-)

ok Thanks.

Love the theme. I have noticed that the category direct URLs do not seem to work. For example:


this takes me back to the home page, rather that to a list of blog entries in that category.

Any fix for this?

Sorry, I had bought the mobile bundle, and realized I wasn’t supposed to get support.

But just bought the theme separately and updated. The category URLs are working now. But, I used “Widgets on Pages” plugin to create a “search” inside a page. Search doesn’t work. Any search term sends me back to the home page.

Any ideas on that? http://www.merge.oe11.com/search


Thank you for purchase our template. Our template is not have a widget area but some customers want to add search like you want. So i will add a tile for search. Next week i will update template and will send you message.

Hope this helps you.


Thanks, Webbu. Really appreciate it. While I love the fact that the design is simplified and doesn’t offer sidebars, I still think a search bar is a great feature to have. I look forward to the update.

Awesome theme, just gave it 5 stars. That Search thing would be brilliant as I have been trying to implement a solution with not much success too.

Thank you very much. Will add a search tile end of this week.

Thankyou too, its a pleasure to work with something that just ‘works’ without any messing about :D

Here’s to trying it out

Sorry don’t understand?

My front page for stuftudu.com won’t adopt the meta description that I put in the SEO box. How do I get it to work so that it shows up right when I post a page to facebook?


Thank you for purchase our template.

You can find description field in Metro Mobile Admin Panel SEO setting page. If you delete text on that box you can disable that.

Hope this helps to you.


Hi Webbu

Template looks great. I would like to add a mobile side to my site and this looks excellent. Would I be able to also add the ‘demo style’ you have used on the ‘live view’ with my own content on my site to show how it works as you have done, to encourage users to use the mobile site. Hope I have explained this clearly!




When you purchase our template you will find demo_content.xml in to the template file. And also you can use this for create a site like our demo preview.

Hope this helps you.

hi, what is the bookmark item called that pops up on iphone when you visit the site? great theme.

iPhone Add to Home Bubble. Asking for that?


I install the site as per your instructions but it hangs on the import demo_content.XML file and never continues with no loading or confirmation screen. Now I cannot get the website to work (not even once).

please check and help me fix.


Please send us a ticket with your wordpress admin username and password we check it for you. Support forum: http://webbu.ticksy.com/ Regards

Hello, Is it possible to use Font Awesome More instead of Font Awesome because it contain more icons… Regards,

We have image icon option for this you can use image icons. Sorry but we can not change our template for different icon library.

Ok, Thanks i really appreciate the help

You’re welcome. Have a nice weekend.

Hi, i purchase this template with the bundle, how can i get the updates? Thanks and have a nice day!

The problem is that i buy this template, and the preview of the thumbs of the galleries dont work correctly at the first time, i need to refresh them always to see them big….what is this problem, could you help me with this issues?

We have instruction in help documentation about how to configurate gallery plugin.

Hi, How do u create 2 or more different ‘portfolios’ in this. I want to be able to use more than one. Also how do u organize the order of portfolio items into a custom order. Thanks

There is no way to do it. But you can use 4rd party plugins for this ex: nextgen gallery.

Re order options not have a section for change it but i can add thatnext Monday.


Hi, have you fixed this please?

Hi, Not yet not have a time for add this features. Can you send an update request from our support system so i can do it in this week. Support is: http://support.webbudesign.com

Hello, Awesome theme you have but i have a small question. I am currently using a food theme, and it has a custom post type called ‘recipe’ instead of posts. Now if i install this theme i want the food recipes to show on the home page and all the pages and all. The ones in the post type called ‘posts’ are now my articles, can this be done? Or can you help me change this theme to fit in my current custom post type and work nicely?

No, post type can work with your desktop template but now with our mobile template. You need to add it our template manually with code.