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Would like to purchase your theme and have a question.

i have shared hosting account will it work on shared hosting or not?

Yes it will work very well on shared hosting easily.

i woulld like to buy metro store theme my country is Pakistan let me know the process

It can be purchased from anywhere. Let me know if you have any issue. Thanks

Would like to purchase your theme and have a question.

i have shared hosting account will it work on shared hosting or not?


Yes it will work very well on shared hosting easily.


it will work like you showed in the live preview?

Yes it will work same as live preview

Basically our theme support all the extension because we follow magento code standards and do not update any core magento files but though we will check and update you.


Hi, i have purchase metrostore nice work ! If i enable “Add Store Code to Urls” in Web> Url Options, for multistore, your Theme Options Color don’t work. It’s a bug or it’s not possible use with Store Code to Urls ?

Thanks in advance. Andrea.


replace below code to app > design > frontend > metrostore > default > page > html > head.phtml

<link href=’<?php echo $this->getSkinUrl(‘css/themeoption.css.php’); echo ’?store=’.Mage::app()>getStore()>getCode(); ?>’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

Let me know if not working. You can create support ticket and we will solve it for you.


SOLVED – Thanks !

Would like to purchase and have a question.

On the demo it shows a drop down menu top nav bar: EUR/US Do these link to store views, or to separate domains?

To explain further…. I want to display all products in 3 currencies -EUR/US/GBP. Will I need: 1) 3 domains with Magento installed 3 times with 3 SQL databases (to display different default currencies), or; 2.) can I have domain with 3 store views?



No this is not for seperate domains. Currency can be defined in each store from admin panel. You don’t need to install magento three times.

It can be configured from admin panel. Each product can be configured for 3 currencies. You don’t need to installed 3 times.

Let me know if you have any query or any issue.


I have purchased but cannot unzip using windows extract due to each file having a duplicate file of 0KB and when I use Winrar it gives 308 errors, can you please send me the correct file asap, thank you

Just looked it up, you need to delete all your .ds store files, was it zipped originally on a mac?

Nevermind, it was a vista issue with those files, all sorted

Ok thanks

i have pruchased the theme but did not get sql file there. as a result theme is not working on my side as it is shown in demo.

You have to install your default magento but still if you have any issue please create support ticket on our support system. Thanks

would like to purchase metro store theme my country is Pakistan can’t find it in visa credit card form.

It can be purchased from anywhere. Let me know if have any issue.

Now done thanks

I’ve been trying to intall theme. I keep on getting this message: An error occurred while saving this configuration: package with this name does not exist and cannot be set.

i am following these instructions and getting the above error message My20Theme/metrostore.magento.v1.1/Documentation/index.html#!/make_metrostore_your_theme


Can you create support ticket on our support system ? We will get it done today.


Awesome Theme Design bro… :)

Thanks ????

great job!! awesome multi-use theme!!

just one question. do you provide any psd file of the theme?

thank you in advance.

thank you my friend :)

:) Rate our theme with 5 Stars. Thanks

My first purchase on themeforest, So far I’m pretty happy with it, I brought it for the wonderful AJAX cart system.. however when I add an item to the cart all i get is a loading symbol and it does not get added to the cart like on the demo..

Any help? Thanks

No worries, Thank you.

The support on this theme is great! Helped fix the minor problems I have had and have got, Thank you!

Thanks:) Dont forget to rate our theme with 5 stars.

Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_ExtraConfig_Helper_Data’ not found in /home/webopt/public_html/teststore/app/Mage.php on line 547

This happens when I activate the theme :(


Can you create support ticket on our support system and mention your website FTP details.


Sorry i have resolved it , scriptaliscious installed 1.8! , I have a small problem, the slider isnt showing up on the home page

Is the demo no longer available?

Please create a ticket on our support forum http://www.peerforest.freshdesk.com

The link doesn’t work?

Hello, Sorry for that. Please use following link:




I was wondering, Is this template suitable for MagentoGO?


Its developed for Magento CE only.

Hello I found the PSD problem. Changes necessary for inspiration.

Not getting you. If you want pad of this theme please provide your email address & we will sent you there.

product view page loading time is too slow could you please optimised the java scripts etc to load it fast?

its also working fine here using pingdom tool and google tool but when browse my site in chrome and IE i am experiencing slow product view page response

i have fixed this issue myself actually it was slow due to ADDTHIS – i had this problem couple of yrs ago with my asp.net website i was developing and experiencing slow page response after removing ADDTHIS code from my page it was working fine

i’ve done the same with your theme page view.html and page start responding fast

Ohh.. Thanks for notifying us.

about updating. I have downloaded the latest version V 1.1. My magento version is 1.8.1, should I only upload folder “Theme Files” or should also upload “Theme Files (patch only for Magento” to make the theme work with magento 1.8.1?

I can login now. but there still cannot can not choose store view when add CMS page/block or add banners.


I will check and update you. Also it would be better if you can create ticket on our support system. We can help you better.



I am considering buying your theme, but on the demo site I noticed that categories dropdown doesn’t work(when pressing plus or minus icons) and when changing products layout in the categories not the same products are displayed. Do these issues exist only on the demo website?


Yes, as its working absolutely fine here.

I was talking about this issue. Take a look at the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aede1HX-D0s I tested it in Chrome, Firefox and IE, and the issue was in every browser.

OK thanks will check and update.