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Hi there

i would like to know; are there garbled words showed up, like product name on product list both on product page and search page if i use other language, such as Chinese.


sorry~ i think i didnt explain my issue clearly. my question is that if my product name is too long, will garbled words be showed up cause of Chinese?? For example, the product name will be like %^$#@@.


BTW, is it compatible with IE 10??

Hi, Special charterer support. & if product name long so automatically convert second line to more product name word. & also it is compatible in IE10. Thanks.


Can you please fix Latest Tweets I have a client how like your theme and I will install it for him So can you please fix the Latest Tweets so my customer buy your theme

Hi, I was solved & update 1 day ago. just missing in our demo but It is working now. check it our demo now. Thanks.

Well Done! Simple & Nice, Like it so much! Keep it up!

Thank You so much.

Nice theme and GLWS.

Quick question: I will be doing some slight modifications. Will these be lost when the next update comes? If yes, how can I prevent this from happening?

Thanks for info. I’ll keep that in mind

Any chance of adding mega menu to this one also?

Hi, I have not any plan now. Thanks.

Hi, I’m wondering is this webshop multi language? I’m from sweden.

Hi, Yes, multi language support in OpenCart. & also, it is compatible in metro. You can find your language extension in OpenCart Market- http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension

if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Hello, the Tracking in affiliation does not work on product research

Hello, I have sent your email reply. Thanks.