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When you click on a category you get this nice left sidebar with collapsible categories. On the product pages that left sidebar disappears. Would it be possible to have that left sidebar also visible on the individual product pages?

That’s the only thing I’d like to change for my needs. The rest is absolutely perfect.

Hello Jeff,

It can be easily done from admin panel. Here I did setup for one product. Here you can see : http://www.magentothemestudio.com/themes/metrostore/index.php/clothing/product-name-goes-here.html

Let me know if you have any other issue.


That’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

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Realy nice work! Great great ! :D

Very nice work! Good luck :)

It’s Possible put custom Link in the menù? and the add to cart button is possible put in different place? I’d like tu found a template that give the possibility to put the ADD TO CART button on the top right of the shop, like the most important shop today

thanks a lot best regards Fulvio

Thanks for reply, I check your answer and will evaluate thanks

1- Can I put a static block on menù? I’d Like to make 2 menù 1 whit all the info about our store, purchase etc .. and another whit promotion best etc.. naturally whit banners

2- if or you naturally whit a Fee, change it from This: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4g2RhKpymu_RnowWlNsMlRuSW8/edit?usp=sharing


This https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4g2RhKpymu_V1NxQXlqVlpiOW8/edit?usp=sharing

Yes for both. You can send us an email on peerforest@gmail.com for any customization.

Just purchased and realized there are no PSD’s included (those are needed to quickly adjust color set before adjusting CSS/CODE)


Dont Worry, We are attaching PSDs in next update.

Thanks for purchase.


Can you migrate this template to PrestaShop?

Thanks you.

NO, we cant.. It will take time.

Ok. Now not. When can you? 1 Months? Thanks.

Yes hopefully within 2 months.


Theme looks really nice. We have 2 questions

1. Any reason we can’t use the Fishpig Magento Wordpress Integration extension with this theme? Any better alternative to get a fully functional blog integrated into the site?

2. We don’t actually want to be ecommerce just yet we are looking to adjust the display somewhat to hide the ecommerce functions for some time – any fundamental reason why we would have more difficulty doing that on this theme than any other?



Thanks for your interest.

You can use Fishpig or Ahedworks extension for blog. Link : http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/blog-community-edition-by-aheadworks.html

We are not getting what exactly you want as hide ecommerce. There are some extension available in magento to hide addtocart.


Nice Template and very good support!

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Is this template multi-language ready?

Ok, I bought your theme :) Have a problem though, I used your guide, but it seems I can’t get homepage banners to work. I’ve created 2 banners, in configuration it is enabled, but I think I don’t have any static block for it to show, is it? Please guide me what to do.

Nevermind I got it from your documentation files :)

Hello there,

Great theme, it look amazing and i’m looking forward to using it hopefully. Just have a pre-sales question. I notice in the demo that all prices are USD and in the top right you have the choice to change to EUR, but… Can you choose GBP as a currencies? Obviously this will be necessary as the site I wish to put this on is based in the UK and most customers are also in the UK.

Thanks in advance for any help :)

Yes ofcourse. You can add currencies and language easily in Magento http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/managing-currency

Oh, thanks that’s perfect! Sorry if that was a bit obvious just never used Magento for E-Commerce before. I shall be back in a few days to get the theme. :)

When this theme for Prestashop? Thanks

Not yet planned :(

Hi there,

Great theme with an issue. The banner manager link to create the banners does not work Iget I error come up with a message about a key?

Can we clarify a fix if anyone else has had this issue?

Regards TWIST

This is the message: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘wavewate_maglive.bannerslider’ doesn’t exist

This is on the home page once the blocks and home page data have been put on the admin panel.

Please create a ticket on http://peerforest.freshdesk.com/ and we will check.

Great work on this theme. I’m between you and a couple of others. The only thing you don’t have that I really, really want is a slide out menu for tablets and smartphones. Similar to FB menu on phones. Is this possible with this theme? Everything else I think will work great for me. I’m assuming I can get in there and adjust the theme fairly easily(I’m a front-end developer). Just want to make sure I can adjust via code vs the admin.



Right now we don’t implement slide out menu but you can adjust via code easily.



I am having one issue where the left sidebar does not display on any CMS pages. The custom sidebars show up on home, category, and product but how do I have it show on a CMS page?


Can you create ticket on our support system ? Our technical developer will check and update you easily.



ok i will

Ok thanks


Can I have a HTML Template of this theme? If so then pls let me know


Yes you can convert it to HTML template. But it will be only for your purpose.

Ok.. for that also I have to pay 85$ right?

Love this theme are we are strongly considering it. We have few questions:

1. I don’t see Social icons on the product page and they are not mentioned in the documentation. Are they supported?

2. The “Email to Friend” on the product page requires the user to login. This is not typical in Magento. Can the login requirement be disabled?

3. It appears that there have not been any updates to the theme since it was introduced. Will an update be released soon?


Here are answers of your questions.

1) We are updating our theme and will update it in this week 2) You can set allow email to friend with guest from admin(system > configuration > Email To Friend(under catalog tab)) 3) We are updating our theme in this week.



So far I think this theme looks awesome but I had 2 questions.

1. Is it possible to show related and upsell items on the product pages, do you have any examples of this?

2. Is the onestepcheckout module with all of the built in magento payment methods, and is it possible to use standard onepage checkout? Do you also have an example/screenshot of this?

Thanks Alex

Yes this two things are already included in our theme. Tomorrow I will provide you links.


Thanks for your reply, I just wanted to follow up to see if you have a link with upself/related products showing?

Good morning,

I am new to magento and I would like to use your theme but I need to have a light box for my product pictures – does your theme suport this function?

Thanks Ulli

Yes our theme support quick view option in listing view and internal zoom and external zoom feature available in product detail page.


Account Login does not work. Version

Are you going to do to correct this error?

Thank you ..

I wish you a happy 2014

Waiting for an update

yesterday I updated. Kindly download new version


I’m new in magento. i have purchase metrostore. Installation was OK but certain part are not translate, (Like my cart (on top), Create an account for later use, etc etc)

What can i do to correct it ?

My Web site is in french

Thank you


You need to translate your non-translated text using custom translate.csv file by put your text there.

We have described clearly in installation doc about how to translate text. But still you are not able to do that, you can create support ticket and we will do it for you.