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peerforest does not currently provide support for this item.

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I would like to purchase this item for my magento site. I don’t want add to cart feature, I would like to replace it with Get-A-Quote, then redirect to Contact US page.

Let me know if I can do that with this theme and I will gladly purchase this theme :)

There is no default feature for such as Magento is mainely ecommerce software buy You can find an extension for that from http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/

Hi, I would like to purchase this theme – but To add product can we upload a excel sheet w all products on it to add the whole list? We are looking at 1500 products. OR is this compatible with ecwid.



It’s default magento functionality. You can upload easily. Here you can see : http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/uploading-product-images-in-bulk



I have recently purchased your theme and loving it. I’m just wanting to change the overall width of the page. What file can I customize this?

Thank You


Thanks for contacting us.

You can update style.css file for that. Path : ROOT > skin/frontend/metrostore/default/css/styles.css

Hello again,

Is it possible to rename the onepagecheckout to just checkout in the html link area?

having www.website.co.uk/onepagecheckout/ doesnt look very professional :)


Hello Mr Wilson,

Yes it can be done using htaccess. If you don’t know how to do that, please create support ticket on our support system. Team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi, Can the homepage banner space be devided into 2 columns so that the slider falls under one column and tabbed links on the other?

Can a subscriber create a custom store under my website with this theme?

When a category item is clicked from the menu, is it possible to only list its subcategories on product pages? i.e to have sub categories on pages instead of categories as we have the sticky menu displaying them at the top.

Otherwise, The best ecommerce theme for 2014

Please create a ticket here http://peerforest.freshdesk.com/ for technical support and we reply you asap.

For some reason none of the Theme Settings in the admin work. I can see the config changes getting entered into the database but nothing changes on the frontend. Can you help with this? It’s very frustrating.

Please create a ticket in our support forum and we will check.


Can you update the version of OPC for the next release? Can I do this myself by Magento Connect or will it cause conflict?


Thanks for your purchase.

You can install it by yourself easily. It will not conflict with any javascript.


Will the checkout theme changes still work if I install the latest version by Magento Connect? Thanks!

NOT sure as its Third party extension. We suggest to take a backup first.

magento 1.8.1 layered navigation not showing correct links and products on my website but its working fine with your demo theme can you please fix it

:) Thanks. Dont forget to give us 5 Stars :)

help me to find rating i will do it

You need to login in themeforest and goto http://themeforest.net/downloads where you can see all your purchased items and can give them ratings.

Hi, I’m a magento newbie. I have purchased Metro-Store and have sent hosting info and purchase code 24hrs ago. No response yet. What is the ETA for free installation? Thanks.

Yes, got your email and we will install it within 24 hours.

Thanks, I look forward.

Welcome and sorry for delay but delay was actually because you did not create support ticket but sent us mail. And, for better support we prefer Support tickets on our support system http://peerforest.freshdesk.com

How do I get Ajax Cart working with configurable products?

Ajax cart will work with simple products only.


I am about to buy this theme but I have two very important questions: 1. this theme works well with SSL Certificates? 2. How can I show products attributes at page description in an other tab like naming it Additional information?

Yes SSL will work. Yes, we already have a custom tab for showing custom information.

Thanks a lot and I’m going to buy it. Hopefully you will assist me in case I need help.

Sure. You can create a ticket anytime after purchase. Here is our support forum http://peerforest.freshdesk.com

hi I interested in this theme but I want to ask something. do you really have one step checkout?? I mean it really only need 1 time place order like iwd one page checkout. not change tab one by one? thanks

How do you get the blue background bar behind the product name to fill the entire width when viewing them in a category?

Are you using latest version ? We already have this in our latest version of theme.

I’ve created a new Magento installation on my localhost. Then I downloaded v1.1 of this theme and copied everything from the “Theme Files” folder, and also the “Theme Files (patch only for Magento” folder.

Should the blue bar be filling the entire width by default in 1.1?

Yes. If still an issue please create a ticket here http://peerforest.freshdesk.com

I was checking closer Metro Store but that One Page Checkout did not work. When you will fix it so that I can just see it working? Error was: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function geoip_open() in /home/mtsuser/public_html/themes/metrostore/includes/src/IWD_OnepageCheckout_Model_Type_Geo.php on line 149”

Its working finely here. On your store make sure you haven’t included any other function for geo_ip

Hi there,

i just purchased your theme, great work! the problem is a have created some banners but they will not show.

cheers, gio

Please create a ticket here http://peerforest.freshdesk.com/ with all your details and we will check and update you asap.

Please read and reply to the ticket “Found bug in Metro Store Theme #935”

also noticed that the same issue with all your themes tried all your demo store and found same bug with all

Yes will do within 24 hours. Thanks for update.

Checked and its working fine in browsers and OS given by you. YOU need to check your setup.

Hi, I am looking into your theme, do you support multi color options per product. i.e. the fotos should change when selecting another color. thanks, .tim

No, we don’t have this feature in theme.

Hello, What ’s mean of “in a single end product which end users are not charged “for Regular License ?


Can you create ticket on our support system so that we can help you better way.

Here is our support system link : http://peerforest.freshdesk.com


I have admit a question of How to set the default order Quantity of product to the minimum of quanlity #1069.


Ok thanks. Will check and revert back to you.

I want to know if i’m buying the template, it comes as at live preview, or need install plugins, for example, roulette brand, latest products, and others, for to stand as the model presented?


Our theme contains brand section and latest products. You just need to define your brands and produccts.

Let me know if you have any other question.



I would like to know if you will be patching this theme for magento 1.9.x in the near future. I’m interested in buying but I currently have the most recent magento version installed

thanks again


Our theme is compatible with magento 1.9.x version. So you can purchase it and though if there will be any issue, we will solve it for you.


yep works like a charm thanks

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